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  1. Here’s a situation in NY. I’m betting most people are aware of the weather conditions that are still sweeping across the States. Blizzard snows, sub-zero temperatures.Here’s a puppy mill! there are over 60 dogs ranging in age from 8 weeks and up. Living in plastic barrels, surrounded by electric fencing. . A man named Eric is doing his best to get these dogs out of there. He has started a Facebook page just for the dogs. It’s very detailed as to what is going on almost hour by hours,


    1. update on the dogs at “Flat Creek”..40 dogs have been removed, 24 remain…

      See what gets done when we the people band together as one voice. Things get done…

      UPDATE on Sprakers…….

      Steve Caporizzo: From our Newsroom
      Montgomery county Court Hearing:

      The owner Herbert Weich agreed to comply with an agreement between the Attorney general and the Montgomery county SPCA. 40 adults dogs will be removed from the property and placed in the care of the SPCA. The owner has until January 21st to build 24 new dog houses for shelter at his property outside. Also he must have adequate food and water for the 30 dogs still on the property. If he makes the changes the 40 dogs that were removed will be returned to his property and placed back in his care.


  2. The director of my city’s kill shelter I volunteer at just sent me an e-mail threatening to prevent me from volunteering for complaining about a mass euth before Christmas and the lack of effort advertising dogs. Also to let me know that complaints like mine are exactly what makes them have to do those euths! Just another Saturday afternoon over here.

      1. Here you go, Mikken. I ended up at work way longer that I thought! Had to take two screen caps to get my whole response. First part: http://i.imgur.com/rWt4Qq0.png

        Second: http://i.imgur.com/xtmjVr0.png

        I wrote my blog after I went to pull the dog with the cancerous tumor. He had been tucked in quarantine where public is not allowed and no one knew he was there or needed help. When I picked him up to take him to rescue (that my friend and I found, AC did nothing to help) the kennel staff told me they euthanized “a bunch” of dogs that day. The Urgent List I am referring to is a FB group where nothing is posted except dogs, where they are, and any info. An animal control officer messaged the page Thursday asking to see any negative comments made about the shelter and who made them. She also sent a justification message over killing a young dog there and why they HAVE to kill these dogs. I have all of this stuff screen capped, just sitting on it while I wait for the director to respond to my response.

    1. It seems like shelter directors must have some kind of form letter for these messages. Good for you for being brave enough to express your opinion publicly on your blog!

      1. Perhaps we could create a drinking game out of commonly used shelter excuses. If we need a way to get drunk inside 2 minutes that is.

  3. If anyone in Washington would like to collaborate on working toward state-level legislation to increase transparency in publicly funded shelters, along with hopefully other measures to improve outcomes for shelter animals, please let Shirley know via email: eiderdown@yesbiscuit.com. She will connect us so we can get acquainted and compare views and priorities. I look forward to hearing from you — thank you, Shirley!

    1. Luckily for me these aren’t my first kill shelter apologists, so I’m used to whatever crap they have to sling. I will likely post a blog update when I get a response. It seems animals don’t need saving on the weekends, so I don’t believe the director reads his e-mail. Or he is ignoring me.

      1. Iffy. Kennel staff has remarked to me that sometimes the dogs don’t get out of their kennels for days. Volunteers are not allowed in the building on the weekend unless there is an off grounds adoption event- they happen maybe once every other month or so, so we have no idea what goes on. We’re only allowed to volunteer one night a week for a few hours.

      2. It’s good that they limit your volunteering time so strictly. Otherwise you compassionate people might be providing care and saving lives all sorts of hours and days. Might as well just have anarchy.

      3. Well why would they want to do a crazy thing like save lives? I mean, the director says we’d get in the way and complain if we were there more and they just cannot have that.

  4. I have a thing for cats with thumbs and dogs who smile. I am pleased to report this dog who smiles will be available to be saved from the Greenville pound in SC starting tomorrow. And BONUS: she’s pregnant, possibly with more smiley dogs.


    1. Oh My she is beautiful I hope a foster steps up and all her puppies are born healthy.. Looks like some interest for adoption I’ll be sharing her thanks for posting her here

    1. That’s the reason we do what we do. those pictures are precious! Nice to see the happy outcomes for some of these animals. Thanks for sharing them.

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