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  1. Sharing a easy way to make some extra $ for your shelter. Offer $5 nail clippings to the public. Here is what we post: “For a $5 donation, stop by UPAWS during our open hours and get your pets nails (dog, cat, small animal) trimmed! And don’t forget to say hello the animals while you wait”!
    Your shelter makes a few dollars and it get folks in the door! And they may adopt or donate or volunteer in the future! Win Win Win!
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Great promotion. I would definitely feel comfortable bringing my pet to UPAWS for a nail trim and would love to visit the pets there while I waited. I would probably bake some treats and bring them with me too.

      My local pet killing facility though – I would be terrified to bring my pet there since they only seem to do 2 things with animals: Kill (for most) and put on trucks for sending up north (for few). Plus I can’t walk through the kennels there knowing that most of the pets are going into the trash can at the pound or sent to fates unknown up north. And lastly, I’m afraid if I gave the pound $5, they’d spend it on Fatal Plus.

      1. Ugh…why oh why can’t they (the killing shelters) get on the bandwagon and read “Redemption”? I wish they knew us (UPAWS formerly Marquette County Humane Society) back then…we were there. Our save rate was only 34% at best! But we did it and are now No Kill — BUT I guess like anything, you got to WANT to change and if they really don’t want to put in the effort…then the killing will continue.

        I like to share simple things that with steps, can help a shelter be seen in a better light in their community. We did it, step by step. UPAWS was really really disliked in this community by the majority before we went No Kill…now OMG, people love us!! It is unbelievable the support we have because we changed for the better and the community backed that decision…they embraced it!

  2. I feel lucky in San Diego because I see so many nightmare shelters out there. I volunteer with many shelters here including the county which kills but still has a fairly high live release rate. They can always do better and I am working towards that change with No Kill San Diego. BUT at the holidays particularly when I need some cheer after seeing some of the worst of humanity regarding animal welfare, I wanted to share this. This is one shelter I volunteer for called Rancho Coastal Humane Society. They are No Kill, granted, they are a private non profit limited admission shelter. Its such an uplifting place. The staff are super positive, the kennels immaculate and the programs are amazing. Particularly the pet food bank and the animal safehouse program which takes in pets free of charge for up to 6 months so a domestic abuse victim can get out to a shelter and on their feet again. So many victims are afraid to leave without their pet. This video shows a program they do every year at Christmas and of course they do their diligence in vetting the homes first. Happy Holidays to all. And thank you all for sharing the lovely human animal bond photos. I dont know how to embed a video here but pleasee click the link for some good cheer. Kellee

  3. found this on Facebook: As animal advocates approach the 1st anniversary of their victory against Town of Hempstead Officials and Patronage Employees at the TOH Animal Shelter, the celebration has come to an end. Although the future looked very promising in the early part of this year, HFHSU regrets to inform you that the collaboration and communication between us and the New Director has deteriorated. Midway through the year, talks and meetings became a waste of time and by September promises and agreements that were made to us, fell through or were withdrawn. By the end of this year, it was evident that the new director SLAMMED THE DOOR, NOT ONLY ON ADVOCATES BUT ON THE ANIMALS who’s rights we fought so hard to protect! The “STOP – DO NOT ENTER” sign on “Kennel 3”, is a clear message to everyone and anyone who understands Municipal Kill Shelters. Though this might not look that offensive to some, others know what this sign stands for and we cannot allow our animals to be treated this way. Locking out the public results in lost LIFE SAVING opportunities for our homeless animals. Town Superviser KATE MURRAY promised us that this would NEVER happen again and that Kennel 3 would publically re-OPEN, and remain open following an episode of kennel cough. As we suspected – that NEVER happened. Once again, is this the decision of the Director or is it the Deputy Town Attorney’s, who CONTINUE to run this shelter from behind the scenes? Is Kate Murray in line with the Town Attorneys and pretending she doesn’t know? Or did Kate Murray learn from her past mistakes that we will never allow her to hide behind those lies again?
    We had agreed to sit back and give everyone time to make all the necessary changes that we fought so very hard for:

    •We were thrilled to see the hiring of a few new experienced reputable personalities come on board but unfortunately, that was contradicted by the promotions of some of the old school employees whose track record is much less deserved.
    •We were thrilled to see the excitement and warmth of new animal loving volunteers at the shelter working to make it a better place. Unfortunately, volunteers are working feverishly to raise money and place as many animals as possible (reminiscent of banned rescuers) while TOHAS has a $3 MILLION dollar payroll which should employ enough competent staff to offer EVERY animal EQUAL opportunity of rehab and adoption.
    •We were thrilled to FINALLY see the hiring of a rescue liaison joining the shelter staff but unfortunately, the lack of advertising and exposure for the hard to adopt animals as in Kennel 3 and a still inadequate and severely not updated website is cause of serious concern. The fact that TOHAS is filled to capacity makes our case more urgent than ever!

    Lets not forget, even though NYS found TOHAS to mismanage almost 3 Million Dollars a year and removed it from the annual budget, TOHAS IS STILL A $4 MILLION DOLLAR SHELTER! You do not need to be an expert in shelter management to know as you walk through those doors that there is STILL SOMETHING VERY WRONG HERE!!

    Hope for Hempstead Shelter Unlimited refuses to let this shelter go backwards ever again, watching certain animals being discriminated against while the public is told DO NOT ENTER a public kennel FILLED with urgent animals.

    Were the improvements and changes that were made over the year simply to fool the public once more and clean up the tarnished, battered image that Kate Murray wants the world to forget? The proof is in where we go from here and what really continues to occur. HFHSU has some serious concerns and we need all of our supporters, new contacts and friends to start paying attention as we pursue the ONLY solution to FIXING OUR SHELTER FOR GOOD!

    Our prayer for the TOHAS cats and dogs for 2014;
    “God help our animals until WE can.” – AMEN.

    1. For anyone who might be able to answer these Qs:

      Is “Kennel 3” a building that contains several cages? What portion of the total number of cages does it represent? IOW, is the public prevented from seeing 10% of the animals there or 50% or…? What is the stated reason for locking the public out? Has the live release rate improved over the past year?

      On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 11:57 AM, YesBiscuit!

  4. This will seem frivolous compared to the subjects being posted, but ultimately it’s on topic because it so clearly shows that animals think and feel — in this case, that they have fun and want to retain the equipment needed to have fun again in the future. :-)

    I love how the bird immediately figures out which slope is preferable. Enjoy!


    (I haven’t been able to ID the bird BTW . . . if anybody knows, I’d be interested. Seems like this might be taking place somewhere in Western or Eastern Europe FWIW.)

      1. Yes, that looks right to me, thank you! Crows rock . . . a year or so I read a whole book about them, Lyanda Lynn Haupt’s Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness.

      2. I love crows. My husband thinks they’re all laughing behind his back, which is probably true. Though he’s felt more kindly towards them this last year, after having seen a flock of crows mourn a fallen fellow.

        Sometimes crows are just birds. Sometimes they’re not, and it’s like the snap of static electricity, to see how intelligent they are.

        (For those who don’t know, crows will often gather around the body of a dead flock member, swooping from a height and back, and calling to beckon others. They’ll also pace around the body, murmuring. It’s … something. Raucous, sad, a bit frightening.)

  5. My kitty has an aural hematoma. That’s where blood fills the area between the skin and the cartilage of the ear of a dog or cat. The result is a large, puffy, swollen ear. I’ve taken him to the vet twice and they’ve drained it but I think it’s coming back. His ear looks horrible now, not pretty and upright, but collapsed and floppy.

    We can’t keep going to the vet to drain it every few days, and would like to avoid surgery. Does anyone have any home remedies or suggestions? Does anyone know any way to get the ear to look normal again or is it a lost cause?

    1. I worked in veterinary clinics decades ago so this may be a totally outdated procedure but I remember that some patients would get these chronic ear hematomas and the vet would sew a piece of felt (I think) inside the ear as a fix. I know you said you wanted to avoid surgery but I’m afraid that’s the only remedy I can recall. Maybe someone else will have more to offer.

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