Treats on the Internets

A former employee at the troubled Campbell Co pound in TN who spoke out about abuse she witnessed is suing the county over her termination.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

Animal advocates in Union Co, NC are trying to help a mule living on abandoned property after animal control refused to intervene.  (Link submitted by Barbara.)

Kim Campbell Thornton points out there was an average of one pet food/treat recall every 11 days in 2013 and explains how the proposed FDA regulations may help make pet food safer.

Researchers find evidence of dogs’ ability to sense variations in the earth’s magnetic field which may explain their uncanny navigation abilities.

A CO man out hunting with his friends at night was shot to death after being mistaken for a coyote by a member of his party.

All I need is this water slide and a steady supply of ducklings.

3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Levi the neglected mule needs our help. Please follow the link and see if there’s anything you can do to support those who are trying to save this old guy. The rescuer was arrested for trespassing (she was feeding Levi). The owner ought to be tarred and feathered right next to the animal control folks who refuse to help.

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