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  1. I was very disappointed to see a Facebook post by Austin Pets Alive on Saturday saying “great dogs” are “in danger of euthanasia” because the shelters are full. I was even more disturbed to see the pervasive high-kill mindset in the comments, blaming the irresponsible public for the problem and defending killing (and the threat of killing) healthy animals for space. So now there’s another source of killing apologists: ASPCA, HSUS & Co., conventional shelters, and now a so-called No Kill shelter that has hit a rough patch and so concludes that since they are so great and hardworking, they must be doing everything they possibly can to save lives and if they fail, it’s someone else’s fault they “have to ” kill.

    1. To clarify Eileen, was it Austin Pets Alive who wrote the post you are referring to or Austin Animal Center? It sounds like Austin Animal Center based on their previous threats to kill animals.

      1. Yes, it was posted by Austin Pets Alive, saying Austin Animal Center was at capacity and animals are at risk of “euthanasia,” and that APA was also full.

    2. Eileen, I was reading the post and some of the comments, and yours were pretty much the only voice of reason in the bunch. Thank you. APA says that they are reaching out, but doing so by threatening “euthanasia” (read killing), whether it is they our AAC who are doing it, is not the way to do it. They also claim that Los Angeles is “working hard” on it, but from Los Angeles, I’m here to tell you that simply isn’t true. Well, they may be working hard, but they aren’t working in the right direction.

  2. Thought I would throw out some good news. We need to spread the successes when they happen so more people know it can happen if they just stand up and do it.

    ARCC (Animal Rescue Conejos County) in Southern Colorado just formed a few weeks ago. They made it a goal to create a Spay/neuter program and move 100 stray/homeless dogs out of harm’s way through the winter. The ARCC is made up of one person, Anna, and she plans on fixing this 800 person community so they no longer have dozens of homeless dogs wandering the streets each spring making puppies that exacerbate the suffering.

    If successful over the next few months, this little town became No Kill essentially the day one person stood up and said “I am going to do something about this”.

    First transport happened on Sunday December 1. 21 dogs, now safe went to some great rescues in Colorado. Heck of a job for a one person rescue that found a few great partners to help get those dogs out. Just 79 more to go. First spay/neuter clinic in January. Wish them luck!


  3. This came through my facebook feed. Maybe someone can help.
    I am in a desperate situation and am looking for assistance from every resource possible and was hoping that Cat Tailz might be a possible help for cats taken from my home. I have been doing rescue and foster work for the last couple of years and this year became overrun with kittens and was well over my legal limit for my municipality and have had all animals (even my personal pets) seized from my home.

    I have been told by Animal Control police that if I surrender the foster cats to the Weatherford Shelter, then registered 501c3 organizations can pull them from the shelter. These cats are all social, and some have been completely vetted (tested, spay/neuter, full vaccinations, very healthy), but I have had a hard time with adoptions this summer – my last adoption was in March of this year.

    Is there any way that your group could pull even 2-3 cats from this shelter and place them with your foster homes? I am trying to line up as many groups as possible to contact the shelter to let them know that you will take a specific number of cats once they are signed over to the shelter.

    The investigating Animal Control Officer is Joe Davis and he will be expecting to hear from groups this week – this needs to happen quickly, as the court date is Thursday and my options will then diminish, and I won’t have input on what happens to the cats after that. The shelter is closed on Mondays, but groups can call and leave their information on the general information voicemail and Officer Davis will get the messages. The shelter phone number is (817) 598-4111; if someone does answer, which they might because they are working this case, you can ask for Joe Davis, Dustin Deel or Steve Bates. You can also email Officer Davis at jdavis@weatherfordtx.gov. This is a desperate situation, as none of these cats needs to be put down, but the total number is far more than the shelter has room, budget, or staff for and they are, of course, a kill shelter. If you are interested in particular types of cats, I can send you a list of those that need claiming, with physical descriptions of the cats, their medical status, personality traits, and gender/age – let me know if you would like this list.

    Thank you for any assistance you can offer. Feel free to pass this plea along to any other groups you know, even if you think they can only take one cat. Also feel free to pass along my contact information, which is below.

    Thank you,

    Amy Justice
    (682) 564-4386

    1. Honestly, I don’t trust a shelter to know what gender an animal is, let alone age. They are not the most educated or skilled “animal handling professionals” out there…unfortunately, people think that they know what they’re doing because they work at a shelter.

  4. What is your shelter doing to celebrate this Season? Do you have an annual Open House. If not, you should really encourage your shelter to do so. UPAWS has their annual Home for the Holidays Open House mid December. It to thank our wonderful community, gather together have refreshments, carolers, meet our staff, Board, volunteers and most of all our wonderful pets for adoption. We have many people come and bring donations, gifts and supplies as well as just come out and say hello. We have big discounts on adoptions, free Santa Stocking full of toys and goodies and free handmade beds made by supporters that are included with each adopted pet. The first 20 adoptions are No Fee and all other adoptions will be 1/2 off.

    Here is a link to our Open House poster:

    1. There does appear to be a discrepancy there plus the FDA has a terrible history re pet food safety and bottom line: there is some reason pets are dying from eating these things.

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