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    1. Very nice. I remember reading that he set the kitten down on his glove because the pavement was hot. These guys are heroes.

      1. That’s a sad ending. But I am grateful the firefighter saw that the apparently lifeless kitten had value and was worth trying to save.

  1. I have just recently heard that Hope For Paws is kind of a sham and have terrible things about the guy who runs it. I was taken aback by that and wonder if I’m the last to know about his reputation. What have others here heard about that organization?

      1. I have heard some of the horrible stories about Eldad, how he left a dog in a crate in the desert to die, embezzled money, et cetera. I have also seen videos of amazing rescues he has done of dogs on the street who wouldn’t let anyone get near them, and the patience and love he showed getting them to safety. I truly don’t know what to believe, but I think the fact that I contacted him for his side of the story and never got a response does say something. On the other hand I also have to take as a lesson the time my sister rescued a sick dog from the pound, and her vet advised her that he was not treatable, and so she opted for euthanasia, and soon a mass of “DNA” emails started going around about her and how she had taken this dog out of the pound and immediately murdered him. Stories can really get twisted.

  2. October is National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month! Encourage your shelter to have a event, promo, contact the media! Get positive attention!! UPAWS has a month long promotion:

    The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter Encourages You to “Make Your House a Home…Adopt a Shelter Dog!”
    To celebrate October being Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month, every new dog adoption will be offered at 25% OFF plus all adopters will receive a Free Gifts & chance to win a gift bag full of dog goodies!
    As always, all adoptions include the spay or neuter surgery, vaccines, micro chipping, free vet insurance & a discount coupon for Dr. Tim’s All Natural food with their adoption.
    Nothing says “welcome home” like a wagging tail and a pair of warm brown eyes!
    This October, “Make your house a home…adopt a shelter dog!”

    1. Nice promo.

      Seeing your “25% off” put me in mind of something. On my way to work, there is a busy traffic light where many people have to wait each day. There is a vet clinic there and they have an electronic readerboard near the road. This would be a great opportunity for the clinic to advertise their services, special promotions or even some sort of pet related public service announcements. Instead, the sign is used primarily to post very poorly spelled nonsense about how President Obama is a tyrant who is coming for our guns, our nation’s liberty is at stake, we must take up arms and fight back and other duh-steria. Mixed in with all these messages there will occasionally be an announcement about a sale on services at the clinic – it’s always a 10% discount. Not only is this clinic wasting prime advertising opportunities by spewing violent rhetoric completely unrelated to its business, when it does offer a message about a special it’s a mere 10% discount. I can’t speak for everyone but for me, a 10% discount does not attract my attention. And for anyone wondering, I pass this clinic twice a day, 5 days a week and the parking lot is always empty.

      On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 11:50 AM, YesBiscuit!

      1. They’d do better to offer a free service – even a free nail trim can bring people in. I knew a woman who couldn’t see well enough close up to do her dogs’ nails and always needed help. If she had a place she could bring her dogs for a free nail trim, I’ll wager she’d do other business there as well. Services can go a long way to forging business relationships.

      2. An excellent suggestion. Even people with perfect vision would love to take advantage of a free nail trim.

        I wonder if that’s something shelters could offer as a promo. It’s outside the box but I like it. It gets people in the door and gets them to keep you in mind over the long term. They aren’t going to adopt every time you offer a free nail trim, even if it’s only once a year, but from a marketing standpoint, it could be very rewarding. If you get them in the door it means they know where you are, how to get to you, and they’ve had an opportunity to look around if they want while waiting. When the time comes for them to get their next pet, you’ll be in their mind. And in the meantime who knows, they might remember you at the holidays with a donation or something similar.

        On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 12:52 PM, YesBiscuit!

      3. Oh – and to stay on topic, my local SPCA is running a black cat special (kittens $50, adults $25) for October. They’re getting some negative feedback on their facebook page about how the crazies will be out looking for black cats to sacrifice…I posted Best Friend’s article about how it’s a myth and they’re reassuring folks that they screen adopters and would never let a cat go with someone they got the jibblies about, but some folks just won’t let it go…

      4. Satanists have been blamed for livestock mutilations, daycare sex abuse, black cat animal sacrifices… and yet I can’t recall a single proven case of any of these things ever being linked to Satanists. In fact I have seen compelling evidence that indicates not only did Satanists not commit the crimes they were accused of, nobody else did either. Most of these cases have turned out to be explained by nature, mass hysteria and urban legend.

        On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 12:59 PM, YesBiscuit!

      5. MIKKEN have you seen shelter populations lately? They are at the bursting point with dogs and cats that a majority of which are black. So they are not advertising for Satanists. FYI for anyone that didnt know. Black cats at Halloween have been a crossover from Wicca (which I am) holiday of Samhain. Black cats in particular are viewed as familiars, or kindred spirits. The fact that Black cats are associated with Halloween is the colors of black and orange. Nothing more.

      6. Meanwhile, they’d have black cats either shuttered away or killed (for their own good). Ridiculous.

      7. chelbelle64, not sure what you’re saying? I own two black cats and am fostering a third and I’m not a cat-sacrificing nutter, so I’m completely for my local SPCA adopting out black cats for Halloween or any other holiday they choose. Unfortunately, they are getting flack from well-meaning, but uninformed people for the “sale” of black cats this time of year.

        Something interesting I have seen – some people who own black cats see them almost as a different breed and identify with other owners of black cats the way that Bengal people or Persian people do. If this can be cultivated by shelters in a positive way, I think it could benefit both cats and shelter.

      8. What I am saying is simply the shelters are full of mostly black animals cats and dogs both. They are put down everyday, not because they are black but because they need the space for another poor soul.

      9. I don’t know if they’re “mostly black”, but I do know that the black ones can be overlooked (especially in dark cages or cages on the floor). And I think having them on “special” is a great idea!

  3. UPAWS gave free nail cipping coupons out at out Strut Your Mutt charity dog walk. People liked it. We also offer nail clipping all the time for $5 donation. People bring their pets in all the time and it gets them out to see us as unfortunately, we are off the beaten path. It is up to us to advertise and keep UPAWS always in the public eye in a positive manner everyday!
    Our next promo will be Halloween Treats no Tricks discount event. And all of November we will run Back in Black to promote adoption of black animals with awarness and discount adoption fees.
    I get so tired of hearing that old saying of not adopting black cats at Halloween. Ridiculous!

    1. Excellent. See, that’s how you get asses in the seats, as it were. Knowing that you’re off the beaten path and taking steps to keep people coming out your way is brilliant. Too many shelters are off the beaten path and all they do is bemoan the fact that no one wants to come by…

  4. “Something interesting I have seen – some people who own black cats see them almost as a different breed and identify with other owners of black cats the way that Bengal people or Persian people do. If this can be cultivated by shelters in a positive way, I think it could benefit both cats and shelter.”
    Sorry I for some reason lost the reply button here, but this is a great idea! I’ve noticed something similar with black dogs and their people, a feeling like you joined a cool club. This could be great in ads, again, great idea.

    1. I have not seen the video but did hear from Steve that Mario is shown in that video. (I have limited capacity to watch videos, in case anyone is wondering.)

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