WSB-TV: Dog Owners Report Trifexis Related Deaths Every 36 Hours

Trifexis is a popular monthly oral medication for dogs that kills fleas, heartworms, roundworms, whipworms and hookworms.  It also reportedly kills dogs.

When an investigative reporter from WSB-TV in Atlanta requested information on dog owner complaints from the company that makes Trifexis and was repeatedly refused, he filed a FOIA request with the Food and Drug Administration.  The information he received is astonishing:

[The records obtained via FOIA] showed that since Trifexis hit the market, every 36 hours, a pet owner reported that Trifexis killed their dog.


According to FDA records, pet owners have reported 700 dog deaths. That’s 120 more than the deaths linked to Chinese chicken jerky treats. Like the treats, Trifexis is suspected, but not the proven cause.


The FDA numbers also showed 259 of the 700 dogs that died were euthanized.


The new numbers also show a huge jump in the cases of dogs reported sick after taking Trifexis.

The WSB-TV piece points out that while Trifexis is outright hiding the numbers from the media, the FDA website is also woefully behind on updating its numbers.  In other words, consumers who haven’t filed a FOIA request with the FDA themselves and didn’t see the WSB-TV report are most likely unaware of the seriousness of the owner-reported illnesses and deaths linked to Trifexis.

Heartworm medication is important and no one should disavow its use entirely based on this report.  But consumer access to accurate information is also important in order to make informed decisions.  If you are using Trifexis and concerned about the manufacturer hiding the number of owner-reported illnesses and deaths, talk to your vet about one of the many alternative heartworm drugs available.

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17 thoughts on “WSB-TV: Dog Owners Report Trifexis Related Deaths Every 36 Hours

  1. Thank you so much. My dog will no longer be taking Trifexis. It answers my question about why the day after my dog took trifexis he would be so sick. He would vomit and once he even had a seizure. His vet said it was nothing to worry about since it didn’t happen right after he took it. Since then we have found a new vet. We have a wonderful vet now, he truly loves animals and he remembers why he became a vet. That is one thing I learned my dog is my child and if the vet is not giving your dog the absolute best then it is time to find a new vet. Money was not an issue. Bodeans first vet had a big office and it was highly priced. The vet that Bodean has now has a small office and is truly there for the animals and he is not in it for the MONEY.

    1. Those vets are so hard to find…veterinary medicine is the “in thing” since the numbers show how much parents spend yearly on their “kids” from toys, bedding, food and so on…too many jumped in for the money and not for the animals. You can usually spot them but it’s still hard to find the ones who are truly in it for their passion for animals. I’m lucky to have a good vet, and when you can really tell is when it’s time to say goodbye…how they treat your babies and how they treat you…and I digress because we were talking about Trifexis…

  2. This is very disturbing. Reminds me of the Proheart debacle. “Oh yes, it’s totally safe, no problem…” Right up until they yank it from the market for causing too many deaths.

  3. I have had all of my dogs (8) on Trifexis for approx. 2 years. It does smell nasty and one of my dogs doesn’t like the smell or taste but he does take it if we break it up and hide it good in food. We never had a bad reaction. From all of my experiences it works the best against fleas. I wonder how many of these dogs were NOT tested for heartworm first and indeed may have had heartworms? I will be talking to my Vet to see what he has heard about it.

    1. there have been thousands of deaths and seizures in pets due to this medication – shame on you.

  4. The vet is right in that SOME dogs will react poorly to some meds…I, for one, will not risk the health and well being of my dogs to this drug. I will find alternative flea and heart worm treatments…

  5. About 1 minute before I read this blog, I read an email that Houston’s pound is selling this drug to the public. I’m guessing they are using it on the shelter dogs as well (the few that they do not kill). Very disturbing. This is why I try to avoid most chemicals & drugs… on my pets and on me. I read that the number of vaccines that doctors and vets now recommend has increased exponentially over the last couple of decades. Most of these “recommendations” are based on the multi-billion dollar drug industry, not on actual need or safety.

    We are exposed to so many chemicals every day thru food, water, and simply breathing, is it no wonder that our bodies cannot take the additional load of some of these toxic chemicals?

  6. please someone take a good long look at the Lancaster sc animal control. For the sake of the animals. Please study all who are employed there, male and female. Please do not be swayed by the Southern ya’ll attitude. This place needs some through investigation. Look at the money aspect also.

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