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    1. Thanks for sharing this. What a wonderful group of people to help this kitty. She looks like she’s a fighter and hopefully, will make it. Looks as if lots of folks have also stepped up to support the vets who are helping her, too.

  1. For some time now I have been watching a thread on SwayLove.org and the Pasadena Council regarding their trying to pass BSL. Last night they had one very very long meeting because the public was afforded the opportunity to speak about BSL that one council member is trying to get passed. The people have spoken! They have said NO loud and clear. Lead by Josh Liddy who took the reins and gave them talking points the people won. Please, if you can, read his fb page. Never forget that a group of people can and do change the laws that affect all of us. A big shout-out to Josh whose passion for this maligned group of dogs runs long and deep. Great advocacy for the dogs. Thank you!

    1. Arlene, I was at the meeting last night, and it was truly amazing what a great turnout there was, everyone speaking against BSL. The meeting went until midnight. It was a shame they didn’t vote it down then and there, as they had the votes, but they decided to table it until July, when they are also going to consider a general MSN ordinance. This one is going to be tougher to defeat.

      1. I wish I could have been there Tina. I was sitting on the edge of my chair as it was. Excellant talking points by Josh. I’m sure he will be on hand for MSN too and how it only punishes the families that are to poor to s/n. That law just hasn’t worked anywhere. Now if they would be talking about free or low cost for those impoverished persons and providing those services they would be far better off.

      2. It always seems to me that MSN laws are not only classist, but also racist. Poor pet-owners are disproportionately likely to be members of racial minorities, so minority pet-owners will be disproportionately affected.

        I see reclaiming fees the same way. Not only are such fees overly high to begin with, but they are the same for everyone, so taking the pet-owner’s whole financial picture into consideration, the fees will have far more impact on poor pet-owners, who, again, are likely to be disproportionately minorities.

        Ditto with BSL, which — if there’s not an outright ban — always places a heavy financial burden on the owner (fencing and insurance), which is less likely to be within the means of poor pet-owners, who are more likely to be members of minorities.

        In fact, the whole shelter system, and especially reclaiming fees, BSL and MSN, seems an especially odious form of discrimination — heavily disguised as animal welfare — against poor pet-owners in general and, especially, pet-owners of color. I’m guessing that traditionalist “animal advocates” and local authorities considering MSN would heatedly deny this, but IMO it’s like housing discrimination . . . you don’t have to prove intent, it’s the disparate impact that counts.

      3. Karen F wrote:
        “you don’t have to prove intent, it’s the disparate impact that counts.” – Excellent point. I’d like to expand on that sometime, if I can remember it!

  2. https://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/photo.php?fbid=628690773861275&set=a.380595195337502.86858.380410418689313&type=1&theater
    I found this on Facebook. It’s an “Urgent cats in shelter” post with a photo of a cat that looks very sad. He has someone that wants to foster him and $270 in pledges but it seems the local rescues won’t pull him without an adopter already lined up. I have my own opinion, but I am wondering what others thought.

    1. Looks like peta and its “friends” don’t like the way LHS is saving lives. I hope we can all show support for LHS, even if we don’t live in the area. They have made wonderful progress in getting so many animals out alive. It would be a tragedy if peta was able to undo all that.

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