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  1. Please check out Change for Union County North Carolina Animal Welfare facebook page. Large movement in Union County to have private organization take over Shelter. Your input is welcome.

  2. The New York ACC has not had a medical director for over 3 years. But a couple of weeks ago they announced that they have finally hired one. And with some digging it turns out she was a vivisectionist! After 3 yrs. I wonder what made her the “perfect” choice as medical director for a large city run animal shelter (er, I mean “hellhole”). I wonder how many qualified people were turned down for this job over the years to make way for this woman. See this story here – http://johnsibley.com/

    1. Just read your link. This whole thing does not give me any warm fuzzy feelings. Those poor animals already have to deal with so much horrible, I cannot imagine bringing this woman in as a medical director after her experiences. Hope she’s had a definite change of heart, but color me suspicious. Hope that other New Yorkers will join John Sibley at that meeting.

  3. On December 1st 2013, 20 dogs were saved and sent to rescues across the state from Antonito Colorado. Yesterday, January 17, 2014, twenty volunteers, more than half from other communities, descended on the town to launch the first low cost spay/neuter clinic. As of noon today more than 30 animals were spayed or neutered. They estimate they will have more than 100 cats and dogs complete by the end of tomorrow. In addition, more than a dozen will leave to rescue and shelters and again find their way to forever homes. See their site at http://thearcc.org/100-dogs/

  4. American Pets Alive No Kill Conference is happening next month in Austin, TX. This will one will also have a great deal of coverage of San Antonio Pets Alive and lessons learned there – http://www.eventbrite.com/e/american-pets-alive-2014-no-kill-conference-tickets-4150105076?aff=eorg .

    I went to last years conference. It was uplifting and positive. I enjoyed networking with others who faced similar struggles with each of their communities in working with their local animal “shelter” (and some *as* the local animal shelter).

  5. There is good news for 17 bears who had been held in concrete pits.

    The Wild Animal Sanctuary’s status.
    2 hours ago
    Keenesburg, Colorado: Thanks to the combined efforts of PETA, “The Simpsons” co-creator Sam Simon, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, and the Atlanta Humane Society, 17 bears are now enjoying freedom after being kept confined in concrete pits at the Black Forest Bear Park in Helen, Georgia!
    The Wild Animal Sanctuary just finished a large rescue of 17 Black & Grizzly Bears from Georgia where they had been kept in concrete pits for years at a mountain-town tourist attraction. PETA, with major help from Sam Simon and Anna Ware, were able to free the Bears so our Sanctuary could go rescue them and transport them to CO where they will now live out their lives in three large 15 acre habitats built on the Sanctuary’s wide open spaces. PETA officials, along with Sam Simon, Anna Ware and other celebrities including Natalie Maines (lead singer with the Dixie Chicks) and CNN News were able to follow the Bears to CO and be at the Sanctuary when they were being released into their new natural habitats. This was the first time these bears had ever walked on anything other than concrete… or had the ability walk more than 30 or 40 feet in any one direction! Watch CNN’s Erin Burnett’s report tonight at 7 PM (eastern) and 5 PM (Mountain) – or catch the full story in our upcoming February Newsletter. AND definitely take the time to thank these incredible people and entities for helping win freedom for 17 suffering souls who always deserved a better life!

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    1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news. I just looked around the link you shared and what they do is quite amazing. So happy for the bears and other animals who actually have the kind of life they should have. Bless all those who do the work and all those who make it possible. I’m thinking about “adopting” an animal for my grandchildren’s birthdays.

  6. “Thank God they care,” she said. That quote came from the shelter director at the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association referring to the public. Nice to know that a shelter director actually recognizes the care and compassion of the public rather than blame them for all the killings. And I love that she reduced the adoption fee for all animals because there were no adoptions during the water crisis. If she wasn’t always like this then I hope the crisis gave the epiphany that will continue.

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