Treats on the Internets

Three elderly nuns walked into a NY pound intending to adopt the neediest dog in the place.  They went home with a 9 year old Pitbull named Remy.

The city of Sochi in Russia contracted a pest control company to shoot or poison stray dogs in order to uphold its “responsibility to the international community” ahead of the Olympics, which open today. A group of rescuers has been frantically trying to save as many dogs as possible.

A cat hater is suing the city of Albuquerque over its TNR program, claiming it’s a violation of cruelty laws.  (Thanks Elaine.)

Post at Caveat about getting people who love their dogs to work together for the sake of dogs.

A dog with unusual coat markings at Texas A & M vet clinic.  (Thanks mikken for the link.)

Someone stole a rare owl from a bird sanctuary in WA.

8 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. I really enjoyed the blog from Caveat. My Father bred Black Labs and Fawn Boxers until I was 10. He only bred the bitches once a year. He was a “good breeder.” And then I discovered what happened to the pups who were born with anomalies. Drowned. I grew up in Wisconsin with working dogs. Border collies, Heelers and Aussies. I still to this day love seeing them work. They live for it. Do they love it? Yes. Do they wear out faster? Yes. As an AC Director I worked with two K9 departments. Were the dogs amazing in helping solve crimes? Yes. Do they die on the job and wear out early? Yes.

    I don’t know the answer. In my head and heart I feel that regulations and oversight on Breeders sucks. USDA oversight sucks. In Tennessee you can own up to 21 unaltered breeding females before you have to register as a breeder and pay taxes and get inspected. WTH? And the Amish use dogs as Cash Crops and due to religious sanctions nothing can be done about the animal abuse? WTH? In Montgomery County we had 44,000 soldiers on base and 25% of our 7200 yearly impounds came from soldiers dumping their dogs – even though we offered MANY programs for soldiers. WTH?

    I’ve seen thousands of “oops” litters and about 1/2 that many PB Breeder litters dumped at my facilities. Neither of these groups were responsible for their animals. Mandatory Spay/ Neuter doesn’t work.

    It’s clear that as humans we must persevere in our fight for the animals and for the safety of them all. Humans are the problem. Talking about it is what we all do and have to do.

  2. I don’t understand the title “Animal Activist” as it’s used in the article about the cat hater. I mean, maybe they meant activist against animals? Or…I have no clue, makes no sense but then neither does she.
    And love the nuns, such a lovely story.
    On the winter olympics, just ugh, sorry for the athletes who’ve trained so hard but I want nothing to do with the olympics as they are now.

  3. Philosopher Jacques Derrida(1930-2004) has pointed out that we live in an epoch that is unprecedented in human history for the myriad ways in which animals are mistreated, in fact, calling it “genocidal torture” and that” this violence inflicted on animals will not fail to have profound reverberations (conscious and unconscious) on the image humans have of themselves.” Derrida’s work of “deconstruction” has revealed how animals have been misunderstood and maligned with typical human prejudice throughout much of the history of western thought;; while we may find hope in the many positive changes around us, animal advocates must often feel as though they are in a state of perpetual mourning because we are confronted on a daily basis with so much cruelty and untimely deaths of our fellow beings.

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