We Interrupt Your Celebratory Michael Vick News for This Reminder

As football fans swoon with the news that the NY Jets have signed Michael Vick and he may be a starting quarterback next season instead of a backup, I thought I’d just take a moment to remind the internet that Michael Vick tortured and killed dogs, was never charged with animal cruelty for those crimes and never served a day in jail for them.  Vick pleaded guilty to one count of Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture in 2008.  The animal cruelty charge was dropped in the plea agreement.  Do not peddle your “He’s paid for his crimes” excuse here.

At the time, the Humane Society of the United States had harsh words regarding Vick’s slap on the wrist from the state of VA which added no time to his 23 month federal sentence:

The Humane Society of the United States said it wished that Vick’s sentence was stiffer.

“We had hoped that the Commonwealth of Virginia would send a stronger message that dogfighting crimes are cruel and unacceptable,” Michael Markarian, the executive vice president of the Humane Society, said in a statement. “Nevertheless, Michael Vick is already paying his debt to society with a federal prison sentence, and his example has demonstrated to people across the country that dogfighting is a dead-end activity that can jeopardize your freedom and your future.”

Of course that was before HSUS saw dollar signs and partnered with Vick to whitewash his image.

Some of us were never fooled and still remember.

An excerpt from Jim Gorant’s book The Lost Dogs:

Vick and friends had not simply eliminated these [failed fighting] dogs with a cold efficiency, they’d beaten them first.  The revelation added another layer of brutality to the already nasty case.

And then there was one last body that stood out from the rest.  It had signs of bruising on all four ankles and all along one side.  Its skull was fractured in two places and it had four broken vertebrae.  Brownie had said that all of the dogs that didn’t die from being hanged were drowned, except one.

As that dog lay on the ground fighting for air, Quanis Phillips grabbed its front legs and Michael Vick grabbed its hind legs.  They swung the dog over their head like a jump rope then slammed it to the ground.  The first impact didn’t kill it.  So Phillips and Vick slammed it again.  The two men kept at it, alternating back and forth, pounding the creature against the ground, until at last, the little red dog was dead.

Number of days in prison Michael Vick served for torturing and killing “underperforming” dogs?  Zero.  Number of animal cruelty convictions on his record?  Zero.  The value of Vick’s one year contract with the Eagles last year?  10 million dollars.

51 thoughts on “We Interrupt Your Celebratory Michael Vick News for This Reminder

  1. Oh….. I hate him… so much. You know, I have read this story so many times in so many places, but for some reason, today… it made me cry.

    The willful cruelty… the poor little red dog… who only tried to please her master.

    And… the PARTNERSHIP between MV and H$U$< an organization that, apparently, CONDONES animal cruelty if they can make a few (many thousands) of $$$$ off of it. That's what makes this even worse… Shame on them. Shame on them both.

  2. I hate the SOB! He’s a cruel bastard without a soul! Just because he has money and connections, he wasn’t punished severely for his crimes. Also I hope those who signed him on and pay for his endorsements should fail to see an increase in their products. He isn’t marketing material; he’s cruel and a bastard who deserves to rot in hell! He has no sense of kindness and he’s all about himself! Anyone who can do the cruel deeds he did shows me he has no heart nor soul!

  3. I know what HSUS has said about Vick having reformed and developed a new attitude toward dogs, but it seems to me that anyone who can do what he did to dogs is so psychologically abnormal, psychopathic or whatever, that there is no way he could ever be trusted to give good care to an animal without the constant scrutiny he’s now getting after he adopted the Belgian Malinois.

    I’m against overly restrictive adoption practices, but if someone is only considered to be a safe adopter because he’s under media scrutiny, then that person would be considered an unfit adopter by the vast majority of rescue groups.

  4. As I have stared blankly at my computer screen trying to think of how to write a post how I feel about this JackWagon being rewarded with a 5 million dollar contract, I could not find the words. Then I saw this. So I simply reposted this by adding, “When I am so angry I cannot find the words, I turn to YesBiscuit.” Thanks Shirley. I don’t think I have to try anymore. You said it.

  5. The HSUS was just exposed for diverting $26 million to the Cayman Islands. That’s on page 32 of it’s most recent (2012) tax returns. HSUS has all kinds of ways to divert revenue, but this is the first time they used the Caymans.

    I can’t prove it, but I strongly suspect that the money they are hiding is unreported Hurricane Sandy donations. I know that HSUS fundraised nationally and relentlessly for Sandy, just as they did for Katrina. To avoid another investigation where they are required to open their books regarding all fundraising and finances related to the disaster, HSUS likely moved the money around. They learned their lesson from Katrina.

  6. As an honest and courageous sports reporter wrote at the time of the sentence, the kind of cruelty Vick visited on those poor dogs isn’t something he “did”, it is “who he IS”. (I wish I could remember the name of that reporter, if someone does, please share.)

  7. Reading what he did makes me sick every time I read it. Vick is a psychopath and they never change! He deserves total banishment. If not death! People who support him are ignorant imbeciles or psychopaths themselves. How would they like it if their loved one were electrocuted, bashed to death or drowned? Please Karma get Vick! Rip him to shreds and grind him into the dirt!

  8. I wonder why people are surprised that HSUS backed Vick in such a hypocritical move. First they beg for donations to fight dog fighting using Vick as an example, and then, when the furor died down, they twisted everyone around and tried to make all nice with that creep – for more donations. I don’t know who is worse – Vick or Wayne Pacelle. It is true that Vick never was charged with animal cruelty. Yet every single day HSUS encourages humane societies, AC agencies and state legislatures to throw the book at some dog breeder for a minor issue, criminalizing the most trivial – and easily fixable – problem. This winter has been a windfall for corrupt rescue groups who bring on the pitchforks and torches against people who struggled to keep their animals warm in this horrific weather. Clearly HSUS believed that MV was somehow rehabilitated – after extorting money from the Philly Eagles promising to sweep his bad character under the rug. And at the same time they celebrate this creep, Wayne is writing in his blog claiming that working horses, having draft horses pull carriages in Central Park, is cruelty to animals. We are all going to hell in the proverbial handbasket, when these contradictions and other nonsense actually make sense to so many people.

  9. I’ve already email that passage about the Little Red Dog from Gorant’s book to the Jets’ media relations department – not that it will matter all that much. My only hope is that some day, Vick will get sacked hard and low by a dog loving 300-pound lineman, who knows to go for the knees.

  10. Reblogged this on Pippakins Animal Watch and commented:
    Michael Vicks is a disgusting creature and so are those who tolerate his presence in their team. I think he said he didn’t commit the abuses that it was a relative or employee. Right…..

  11. And let us not forget how the shameless Nike, after dropping Vick like the pariah he was and issuing a pious statement about “role models, blah, blah” (read: SHIT, we’re gonna lose money, get rid of him) scurried to re-sign him as a featured athlete just as soon as Vick was out and had a contract to play for an NFL team. Their utterly predictable statement on that occasion was about “paid his debt, redemption, blah, blah (read: SHIT, we’re gonna make money, get his signature STAT.) There’s plenty of hypocrisy and greed to go around; it’s what keeps them all raking in the profits and profits are all that matter. Apparently raging, violent sociopathy is nothing more than a temporary inconvenience while the lunatic is actually in prison and unable to produce dollars. Once out, the balm of selective memory, circumlocution and denial make it all ok. Hey, people, calm down, let’s not get all up into ethics and crap. It’s only business (wink wink.)

  12. I don’t even have words for what I feel, or at least no printable ones. Disgusting, guess that covers it if it’s spread thin.

  13. That loser uPURE EVIL! He did not get what he deserved for the horrific crimes he inflicted on those innocent/sweet Pit Bulls! SHAME in the NFL for taking him back! What the hell does that teach the kids of the world! My husband has been a JETS fan since Joe Namath, he is now boycotting the team & got rid of all his Jets stuff! I hope someday soon, Vick suffers the same torturous fate he put those Dogs through! Most of the Pit Bulls were rehabilitated & became therapy Dogs, their true colors shine bright!!

  14. The only reason Vick stopped was because he got caught. His mentality remains the same..he enjoyed fighting and killing dogs. If he served 20 years it wouldn’t have changed that.

  15. Today (Sunday) the New York Post published an article about the many, many Jets fans’ fury at the signing of Michael Vick. There’s already a “Boycott the NY Jets and Michael Vick” Facebook page.

    A few paragraphs in: “A Jets spokesman said the team performed it’s due diligence prior to signing Vick, noting that team president Neil Glat called Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society, before a decision was made.” So all Vick’s handlers have to do is contact Pacelle to give the Jets (and the Eagles before them) a justification to embrace this sociopath. How sick is that?

    “We welcome Michael Vick to our team, said Woody Johnson (a billionaire) in a statement Friday.” Make no mistake, before Vick made his way back to the NFL, HSUS quietly took a LOT more money from Vick’s wealthy supporters than the $50,000 grant from the Eagles. We know about that money because the grant was announced at a press conference (Wayne Pacelle spoke at), along with 7 other grants to combat dogfighting in Philly – and combat bad publicity after hiring Vick. HSUS used their grant to start a community based program there. It lasted a couple of years.

    When the 2009 HSUS-Vick partnership was announced, Pacelle told USA Today that “it is a win-win for us.” I don’t know which one is sicker.

    1. That makes me feel, oh so much better. If Wayne says he’s a good guy, then he MUST be okay. I mean, they supported him getting another dog, right? And we know that the HSUS collects millions and spends billions helping the animals, right? Partners in crime, the whole lot of them!

      (snark off)

  16. Thanks for the concise reminder. When people say “he served his time”, I will post this. People need to be reminded of the sickening brutality. And when people praise the HSUS for partnering with Vick to “teach young children about dog fighting”, I will post this. People need to be reminded of the so-called “humane” organizations who sold out the animals for a buck.

  17. I reported this to my FB page- and will post in every comment opportunity that comes across my desk.
    If NYorkers will stand up and remove this POS from their venue I will be happy.
    OBTW- the NFL is a non-profit 501c3- they pay no taxes either.
    I have never watched a game since Vick- and never plan to again.
    It’s a sick world we live in- physopathic- my vote is my money-
    May they all go down in flames.

  18. This POS needed a much stricter sentence. Animal abuse should be a felony. It seems like Virginia is a good old boys club and animal abuse doesn’t faze them.

  19. I’ve reposted this on my FB page. This makes me absolutely SICK. Like I said on my FB page, he may have gotten away with it for the most part but karma does have a way of taking care of things and he is a “thing” because he is soul less. I hope that all the NFL players who play against him that are animal lovers beat his ass up and down the football field!!!

  20. I hate that no good bastard!!! We need to get a petition going again to ban him from the NFL. I signed a petition for the commissioner to ban him from ever playing in the NFL when he first got caught. What happened he is playing. A Leopard NEVER changes his spots!!!

  21. Couldn’t agree more! I get so tired of people defending him saying he did his time for his crimes. BS Vick is a psychopath who finds joy in torturing and killing animals. What does this say about our societies values when we put people like this into positions of power and admiration.

  22. Thank you for this post and I could not agree more. It is wrong on so many levels. I haven’t watched football since they let him back him.

  23. Where is all of this outrage over illegal hunting? Happens everyday! Awe yea, dogs are domestic. So this makes them more important animals and we should only stand up against cruelty given to them. Michael Vick is a legit good dude now, I know him. I do not condone what he did and nor does he. He hates the old him too and is accepting of every negative comment thrown his way. But the new Vick is nothing like the old Vick. How about just a little bit of good for him to throw in here? It seems you all have never done anything despicable and only have good things to be said about you. For someone to accept that the person they were was cruel and murderous, it takes wanting to change, not your image so you can make millions again but, your lifestyle and the friends around you. Vick has done this and he continues to improve everyday even when everyone is against him doing just that. He will never forgive himself, he simply hopes people like you will see that he’s changed and is truly remorseful.

    Now, go waste you negative energies somewhere else. I’m for people getting better and realizing they were wrong. Not for needing to hate him forever because I’ve always loved animals. Either way you look at it, a human life is more important than that of an animal. And if you’d save your dogs life before saving a complete strangers life, you have some serious looking in the mirror to do.

    1. I hope you’re right, but count me as skeptical. He never once said he was sorry for the torturing and killing of the dogs, even beyond fighting them. He was quoted as saying he’d probably still be doing that if he hadn’t been caught. He also is making millions and what is he doing to stop dog fighting? He could do a lot of good with his money, but I don’t see that happening.
      Sorry, as much as I’d like to think people can change that drastically, I don’t believe that’s happened. I hope I’m wrong and that he truly is remorseful and feels the weight of what he’s done.
      By the way, we who love animals love all animals, and would help wild life (I don’t like any kind of hunting, legal or illegal) and most of us would help a person in need, too. I don’t know why so many make it an animal or human issue. Compassionate people are compassionate . . .

      1. I agree, he has not done anything to help dogs or animals in general. He clearly is evil. Not only does it go to animal rights, but they are innocent people who are freed and have a very hard time afterwards finding a job etc as well as though who served their time, have the same problem. He barely got a slap on the wrist anyway and is back to making millions.

    2. No, Josh, I have NOT done anything despicable like electrocuting dogs, slamming them to the ground until they are dead, and all the other sick shi*t he has done!! And don’t you tell me I need to look in the mirror!!! YOU and VICK are the ones who need to look in the mirror!! You disgust me!

    3. Josh, you’re trying to correct Vick’s image, but the harm has already been done! The little red dog deserved more justice! It’s strange how money rules the world and with go our morals! Anyone who can do what Vick did is a sick son of a bitch and deserves no forgiveness! Are you one of his followers who stays near him just to get a few seconds in the spotlight? There’s nothing Vick can do to redeem himself! He’s a cruel evil bastard and doesn’t deserve forgiveness! He went too far!

    4. “It seems you all have never done anything despicable”
      Josh, I’m willing to bet that none of the people here have done anything truly despicable. We’re not perfect; we’ve probably told white lies, gotten into unnecessary arguments, maybe even been rude to people. That’s not on the same level as torturing and brutally killing many many innocent creatures. I sincerely hope that you haven’t done that sort of thing either.

    5. Josh, you are WRONG! Humans ARE animals, my fellow primate. The life of a cat, dog, etc., is equally as important as the life of a member of the human animal species.That’s a fact!

  24. Josh, read this excerpt from Jim Gorant’s book, “The Lost Dogs,” that chronicled what happened when Michael Vick’s fighting dogs failed to live up to his expectations:
    “As the Little Red Dog lay on the ground, fighting for air, Quanis Phillips grabbed its front legs and Michael Vick grabbed its back legs. They swung the dog over their head like a jump rope then slammed it to the ground. The first impact didn’t kill it. So Phillips and Vick slammed it again. The two men kept at it, alternating back and forth, pounding the creature against the ground until, at last, the Little Red Dog was dead.”
    Or, better yet, send this excerpt to that “legit dude,” Michael Vick!

  25. Vick doesnt care that we dont like him. But we can leave an 11 million dollar hole in his wallet by pressuring subway and nike to drop his sponsorship.

  26. Josh,

    You sound like a cross between Wayne Pacelle and one of his HSUS shills, pretending not to be Wayne Pacelle or one of his shills.

    Michael Vick spoke to the media last weekend. He dismissed his dogfighting days as irrelevant now, and actually stated “I’m a great person.”

    He sounds like the old Vick – with a touch of crazy Wayne Pacelle.

  27. I don’t care who he is or how much money he makes! A crime is a crime! He has committed more cruelty crimes and what paid a fine or stayed in I high society jail cell! Not good enough for me! I do t pay a sime ticket and go to a very shitty jail ( not saying I have bit that is what happens to is normal people!) I am sorry he need to pay all humane society funds, help sponser spay and neuter clinics and of the rest of his money to help stop kill shelters so they no longer have to kill any animal worthy of adoption!!!! Then he he can rot in jail while his fortune is helping the very dogs he tortured or earned a dime from plu millions more!

  28. Stretch the truth much ? Witness that claimed that was just verbal and couldnt prove it . finally fell on plea because was coming close to the close of contract offer if he didnt come to some kind of closure . in the end he just took a wrap since he knew it wasnt gonna stop and he needed to pay his bills so he just gave em the money they were after that was hidden from the public. Im gonna take yall to court and accuse yall of child molestation till yall finally crack and make a plea deal . but you will forever be known as a chomo you pos . sounds ok right ? Ok for yall to hate a black man for this but dont remind of the many white folks who have been caught with video

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