5 thoughts on “Mental Health Break: Link

  1. I am very tickled that the writer of that article could not resist the urge to use the phrase “the wrath of Khan.” And also, good dog!

  2. I felt so sad after reading that story a couple days ago because of the baby, but that dog is just awesome. I remember reading a story a year or so ago about a great dog there, too. The parents were arguing and while they were distracted, the 1-2 year old walked out of the house. The dog followed him/her. The baby kind of fell down and ended up laying on the sidewalk somewhere and the dog went over and laid down next/on top of the baby so they wouldnt walk anymore. The parents eventually found the baby/dog but who knows what wouldve happened if the dog wasnt around to protect him/her. Im continuously amazed by these types of stories. Its why I like dogs more than people most of the time lol

  3. PETA announced Monday they will be sending their “Heroic Mutt Award” to Killian.

    “Dogs are more than our best friends—as Killian demonstrated, they’re our family members, our protectors, and our heroes,” said PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch. “PETA hopes Killian’s tenacity and care will inspire people to head to their local animal shelter because they’re all full of lovable, wonderful mutts just like Killian.”

    The Heroic Mutt Award includes a doggie bag containing an eco-friendly squeaky toy, a Nylabone, a comfy harness to wear on walks, and a box of vegan dog treats.


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