Town of Hempstead Kills Owned Pets, Owners File Lawsuit

Screengrab from the WABC website depicting Cici and Yankee
Screengrab from the WABC website depicting Cici and Yankee

Last month, 2 mixed breed dogs called Cici and Yankee escaped their yard and went for a run around the neighborhood in Long Island, NY.  Both were known by neighbors to be friendly and playful.  But apparently any loose animal that looks like a Pitbull type dog in Nassau Co warrants the summoning of the National Guard:

An incident in Lakeview involving Pit bulls three days prior caused  police to send multiple police officers including detectives and a police helicopter.

Nassau Co police responded to a report that Cici and Yankee were chasing kids and started shooting at the dogs, hitting Yankee.  The dogs ran home and the Town of Hempstead sent an ACO to the residence where police had gathered.  The owner, who is unable to read English, signed a form he was given by the ACO and the dogs were taken to the pound.

There are no reports indicating the dogs bit anyone, growled at anyone or even cast a stern glance in anyone’s general direction.

The family went to the pound the next day it was open to reclaim Cici and Yankee and were told both had already been killed.  The form the owner signed without understanding what it said due to the language barrier reportedly transferred ownership of the dogs to the Town of Hempstead to do with as the pound saw fit.  The family was apparently so shocked at this news that they went home and returned the next day, believing they must have been given the wrong information.  But they were again told their pets had been killed.

The Town of Hempstead, well known for its alleged abuse of shelter animals, offered this response to a reporter:

“We are confident that the police don’t throw their weapons and shoot at animals unless they present a danger to the public.”

Oh the Town of Hempstead is jokes.  If police shot at the dogs, they must be the spawn of Satan because police.

Cici and Yankee’s owners have filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Town of Hempstead for killing their pets without due process.  The town is apparently rolling in dough.  I hope the owners get every penny and just maybe, some stuffed shirt mooching off taxpayers there will take notice and effect change.

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8 thoughts on “Town of Hempstead Kills Owned Pets, Owners File Lawsuit

  1. Unbelievable. A helicopter???? Da fuq?

    They must have absolutely ZERO crime going on there to be able to dispatch such forces for a couple of loose dogs. And then shooting at them – did anyone crouch down and call, “here, boy!”? No?

    I hope they sue their asses off. Twice.

  2. Bless those innocent dogs and YEA for the owners!!! I, too, hope they get EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!!!!

  3. I hope they win their case. I know that area of Long Island fairly well. The police are just out of control. It’s a shame that Pitbulls are so misunderstood.Sad story.

  4. I hope they win! And I wish EVERY owner of every dog killed by a “shelter” because oops could sue – that, unfortunately, is the only way to get some of these cities to shape up. Although the first reaction of most will NOT be to stop the killing, but rather to change the law to make it harder for owners to sue.

  5. About that helicopter, recently read Rise of the Warrior Cop by Radly Balko , about the militarization of police forces. Explained quite a lot about the rise of ridiculous amounts of military gear and overkill in local police forces. Also addresses the mindset that can rationalize shooting a dog, or a person for no real reason. Sad and scary. I hope the suit is successful although I know it won’t heal the heartbreak of having their dogs murdered.Hope it makes the shelter and police/ aco think twice next time about how to handle loose dogs. Like a treat and a walk home might work better?

  6. I hope the owners get every penny they sued for! I know it wont bring back their beloved pets but it might make them think twice about killing animals without a second thought! I’m sick of them killing pets without a care for the owners’ feelings!

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