Wentzville Municipal Court Sentences Woman Who Helped Lost Pet

Deisel, as pictured on the St Louis Post-Dispatch website
Diesel, as pictured on the St Louis Post-Dispatch website

When a Lincoln Co, MO woman came across a dog tied to a sewer pipe in a vacant lot on December 27, she was concerned that the dog might freeze to death. She was unable to take the dog home herself so contacted the county sheriff for help. The sheriff’s office told her the county has no shelter. Sucks being you, freezing dog.  Feeling it would be wrong to leave the dog where he was, she drove him to the nearest shelter, located in the city of Wentzville, run by the police department. Fearing they too would refuse to help the dog, she lied about where she found him, stating it was within city limits.

The dog’s owners were reunited with their pet and said he had run off due to an electronic fence failure. The owners were grateful that the Good Sam had saved their pet, named Diesel, from freezing on the tether in the vacant lot. The city of Wentzville issued a $50 citation to the owners for allowing Diesel to run loose. This prompted the Good Sam to come forward and admit she hadn’t found Diesel within city limits as she had initially reported and she hoped the city wouldn’t fine the owners. Instead the city charged the Good Sam with a crime: filing a false police report.

The Good Sam’s first reaction was to fight the misdemeanor charge but upon learning she could be sent to jail if convicted, she decided to plead no contest so that her three children would not be left motherless for the duration of her sentence if she lost her case. She made a plea deal with the prosecutor to perform 20 hours of community service and receive 6 months of probation. Diesel’s owners were in court with the Good Sam and paid her court costs for her.

Just so we’re straight here:

  • The Lincoln Co sheriff’s department was apparently content to allow a lost pet to suffer and die on a tether in an empty lot.
  • The city of Wentzville is the suck.
  • If not for the so-called Irresponsible Public, there would be precious little worth clinging to in the animal welfare world.

(Thanks Davyd for sending me this story.)

17 thoughts on “Wentzville Municipal Court Sentences Woman Who Helped Lost Pet

  1. No good deed goes unpunished. What a shame, at least she can sleep at night with a clear conscience.

  2. This must be a very low crime area since the police and prosecutor had time to pursue this case. It seems like it is becoming more difficult to do what is morally and compassionately right, especially where animals are concerned.

  3. This police dept & DA should receive the MAS – Memphis Animal Shelter Award! Gee, aren’t they in great company?!

  4. It just does not make sense that Lincoln County has no shelter. I thought due to rabies and dangerous dog health concerns, every county or town had to have something in place. I’ve seen some situations where a local vet takes in dogs, or a boarding kennel. I’ve been tempted to lie about where a pet was found, just so that they could get medical care and be adopted. It stinks that she has to serve community service now, for doing a good deed. It’s too bad there is not an animal shelter or she could be volunteering there for community service.

  5. There is so much wrong here, it’s hard to know where to start.
    Guess, a huge thank you to the finder and the owners – otherwise, this story might have had a tragic ending.

  6. Reblogged this on happyhounding and commented:
    Putting someone on Community Labor and Probation for SIX months for saving a freezing dog’s life??? And, that’s why we need animal advocates and activists and animal rescuers!!! By the way the dog got back with his owners and they paid the court fees, for filing a “false” report. I commend this caring woman to say the least.

  7. British people have a rather poor opinion of the compassionate nature of some of the American police officers. Perhaps ours treat animals over sensitively but there is nothing more moving than to see a burly police officer treating an injured or frightened animal with kindness and consideration. Being a tough officer doesn’t mean being a lunk-head.

    1. Thanks for bringing that up. Many of us Americans have a rather poor opinion of SOME of our police officers. Like everything else, there are good and bad. I agree that being tough with compassion is much different than being a bully. It surely doesn’t take a lot of “tough” to shoot a dog or trapped cat. Too bad we can’t legislate morality.

  8. This kind of disconnect to the citizenry- social justice- and the broken legal system goes on so much it makes me want to Puke-

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