TN State Board Disciplines Campbell Co Pound

In April 2013, Campbell Co pound employee Brenda Watkins provided sworn testimony to alleged abuse she witnessed.  Among the allegations:

  • Pets were killed in their kennels in full view of other animals.
  • Animals were chokepoled and then jabbed in random areas of their body with syringes containing improper dosages of Fatal Plus.
  • Some animals took “quite awhile” to die, thrashing in their cages, spewing blood and feces.
  • Victims of the botched “euthanasia” procedures were placed into the freezer alive.

The TN Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners conducted its own investigation into the claims and apparently found them to be truthful.  Last month, the board placed the Campbell Co pound’s euthanasia license into a probationary category for at least one year.

The board had a long list of violations, among them professional incompetence, not using a euthanasia room separate from other animals, acts of dishonesty, and inappropriate use of lethal solutions.

“It sounds worse than it is,” says Campbell County Mayor William Baird.

Oh no he didn’t.

“We hope we got all the problems fixed,” Baird says.

We hope.  We can’t say we know all the problems are fixed because that would imply some sort of supernatural ability to know a thing that’s our job to know.  But we hope.  Because even in our darkest hour – which this is not, because it sounds worse than it is – erm, even in our medium-lightest hour, hope springs eternal.

I’m remembering when the Campbell Co deputy mayor blamed Those Meddling Kids for the problems at the pound and retaliated by refusing to do his job.  I’d really like to put the Campbell Co mayor into some sort of Ultimate Jerk Cage Match against the deputy mayor to see who wins.  It’s necessary.  Because otherwise we have an unsolvable mystery on our hands.

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9 thoughts on “TN State Board Disciplines Campbell Co Pound

  1. Not sure which makes me more angry – the actual mistreatment and abuse or the mayor’s comments. IF the TN state board has any guts at all, they will stay on top of this and MAKE SURE that things are “fixed”. Color me skeptical, at best.

  2. No, I’m pretty sure it was worse than it sounded for the animals dying in horrible agony, thanks.

    What a jackass. You’d think a politician would at least know better than to sound like a cruel jerkwad, even if he is a cruel jerkwad. But, I guess not.

  3. what is wrong with you people has every dose of that drug been accounted for some of it could be taken and as authority is severally lacking in that place some one could use it to kill a person and that is murder and what is going on in that place is criminal and should be closed and the animals sent to other places until this mess is cleaned up and the mayor should be fired for trying to down play what is happening in that house of torture and those guilty should be tried and get the max fine and jail time for their crimes against animals and humanity

  4. There should be a demand by the citizens in TN to demand that all animal shelters use pre-sedation medicine before the fatal injection. Animals should be euthanized the same as the procedure used by veterinarians.

    1. I agree with you jj that the gentlest method available in current veterinary medicine should be the standard protocol used anywhere pets are euthanized. In the case of Campbell Co, it sounds as if they weren’t following even the most rudimentary standard protocols, never mind doing any extra kindnesses.

  5. this is totally disgustng, these people should be ashamed of them selves, and they should be treated the same way that they treated those poor animals, stuck with those needles and left to suffer and die, a-holes,rotton butt heads. i hope that god punishes you people and all of the other animal killers, every where.

  6. Thank you again YES BISCUIT FOR YOUR WORK AND TIRELESS EFFORTS! Indeed may God reign down suffering upon those who misuse public trust, take a pay check, and abuse God’s creatures a clear violation of man NOT taking care God’s creation. They will suffer here and I am sure be tortured in death for all eternity!

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