UPDATED: NC Kittens Need Foster Home

Update: September 8, 2013 – The kittens have found a foster. Thank you everyone.

Kittens in need of foster - Yanceyville, NC (photo by Dot Kirby)
Kittens in need of foster – Yanceyville, NC (photo by Dot Kirby)

Reader Dot rescued this orphaned litter of 3 week old kittens from the landfill – which is where they’ll be sent if she takes them to her local pound.  Dot has a full house of canine fosters and is unable to care for these kittens.  They are not eating solid food yet and will need to be bottle fed for a little while longer before they transition.  If anyone can help, please contact:

Dot Kirby

Yanceyville, NC



If you are unable to foster, please share so we can find a good place for these kittens.

Oh!  Here’s a video of them being all kitteny adorable!


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  1. I’m too far away to be of any immediate help, but I want to say “thank you” for saving these lives. They are beautiful and deserve to grow live. Please keep us posted.

  2. Bless you for taking them out of that situation, Dot! I really hope you find someone to foster them soon! I know how much energy it takes to maintain kittens…

  3. I would call the closest cat clinic, emergency vet clinic, and other vet clinics to ask if they know of any kitten fosters. I know you said your vet didn’t know of any fosters, but there must be others that can help.

  4. @ Shirley.. Than you so much for posting these babies
    .Girl for Animal Liberation… Paypal for donation for rescue is a good idea. It may help entice a rescue if I can find any… the kittens will need vetting soon. First shots, worming.. etc.
    To tell the truth, I really don’t know much about cats/kittens. My neighbor gave me $20 so I could buy the kitten formula and a pet bottle and that is going fast. Which is good. I was so worried, They went three days without their mother before I got them. Then I was a nervous wreck because the didn’t poop the first day.and half. They are now pooping, one in the litter box, one baby is starting to eat solid food.
    I’m a nervous wreck about all the dogs. Three of the dogs have very high prey drive. Matter of fact, the dogs pushed open my gate and killed 4 of my guineas the day the kittens arrived. Every time the kittens cry the dogs go crazy. (the babies are very safe in a huge plastic crate, but that will get very small soon as they grow)

    Please share with anyone you think may be able to help..Thank you all for your support and wonderful comments. New pictures will be posted daily. and there’s a video on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AUNxfY8QNA..

  5. I would help but I’m in Washington State – I have fostered many motherless kittens like these – I kept them in a dog size carrier away from my dogs – yours are pooping and that’s great – in the past I bottle-fed with kittens KMR from Petsmart – if you have a physical mail address I can send you a check for some of the expenses –

    1. that’s exactly what I have them in.. the crate is huge…And I got the formula at Pet Smart.. The bottle I got from my vet. A FB friend just sent a message that a rescue is asking if I still need help.. So Please pray this rescue has a foster available. It’s Red Dog Farm Rescue in Riedsvllie, NC.. If they can take them, maybe you can send a donation there. I’ll keep updates coming .. Thank you…

      1. Great news. Red Dog Farms Rescue called me. they will be coming here tomorrow with a potential foster to see for themselves that the kittens are healthy.. looks like I may have them placed. And yes.. they will need funds for vetting when they turn 8 weeks old and will appreciate any donations. If this works out, I will post their contact information.
        Thank you so much Shirley .. RDFR came to this blog and saw the video… I am so pleased lives have been saved.

  6. Wonderful news… The babies left this afternoon. They are under the care of “Red Farrn Rescue”, The foster Mom is Tammy. The babies will go to the vet in the morning for their wellness check-up and be treated for worm and fleas (if needed) In a few weeks they will go for their first set of shots. As with any rescue, donations are always needed.
    Anyone wishing to donate Please go to their web site…there’s a donate button on the left. (Paypal) Be sure to mention “Landfill Kittens”
    here is their Facebook link ..https://www.facebook.com/RedDogFarm..
    Again and always “Thank You so much for sharing, caring and all your support and suggestions.. “It takes a village”…. “One dog at a time” but in this case..” 4 kittens at one time”. God Bless You All!

  7. Thank You so much Clarice… if and when I get any updates.. I will be sure to share. I have be a nervous wreck with all these big dogs here.. I am so glad they are in a much saafer place and will be well taken care of. Think I’ll take a nap…

  8. Donated! Must be a huge relief to have someplace safe for them to go! A big thank you to Red Dog Farm for helping out!

      1. No. There was no place to leave a note indicating the reason for donation. But I sent them a separate email with the transaction ID to let them know that the donation was intended for your kittens.

  9. Good for you and good for Red Dog Farm for taking the kittens out of what would most likely be a death sentence for them. Now they will have all those things all kittens deserve. Bless everyone who helped save these babies.

    1. My preferred animal is dogs, but I had to help. I’m so glad they are safe. But I got the impression from the ladies that came here, if they had been sick, they would not have taken them, even with donations. :( I’m so glad they were healthy. And I did get to sleep all night and the dogs have calmed down. lol

      1. Sick kittens can be risky for other cats, so I can understand why some fosters without the ability to quarantine would be cautious.

      2. hummm.. I didn’t think of that. I keep 7-1 vaccines in my frig for any dogs that might come into my house and all my dogs are fully vaccinated.. I do have to get KC vaccine as needed because they expire so quickly.

        Kittens, I’m out of my league…

      3. Kittens that young and in distress, it’s not safe to either vaccinate them or use topicals on them. Or flea soap, for that matter – that young, they’re strictly plain slightly soapy water and comb. Then too, I don’t think most homes could adequately maintain quarantine for serious infectious illnesses – heck, even vets can have trouble with it, some URIs are just that infectious.

      4. I knew NOT to put anything on them, and I knew they were too young for worming and shots. I didn’t see any fleas or ticks.. My main concern was getting them eating and going potty. The woman that took them said they would be taken to the vet the next day. (yesterday) I have not received an update yet.

  10. I went to the site for Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue and the mailing address is:

    Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue
    5803 Bur-Mil Club Road
    Greensboro, NC 27410

    I will mail a donation today and write a note re: Landfill Kittens

    Thanks to Dot Kirby, Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue and YesBiscuit!

  11. I am so glad the kittens came to me. I have been telling everyone about my local shelter.. well I just heard a story about a beautiful beagle that showed up at the landfill, very friendly dog.. the man knew it had to be someones dog and thought the shelter would do their job and hold the dog for the mandatory 72 hours… WRONG.. the dog was murdered on intake! I’m just now hearing this story, the problem.. this happened over a year ago… not a thing I can do now… And guess what.. the exact same director has been there for years… and they try to say they are not a kill shelter.. yeah… Right

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