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  1. As Colorado advocates work towards moving language into law to protect homeless pets, the opposition continues to use misdirection to get the community to think No Kill policies are hurtful to pets.

    The ballot is mainly trying to get two major things as shelter law:
    1. Shelters must let rescues registered with the state pull animals if they are on a kill list.
    2. Shelters cannot kill a healthy treatable animal if there is an empty kennels available.

    The arguments are that No Kill warehouses pets forever and causes overcrowding for shelters.
    No Kill Advocates are trying to get people to think about these two questions.
    If you kill a pet it cannot be adopted. If you don’t kill them and it takes a little longer to find them a home, is this cruel?
    If a shelter has 20 kennels and 20 animals is it overcrowded?

    See the opposition editorial here: http://www.denverpost.com/opinion/ci_25086047/no-kill-agenda-takes-idea-too-far?IADID=Search-www.denverpost.com-www.denverpost.com
    We have not gotten a response to the guest editorial yet. Hopefully they will put it in there.

    One online rebuttal here.

  2. There has been an update about Buddy the stolen Chihuahua:


    The very next morning after this aired, a local paper just so happened to publish an article stating Jekot had received death threats.


    I’ve been following this story from the beginning. Most of the people who have said anything about this online are not even in TN. The “facts” about the case in this article are a bit sketchy as well.

    Regardless, this woman admits to stealing this dog by way of elderly fraud. She is way above county code in the number of animals she has in her personal home. Even if she was within code on the number, she is housing them in a way that breaks yet another code.

    But this is still a civil matter. Oh, and the Haddix should just get another dog and not even fight.

    After the update aired the county SO suddenly claimed it was a city police issue. The SO never said this when they took the report after this first aired. Nor did they say this when offering their “advice” to the Haddix. The police also had absolutely no idea that they had been handed jurisdiction over this case when asked.

    1. The update above was the second one that aired on Monday. This is the first update that aired a week after the story broke:


      I was referring to that when I mentioned the SO’s advice.

      It should be noted that the reason the SO said they could take this case no further was Jekot wouldn’t let them in her house. They were there when PAWS did their inspection. They were also there when she gave that statement. Now their excuse is it isn’t in their jurisdiction.

  3. More from Rowan County, NC. Lyla, a JRT/Chi mix had someone at the Rowan County Animal Shelter in Salisbury, NC to specifically adopt her from Shelby, NC (about 80 miles away) on Saturday, Feb. 8th. It was 10-15 minutes before close and she was told they couldn’t get her out to be adopted because they had already locked the kennels. Telling them how far she had driven and that she wouldn’t be through here again for 5 weeks didn’t matter. She was told that “there would be more dogs to adopt then.” But, not Lyla because even if she wasn’t adopted yet, no animals get more than 14 days at this “shelter.”

    On Wednesday, Feb. 12th, a local lady had arranged to get Lyla for this lady (mentioned above) and went to the Rowan County Animal Shelter. When she got there, she was told they had already killed Lyla that morning because she was “possibly” aggressive and had snapped at a worker there. Documents showed that Lyla was killed in the gas chamber.

    Other dogs that have had actual bite histories have been adopted from there and some are currently in foster in the area. But, this one that hadn’t even bitten wasn’t deserving of her life??


    1. I posted it to the Sphynx list I’m on too – there’s a fair bit of crossover in interest & activity.

    1. I’ve followed this bill as best I can from another part of the Northwest. What a terrible piece of legislation. Do you believe it will be signed by the governor?

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