VA Pound Kills Injured Stray Dog Despite Available Foster and Vet Care

In 2012, the Chesapeake pound in VA took in 3724 animals and put 54% of them into trash bags.  In December 2012, taxpayers bought a new $10 million building for the facility.  But the needless killing has continued.

Earlier this month, volunteer Lauren Sanders, who regularly photographs pets at the Chesapeake pound and networks them on social media, took a picture of a dog called Ozzie.  He had been impounded after being found hit by a car and partially frozen to the road.  She posted his photo on Facebook in hopes of finding his owner, if he had one, or getting him some help if he didn’t.

Photo by Lauren Sanders
Photo by Lauren Sanders

As sometimes happens in the animal advocacy world, Ms. Sanders fell in love with Ozzie herself and decided that if no owner was located during his mandatory stray holding period, she would foster him. But when she returned to the pound to care for Ozzie, the shelter management told Ms. Sanders she had acted inappropriately in advocating for Ozzie:

“The next day, I went into the shelter and they told me I absolutely should not have posted his picture at all because no one wants a broken dog,” Sanders said.

In the meantime, Ms. Sanders still intended to care for Ozzie at the pound during his holding period and take him home when it expired if necessary. Many people offered to help pay for the dog’s vet bills and a vet willing to perform surgery at a discounted rate was found. The day before his holding period expired, Ms. Sanders says Ozzie was doing well despite his injuries:

“I saw him yesterday and he had scooted himself across the floor, gobbled up treats, tail wagging; that leads me to believe he wasn’t dead,” Sanders, a volunteer with Chesapeake Animal Services said. “He still had fight in him.”

But the pound killed Ozzie that day:

Chesapeake officials tell NewsChannel 3 the dog had made a turn for the worse and surgery wouldn’t have helped.

The Chesapeake pound is run by the police department. It’s unclear to me whether any of the officers are also veterinarians but that seems unlikely.  Did the dog see a vet on the day he was killed – the same day that Ms. Sanders describes him as wagging his tail and vacuuming up treats – and did that vet determine he was medically hopeless and suffering?  The city has made no such statement nor offered any details.  Which begs the question: How and why did the police department arrive at the decision that a dog who had a foster waiting and was still on stray hold needed to be killed?

Chesapeake Police say nothing could have helped the dog. With Sanders so ready to do whatever she could to rehabilitate Ozzy, she wishes she would have been given the opportunity.

There is a group on Facebook advocating for a change in management at the Chesapeake pound. An online petition calling for the replacement of staff at the pound has collected 1603 signatures as of this morning.  A website called Justice for Ozzie has been set up in an effort to share his story and aid in reform efforts at the pound.  Ms. Sanders told me she has no intention of returning to the Chesapeake pound under its current management.

(Thanks to everyone who sent me info on this story.)

9 thoughts on “VA Pound Kills Injured Stray Dog Despite Available Foster and Vet Care

    1. Wow. According to him, the shelter management is afraid of Pits and Rotties. Reminds me of MAS where the workers find cats to be “creepy”…and the death rate reflects that. The numbers there are horrific.

      This poor dog was doomed the moment he entered the shelter, it seems. And they’re right, they need new management immediately.

  1. The good news is that the story has been picked up by the national media. Now if they fire everyone involved it will be even better news. RIP Ozzie. I am sorry the system and uncaring humans failed you.

  2. I am blubbering like a baby! I tried to get this poor guy myself. Why would we give up on him? He was a living, breathing animal that deserved every single chance of life. If he was human, would we just give up? This baby needed love.

  3. This is heartbreaking. How can they sleep at night? For that poor dog to go through all that and be killed! Especially with people ready to donate to help him and a foster if the owner couldn’t be found? I absolutely do not understand this! AND I beg to differ – “lots of people would want a dog with a broken leg”! I don’t blame Ms. Sanders for not wanting to go back there with that management. Glad this story is getting national attention. Ozzie (and all the others that have been killed like him) deserve justice.

  4. Apparently the “lady in charge” got the job because her dad is a lawyer or something high up like that!! No excuse!!!!

  5. Our poor animals are abused by their owners and now by the system.
    Why not have a foster home take in the dogs to care for until they are well or adopted. We should have a ruling where the shelters cannot euthanize an animal if they did not try to place with a foster home or a rescue group.
    Shame on you for not giving that poor animal a chance. You should not be in that position if you are so heartless.

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