Advocates Call for Hawkins Co Humane Society President’s Ouster, President Locks Them Out of Election

The Hawkins Co Humane Society in TN states on its Petfinder page that it’s a “501c3 shelter”.  As of this posting, there are no Hawkins Co HS animals listed on Petfinder for adoption.  I was unable to find a website for the organization.

Animal advocates have been concerned about conditions at the shelter and a petition calling for the resignation of the board’s president and vice-president has reportedly been signed by other members of the board.  Amidst allegations of animal abuse and needless killing, along with calls for transparency, the board president’s plan appears to consist of HIDE.

Last week, advocates tried to voice their concerns at the annual election meeting, normally held at an offsite location.  But the meeting venue was changed to a small office inside the shelter and president Eddie McNally told everyone to leave because there was no room for them.  He said he is required by law to hold the meeting in the little office:

As for why people were not allowed inside, McNally said according to the Fire Marshal, the building could only safely house 11 people for the meeting, and the others that wanted to come inside were not eligible to vote anyway.

Yeah, about that.  Apparently many people paid their dues for membership in the HS in order to have a voice and a vote at the annual election.  But the president now says they paid a Nigerian prince or some such:

McNally claims certain people were scammed and paid membership dues to the wrong person.

No vote for you.

Does anyone have any additional information about what’s going on at the Hawkins Co HS?  Does the organization hold any contracts for animal control?  Why are they allegedly killing animals upon impound?  The situation sure looks odd from this vantage point.

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7 thoughts on “Advocates Call for Hawkins Co Humane Society President’s Ouster, President Locks Them Out of Election

    1. Doesn’t sound like this idiot is willing to make any changes. La La La . . . everything here is hunky-dory. GEEZ!!! Hope those who really care about the animals won’t back down or give up.

    2. Thanks Clarice. I’m still unclear on this facility’s function. If (and IDK the answer to this question) they hold the AC contract for the county, the public can seek redress via the county council. If they are strictly a private group, why are they accepting animals for killing? This article, like the Petfinder webpage, seems to imply the facility could be both – that is, a private group contracted by the county for AC. The reason it’s important to determine this is b/c advocates have been stalled by both the sheriff’s office and the president. If this group holds an AC contract, advocates can take their concerns directly to the county pols.

  1. If dues-paying members are allowed to vote according to the organization’s bylaws and they were prevented form doing so, then the org should be subject to legal action. It should be possible to get a copy off the bylaws and consult a lawyer or call the State’s Attorney General, because that is a serious violation.

  2. Eddie McNally is the dog catcher paid by Hawkins County, also gets paid by Surgoinsville, also get paid by Church Hill, and I am not sure of Bulls Gap, TN. Eddie McNally owns the Hawkins County Humane Society (President, was transferred or given to him in 2013) and the building is owned by the Hawkins County Humane Society. These records are on line at the State of Tn web site, public records. It also show that Eddie (as Owner of the Hawkins County Humane Society) receives money through grant money/donation money to run the Shelter with. It has been shown that the dogs loose weight once they go to that shelter (dogs do need to be fed). I think all dogs taken in should be wormed and if they need medical care they should receive it from the donation and grant money. Parvo, etc. shots should also be given and these cost ( Revival Animal Care) less than $3.50 ea when order in at least 25 dose lots. This I am sure Eddie McNally knows the price of since he has been involved in running a puppy mill, also knows wormer is cheap too!! Eddie McNally and his “so called Humane Society” does basically nothing for the animals. SPONSOR FREE SPAY/NEUTER CLINICS, RABIES CLINIC’S FROM DONATION MONEY’S COLLECTED!!!! Hawkins County Humane Society should be spending money on these animals care NOT doing otherwise with the grant and donation monies. Spay/neuter, vaccinations, wormer, good dog/cat food SHOULD be provided from grant and donation money. The money collected/donated is given for the care of the animals. Just ask the people who have made donations if they intended for their donation to be used for the care of the animals or for someone’s personal use. Rescues are charged higher fees for pulled the animal in Hawkins County more than other places, and the animals have received nothing for the fees. Just check with neighboring Counties what they charge for dogs going to a reputable rescue. Rescuers agree and do get the animals vet care and spay/neuter’s. Hawkins County charges Rescues outrageous fees (30.00 and not even give the animal adequate food much less wormer or shots) per animals. Most Shelter’s charge NO to $10.00 per cage (mom and babies one $10.00 fee) for rescues. These Shelter’s that charge NO to min. fees ARE interested in the welfare of the animals and NOT selling them to make money!!! .

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