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  1. I just had the opportunity to travel to Italy and France (my husband was there for work).

    I must admit though, I’ve come home completely puzzled about a couple of things. I saw a total of three cats during all of my journey: one sleeping on a roof in Verona, another in a cat carrier in the airport in Venice bound for San Antonio and the last in a box beside a beggar woman in Paris. I saw perhaps two dogs that I would have considered even alone…not even stray.

    Do I want to know what happens to strays in Europe? Did I see an even bigger reflection of the problem here in America?

  2. http://www.cleveland.com/medina/index.ssf/2014/03/medina_county_animal_shelters_1.html

    Medina County SPCA is having a “gas chamber demolition party” this Saturday. The shelter will be open all night Friday into Saturday with discounted adoption rates on all cats and kittens.

    Examples of some of the fine cats available –


    Interesting to note that River was pulled from Medina County Animal Shelter to keep her out of the very same gas chamber that is going to be destroyed on Saturday.

    1. It seems to me that in the best interest of the cat that he be adopted out to someone who will appreciate him. Someone who will not kick him. He surely was hurt when kicked and flew to attack to protect himself from further injury. Just saying! There is a better home for him elsewhere.

    2. No way that cat should go back to that family! PERIOD! The poor thing looks stressed in the photo. Too bad they are even allowed to “decide” about taking him back. He belongs with someone who won’t mistreat him. Probably not the first time he has been kicked or hit.

    3. The owner kicked the cat in the head before it went beserk-
      It should have been removed from that home at that time. I am sure the car has been kicked in the head before by the asshat- and the kitty probably has nuerogical damage. Anyone thought about an MRI to see if there is evidence of past cruelty????????? DUH!!

  3. We are trying to bring the No-Kill Equation to our local high-kill shelter, the New Braunfels Humane Society in Texas (between Austin and San Antonio). In 2013, in their brand new animal shelter, the New Braunfels Humane Society killed over 60% of the pets in the care. In previous years, the kill rate was about 70%. The New Braunfels Humane Society (a 501c3 with city and county animal control contracts) has refused to release shelter policies and data, and keep at least 50% of the pets at the shelter concealed from the public and not even posted online. Under pressure to change, they now claim to be working towards no-kill, but the regressive policies, secrecy, and long-term management remain unchanged. Please support our efforts! Visit, LIKE, and SHARE: https://www.facebook.com/NoKillNewBraunfelsTX

  4. Weatherford County is making progress in going to No-Kill by treating it “more like a business” with branding, events, and promotions.- http://www.weatherforddemocrat.com/newstoppers/x787220500/Shelter-stats-show-increase-in-live-releases . Surely, pet killers such as Odessa and New Braunsfel will continue to blame irresponsible public while lying about their actions. People lie, actions don’t. When will those in charge see that everyone (shelters, politicians, communities) look better and *are* better when communities are No-Kill? (rhetorical question)

    1. I hope there will be justice for Dr Koshi and I so hope that someone gets Karl off of the streets and into a home. Clearly, he is not suited to the outdoor life. The woman who is “rescuing” them and then turning them loose sounds scary to me. PETA nut? Something is clearly wrong with her thinking. Such a tragic situation.

    2. As someone mentioned when Shirley wrote about Dr. Koshi’s death, there is a petition calling for a criminal inquiry into the reasons for her suicide. Although there aren’t many signatures on the petition overall, it’s very striking how many of those who signed are veterinarians. Word has clearly spread in the veterinary community, and vets seem to understand on a deep level how destructive Dr. Koshi’s bullyers are.

    1. They both belong in jail. I cannot even imagine how much that poor dog suffered before she died . . . UNBELIEVABLE!

    1. I think the dog warden needs to be replaced. Recently he tried to check if a dog was neutered and he was nipped by the dog. The dog was scheduled for euthanasia, but public outcry saved the dog. The dog was adopted and is happily living with his family. I’m sorry the outcome was not as positive for Fletch. This dog warden clearly knows nothing about dog behavior.

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