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    1. This is going to be our Prudence’s (emergency foster who came with three kittens and ended up staying due to her health issues) first Christmas. She’s just starting to recover enough to show her true self – who is apparently possessed at times by the Tasmanian Devil. I fear for our tree…

  1. I am dismayed at the almost witch hunt like fervor about Olympic Animal Sanctuary recently. I don’t want to believe any of it. I guess I should stay off facebook. Thoughts?.

    1. I wish everyone would take a deep breath and step back with this thing. You’re right, randomdiva, it is very concerning what’s going on.

    2. The concern *should be* for the dogs – keeping them alive and, if possible, offering them an improved quality of life over what they are presently receiving at OAS. I have never gotten the impression that anyone involved in this personal campaign to tear down Steve Markwell cares about the dogs in the slightest. I fear now that some or all of these dogs will be killed due to internet hysteria.

      1. I agree with Shirley. The only concern here should be for the dogs. They need to be given a life beyond the kennels they are kept in. They are pet porters, nothing more. A dog should not have to live in his pet carrier. They should be fed every day, not twice a week or three times a week. They should be given fresh water every day, not once a week!

        Steve began setting out to do good work. He did rescue dogs from shelters that would have otherwise be put down for one reason on another. He loves the dogs. However, he cannot take care of all these dogs on his own. I honestly believe that he got in over his head. Now the dogs are suffering. Steve will have to swallow his pride and make phone calls to rescues that can help him.

        If you are interested in the OAS happenings thus far you can go to http://petfriendsmagazine.wordpress.com/2013/12/12/olympic-animal-sanctuary-police-report-and-photos-released/.

      2. Well anyone “involved in this personal campaign to tear down Steve Markwell” probably wouldn’t care about the dogs just by the nature of how you defined this group, but I also don’t believe that the majority of those concerned fit this description.

        The war of words has gotten very bad and it’s hard to know what to believe. But the tactics Mr. Markwell has employed – blaming the always-present “disgruntled volunteer”, claiming that dogs will die unless he is the one keeping them, offering only bare minimum transparency, using the defense that he’s doing nothing illegal, etc. etc. – are very similar to the ones used by a lot of kill shelters, and those tactics are VERY rightfully thoroughly skewered on this site when offered up by those “shelters”. Nor do I approve of insults or threats of violence that some protestors and posters have used.

        As I have never met Steve Markwell or been to his facility, I don’t have any sort of personal agenda against him, but I am certainly extremely concerned about the welfare of these dogs. The story out today that Steve Markwell has packed up all of the dogs and is driving them off to who knows where is disturbing, as are the photos of the inside of the vacated building.

        I am certainly hoping that this situation can resolve itself in a manner that is best for the dogs, whatever that may be.

      3. I have read that same news story and am keeping a good thought that Steve Markwell and all 124 dogs are safe and that they receive the help needed for them all to remain that way. I wish I could do more than just hope for a positive outcome but I can’t think of anything else to do.

  2. I really liked this photo series about Laotian pet-owners.

    “Goh [the photographer] said one constant he noticed has been the ways in which people in Laos seem to respect their animals. ‘It seems to come from years of close interaction with animals, something that is hard to come by in the city,’ he wrote. In Laos, many of the villagers arrived with their pets in their arms, baskets, trolleys, and even carts.”


    There are more images at Goh’s website:


    Goh also published a charming book about fish (http://www.ernestgoh.com/gallery-2/the-fish-book/), and an equally charming one about chickens (http://www.ernestgoh.com/gallery-2/cocks/).

  3. Yesterday as I turned onto our street, I noticed a giant orange sign at the side of the road that said “BRUSH MAINTENANCE” to alert drivers there was a work crew on the road. Although I never actually saw the work crew (I only went far enough down the street to get to our house), they were obviously here because today, Billy found Surrey PLAYING IN THE ROAD! The brush maintenance work crew tore out 20 feet worth of our yard fencing, including the steel posts. It would seem to me that’s the kind of thing that would gum up the works of whatever equipment they were using and I’d think they would have noticed and knocked on our door or at least left a note.

    We called the county to report the damage and the county says they had no crew here and suggested we call the state. The state says they had no work crew here either and to try the county. Nice trick. I don’t suppose they’ll let us deduct the cost of replacement fencing off our county or state taxes. Meantime, the Beagles are on lockdown while Billy puts up new fence.

    We got lucky. Surrey could have been dead in the road or any number of other terrible things could have happened. I’m really pissed at this Ghost Work Crew from Nowheresville for doing this and then leaving without taking responsibility.

    1. Dear Lord! Tore out your fence?! Criminy!

      So glad that Surrey is ok, but SOMEONE needs to pay for that damage and it shouldn’t be you!

    2. Grr..Many years ago, a crew working in my pasture were rained on; they high tailed it out without closing the gate. At MIDNIGHT, my neighbors called me because my horses were in their yard; they had rounded them up and got them back in the pasture. I lost it. Within 250 ft up the road is a very busy highway – a loose horse could have been killed or caused a fatal accident. The “boss” tried to blame his co-worker; I reminded him I didn’t hire the co-worker, I hired him. Just take responsibility, say sorry, and repair Shirley’s fence, Mr. Govt officials.

  4. A poor pet photo can really hurt a shelter animals chance of finding a loving home. Volunteer at your local shelter and help them by taking fantastic photos of the pets for adoption. These two links will show you how! I have been UPAWS volunteer pet photographer for the last 10 years – BUT I still learned some amazing tips from these sites. Plus it is fun!



    1. Mr Jingles is stunning! Thanks for the helpful hints. Now, if only we could get some of the facilities to agree . . .

  5. Just had a tough situation here – an old dog was found, matted and covered with urine and feces lying in the snow. Rescuer took her to the ER vets where they shaved enough so she could pee, then to her regular vet and groomer. They took off 6 pounds of matted fur. Rescuer set up a FB page to help find the owner. Somehow the owner found the FB page and got her little gang to start making really nasty remarks about the dog and how the rescuer was awful and they loved the dog, yada, yada, yada. Well, now the dog is back with the owner – and many are concerned that they will throw her outside once again and not take care of this old girl. Don’t know what I expect anyone to say here, but it’s so very wrong when we have to release animals back into the hands of neglectful/abusive owners. The owner’s excuse for the matted fur was that she is long haired and likes to be outside. True, but she was found the very day she went missing – so that kind of thing doesn’t happen in one day.
    My heart breaks for this old girl and what she has gone back to. I hope there’s a way for someone to check on her frequently to see if she is, indeed, being cared for any better. It’s situations like these that make me want to sneak in and kidnap these animals – but I won’t do that.
    How do we stop this kind of thing from happening? The rescuer had vets, groomers, etc on her side – saying the dog clearly was neglected, at best. She did all the right things and this poor soul is back with people who allowed her to live like that.

    1. “It’s situations like these that make me want to sneak in and kidnap these animals – but I won’t do that.”

      I think I might. Hard to say for sure.

      And here we have the local SPCA who has humane officers who investigate such situations. They actually do a decent job of it, but I know that isn’t true in all areas.

      Having a vet’s word to back you up, I’d probably start by calling the humane officers and letting them know what happened and asking them to keep an eye on the situation.

      If they don’t, then getting photo documentation (time/date stamped) of the dog’s situation over time might help. You could always send it to the local pet reporter in the paper…

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