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Treats on the Internets

An unlicensed transporter who was allegedly bringing sick pets from GA shelters to CT without health certificates was charged with 28 counts related to an “illegal pet adoption operation” by CT authorities.  The state Department of Agriculture seized 10 cats and 2 dogs and took them to a vet clinic where 2 of the cats were euthanized due to illness.

The AP wins the award for WTF Word Choice with this lede: “A Central Texas police department has fired its animal control manager amid allegations of poor care and treatment of creatures in a shelter.” (Thanks Kim for the link.)

Shelter dogs have been trained to find illegal elephant tusks and rhino horns.  The dogs work in airports, shipping centers and ports.

Hundreds of snakes, many dead, along with a large number of rodents were found in the home of a CA school teacher.  The snakes were starving to death in unheated plastic bins.  Authorities arrested the owner on suspicion of animal cruelty.  No word on what happened to the animals.  (Thanks Kerry for the link.)

Children’s book illustrators contributed to a new book by drawing their favorite animals.

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