Vermilion Parish Director Kills Dogs Tagged for Rescue Because She Can

Vermilion Parish Rabies Control in LA does not adopt animals to the public.  It functions primarily as a pet killing facility while allowing rescue groups to save some animals – unless the director decides she feels like killing those animals too.

Last week a group called Animal Aid of Vermilion Area had exchanged e-mails with Vermilion Parish pound director Pam Monceaux, confirming they would pull three dogs – Sasha, Pepper and Ringo – on Thursday morning.  But when the rescuers arrived, they learned Ms. Monceaux had killed Sasha, Pepper and Ringo.

There was no claim of a misunderstanding about these three dogs being pulled by rescue.  Ms. Monceaux apparently killed them intentionally while rescuers were en route.  A local news reporter asked Ms. Monceaux for an explanation:

 News 10 reached out to Monceaux for answers, but we were told to leave the premises or she was calling the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office.

If you can’t own it, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

Under our current, broken shelter system, killing is a choice.  Any shelter animal may be killed at the discretion of the director.  Some shelter directors consider this their job while, in stark contrast, there are hundreds others working hard to save every healthy/treatable animal in their care.

There are two ways to stop retaliatory and needless shelter killing in Vermilion Parish:

  1. Replace the director with someone committed to lifesaving.
  2. Enact legislation removing killing as an option.

Contact information for the Vermilion Parish Police Jury that oversees the pound is at the bottom of this page.

(Thanks to everyone who sent me info on this story.)

16 thoughts on “Vermilion Parish Director Kills Dogs Tagged for Rescue Because She Can

  1. Followed the link – sent an email. Probably won’t do any good, but will let them know that we see what she is doing.

  2. Companion Animal Rescue of Ascension was supposed to pull them. It was confirmed by the director but apparently she killed them before the shelter even opened and it claiming they got there too late.


  4. The most important thing is that she is anti animal life saving obviously. Can you imagine the looks in those babies’ eyes before she killed them knowing they had rescue? Someone and her community needs to step up make her wear a sign that says animal cheater and murderer and make her stand at a busy intersection everyday for a month, fire her first people what’s wrong with you?

  5. I think she sealed her fate with this one. This will never stand. Too many people out there who care. She should be working at Angola, flipping the switch, on Murderers. She obviously has no heart whatsoever.

    1. Left my comment at the end of the article. The first thing we need to do is use the proper terminology – those dogs were KILLED, not euthanized.

  6. you ask how someone could do this? Because they hate animals!! it is that simple

  7. I have heard that too Liz the brave. I read somewhere that since gas chamber was shut down they use heart stick without sedation. How terrible for these poor dogs and cats. This person needs to be gone!

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