Treats on the Internets

Authorities seized more than 100 dogs from what they are calling a puppy mill in Colbert Co, AL earlier this month.  The homeowner reportedly took some of the dogs out of state prior to the raid and has refused to reveal their location.  (Thanks Laura for the link.)


In November, Franklin Co sheriff’s deputies seized 253 animals, mostly rabbits, from a Missouri home.  The owner was charged with 21 counts of misdemeanor animal abuse.  This month, a judge ordered the animals returned stating he would have agreed with the seizure had children been involved but:

“The issue is not neglect of children however, it is neglect of animals.”

The animals have not been returned to the owner and remain in the care of the HS of Missouri which is vowing to keep them by any legal means possible.


The Los Angeles PD wants to improve the city’s reputation and includes being compassionate to animals in that effort.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)


I’d never heard this before but apparently England engaged in a massive pet killing campaign prior to WW II.  I guess this isn’t the kind of doc the History Channel is clamoring to produce.


Don’t bogart that puffer fish.

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