Treats on the Internets

Police in Macon, GA have arrested a woman in connection with the break-in at the All About Animals shelter last month which resulted in the deaths of 3 dogs.  Police say the woman apparently acted alone and was bitten by one of the dogs she released from the cages at the shelter.  The suspect has been charged with one count of criminal trespass and 13 counts of cruelty to animals.  No motive has been reported.

On Sunday at the Dallas Zoo, a male lion attacked and killed a female lion as horrified visitors watched.

On Monday at the National Zoo, a zebra bit a zookeeper, who was taken to the hospital for treatment.  A gazelle was apparently spooked by the incident and ran into a barrier, fatally injuring himself.

Orca Gitmo, aka Sea World, is planning to have a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  PETA is trying to pressure Macy’s into giving the Shamu float the boot.  In response, a Sea World spokesman said, “We believe most Americans recognize that SeaWorld, not PETA, is the real animal welfare organization.”  On behalf of thinking people everywhere, I demand a third choice.

A New Jersey house bunny named Blazer saved his human family after gas began leaking in the home in the middle of the night.  Blazer woke up his people and everyone got out of the house safely.

A CA family adopted a shelter puppy earlier this month.  And the toddler and puppy have been taking daily naps together ever since.  (Thanks Billy for the link.)


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