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Another SC shelter director spreads the biggest animal welfare myth in the south:  That it’s ok to ship dogs up north because there is a shortage of animals there due to spay-neuter laws.  Malarkey.

A Baltimore family who lives in public housing and has owned a pair of Pitbulls for 14 years was forced to surrender them to the pound due to BSL.  (Thank you Tamara for the link.)

Prince William worked his final shift with the military on September 10.  Two dogs who had been used to protect him on base were killed after his departure.

King County, WA is considering a proposal which would require veterinarians to turn over the names and addresses of owners who get rabies shots for their pets.  The county wants this info to increase its revenue from pet licensing.  The area vet association is opposing the proposal because member vets don’t want to act as police informants nor do they want to discourage owners from getting their pets vaccinated against rabies.  (Thanks Tamara for the link.)

The NY Times has a piece on hotels pampering pets who travel with their owners.  While it’s encouraging to see more hotel owners realize that pets are family members, offering services such as blow dryer hair styling and nail trims to dogs is not pampering pets.  Most dogs dislike and/or fear these things, some rather strongly.

Cat with a bowtie and a job.  He doesn’t look particularly cuddly, just kind of lazy and super rad.

Now hear this:  I will be on Animal Wise Radio on Sunday, Sept 22 from approximately 2:30-2:50 pm Eastern Time.  During the show’s first hour, Nathan Winograd will be on discussing the CA sheltering white paper.  Tune in live if you can or check out the podcast later.

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  1. “She said shelters in the northeast actually have a shortage of animals, where shelters in South Carolina have too many. She said this is because spay and neuter laws in the north are more strict.

    “Spay and neuter is the only way to stop unwanted, abused, and abandoned animals. Its the only way. Everybody should spay and neuter,” said Brown.”

    Wow. The north has a “shortage” of animals. Amazing. I’ll have to tell all the shelters here stuffing animals into gas chambers that there’s a shortage. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to hear it (and start importing animals from the south immediately).

    And s/n prevents animal abuse. Huh. I guess if animals don’t get born, they can’t be abused, so yeah…that’s…true. In the same sense that it also prevents cancer, behavior issues, and ball chasing and everything else, so yes I suppose you could say that. Unless – are we talking about s/n animal abusers? Because I’m all for that and that may actually address the real source of animal abuse…

    1. haha – From now on when I hear this “they have strict spay-neuter laws up north” falsehood, I am going to reply, “Yes, they neuter animal abusers up north. It’s… THE LAW!”

      On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 12:33 PM, YesBiscuit!

      1. That’s one law I could support – maybe we could get the vet who does the botched s/n to handle that job, too. Win – win, far as I’m concerned.

  2. Excellent discussion on Animal Wise Radio. It is always a pleasure to listen to people that know what they are talking about. The animals thank you.

  3. “Another SC shelter director spreads the biggest animal welfare myth in the south”
    This seems to happen a lot, mostly in the south but Ive even heard it from Maryland too, which I usually consider the northeast. Just seems like people trying to protect business interests more than anything and meanwhile shifting the blame.

    “A Baltimore family who lives in public housing”…
    Oh.. well.. thats great *rolls eyes*

    “Prince William worked his final shift”
    And why was his dog killed? Why couldnt he be a therapy dog or help someone else in the military? That type of thing annoys me.

    “King County, WA…”
    Not sure what to think about this law. Its good to get them licensed in case they run away, but as mentioned, it could discourage owners from getting their pets vaccinated.

    “The NY Times has a piece on hotels pampering pets..”
    I actually saw something crazy on Facebook the other day from Germany or somewhere like that where people go and take their pet to this groomer but she puts the dog in this contraption that looks like a washing machine rather than putting them in a tub and cleaning them themselves. I was appalled. So after I saw that I was like “well, its not ideal, but at least its not that”.

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