Photo Call

Once again this year, I’d like to put together a post for Christmas day celebrating the human-animal bond in pictures.  If you would like to submit a photo for inclusion, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Photo should feature at least one pet and one human in keeping with the human-animal bond theme.  It need not be an entire human, e.g. just a hand patting a pet is ok.
  • Please include a brief caption identifying the pets, people, and what area you are from.  Your caption can be specific (e.g. “Shirley and shelter pet Fluffy in South Carolina”) or vague (“Neighborhood kids with our Pitbull in New England”).  If you prefer to remain anonymous, please clearly indicate that.
  • Photo should have no copyright issues – that is, the photo should be taken by you, a family member or someone who isn’t expecting payment for the use of the photo.
  • Please e-mail photos to me no later than December 21, 2013.

Take a look at ghposts of Christmas past:

15 thoughts on “Photo Call

      1. it’s a bit long, but it will lower your blood pressure. This little girl spent her first year of life on a chained. She was abused and neglected. She’s been with me almost a year. She reacts like she has been squeezed,kicked and hit. She’s getting better. This is why I foster..This is why I will keep fostering.. She is available to the right forever home

      2. Doesn’t work for me, either. Wants me to log in to my youtube account, then dumps me in that with no info.

  1. this baby was one of 12 chained on a property then abandoned… she is very social with dogs.. not so trusting with humans. It’s taken a very long time for her to get to this point.

  2. Oh, she’s so little and cute! Unfortunately, my friend is a big, rather loud guy, and our house can get a bit upsetting, so we wouldn’t be right for her. But, if it would be, I’d ask for her. I hope a quieter home happens for her, so you can work your magic on another deserving dog.

    1. Dandy needs a very active life style.. She needs a job. I bet she would be perfect at agility. I was thinking a family with an older child that can be gentle.. Dandy needs to be the one who comes to you, she doesn’t like to be picked up, hates her nails trimmed, loves ice cubes in her water bowl. wants you to go to bed when she tired… she’s a riot

  3. OMG! Miss Dandy-Lion looks just like my little Ratina, the Teen Dream, Dot! Exactly alike right down to the little snout freckles. I sorely miss my Rattie still and every day remember some mischief that only made me love her more. I would scoop up this lovie now, except for that big, cold ocean in between.But I will happily share her with friends in the US if you would like. She deserves a forever home as special as yours. I’m getting ready to foster in the New Year. Please press your thumbs for me that I don’t fail and just keep the furbaby forever. I want it to be about helping doggies find their very own persons and not about me hogging all the love.

    1. awe.. thank you so much. It’s been almost a year.. I don’t put a time limit on fostering. She has come a long way. I wait to put them up for adoption. They leave me happy, healthy and social with people and dogs.
      I have a wonderful update. Dandy’s foster brother, Sheldon has been adopted and will be flying to his forever home in Ohio on Jan 8. Dandy is really going to miss him.I will be a mess for a few days. Sheldon and Dandy are opposites but love each-other so much. Dandy wants to run and hunt, Sheldon want to be in a lap and snuggle. I’ll be sending Shirley pictures for the Christmas photo call.

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