Story Update: Escambia Co Pound

The Florida pound that made the news three times in two months for oops-killing owned pets requested a change in killing protocols from its manager.  No, they didn’t ask the manager to stop killing pets and start doing her job.  [hysterical laughter] Nothing like that.

Escambia Co reportedly told Dr. Melissa Adkison, who had run the pound since September, she would now be required to personally sign off on all pet killings at the facility.  She apparently had a problem with this directive and got into a dispute with her superiors.  The county spokesman says after the dispute she walked out and never came back.

You’ve been rolling downhill for awhile now, Escambia County.  You are picking up speed.  Maybe it’s time for something radical?  Perhaps requiring the shelter to actually shelter animals would be a good place to start.

(Thanks Salette for the link.)

5 thoughts on “Story Update: Escambia Co Pound

  1. Huh. Guess it’s easier to kill pets if you don’t have to take personal responsibility for it. She couldn’t “own” it, after all…

  2. AGREED! This “shelter” sounds very familiar in several ways! When you figure out a way to properly run it, then send your ideas to Fremont County’s Humane Society! I believe that we know what to do, just HOW do we get the “powers that be” OUT! My best to the animals & I truly hope your shelter is up & running for them & those who honestly care!

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