450 Empty Cages at the Memphis Pound?!

mas petharbor dec 6 2013
December 6, 2013 screengrab from PetHarbor.com

The $7.2 million pet killing facility in Memphis has 555 cages in it.  Advocates have been told repeatedly that every animal in the facility is listed on PetHarbor.  This afternoon, MAS has 112 animals listed on PetHarbor, including this uh, Cardi:

Screengrab from PetHarbor.com
Screengrab from PetHarbor.com

Assuming each animal is being housed in his own cage, that means there are currently 443 empty cages at MAS – more if any of the 112 animals are sharing a cage with siblings, a mama dog or cat, or a buddy.  Since animal advocates are strictly limited in their access to the shelter they paid for and are only allowed to see some of the animals in the facility, we can only speculate what is going on behind closed doors at MAS tonight.  Cast your vote in the poll below.

7 thoughts on “450 Empty Cages at the Memphis Pound?!

    1. It won’t be hard to make the incentive money since all strays are off limits to everyone and thus they are taken from cage to kill room with no one seeing them at all. MAS should be shut down for the slaughterhouse it is. It is a shame that it seems to have gone from bad to worse!

      1. It is now 12/7/13 am and MAS now has listed 50 strays and 22 adoptable dogs. They have had a busy busy day killing as far as I can see.

      2. OH NO… figures… just kill them all so they don’t have to work during the holidays… wonder if they’re going to announce some kind of “Outbreak” to cover their asses…

  1. Hey, they have a limited capacity to care. It’s quite, quite limited, unfortunately. The only thing more limited is their capacity to know what breed/color/type a pet is.

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