Calling All Cars! Angry Pet Lover in Parking Lot, Talking and Stuff!

We last checked in with the Chester Co SPCA in August 2013.  At that time, the facility was refusing to release its kill stats, abandoning its offsite cat adoption program due to it being a “hassle” despite reports that impounded cats were taken directly from counter to kill room, and importing puppies from other states without obtaining the required health certificates.  Former staffers and volunteers described the Chester Co SPCA as a “kill factory”.

Today, there doesn’t appear to be any progress to report.

A volunteer who had bonded with a dog at the Chester Co SPCA grew concerned after he was placed on a six month quarantine for kennel cough (What the what?) and she found him in a cage covered in filth.  When she expressed her concern to staff, she was told she was not allowed to go into the quarantine area.  Problem solved, eh?

The volunteer scheduled an appointment to meet with the volunteer manager concerning the dog on March 24.  After the meeting took place, the volunteer was told to never return to the Chester Co SPCA.  When she asked why, the only information she was provided was that there had been a sekrit vote.

The vol reportedly went to the parking lot where she met another vol with whom she began a conversation.  During that time, the Chester Co SPCA called the police to have her removed from the premises, claiming she was trespassing.  The officer handed her a letter from the pound making her banishment official and told her to leave the parking lot, which she did.

Apparently calling the police on people trying to help animals is SOP at the Chester Co SPCA:

Monday’s incident is the second time in less than a month that police were called to the shelter because of a dispute between staff and volunteers. On Feb. 22, West Goshen Police were called after an altercation between its executive director, two board members and two volunteers. The two volunteers were also fired prior to that incident, according to police.

No doubt the local police unit is thrilled with the Chester Co SPCA’s trespassing calls against volunteers.  I hope no one in Chester Co is being robbed or assaulted while the Sekrit Vote Club is taking law enforcement resources away from the community.

How do you know when your local pound needs a complete overhaul?  Well, this.  For example.

9 thoughts on “Calling All Cars! Angry Pet Lover in Parking Lot, Talking and Stuff!

  1. Sounds like the M.O. of AC in Cecil County, MD. Fire volunteers who report and document shitty conditions and then threaten them with lawsuits and show up with lawyer in tow for every public meeting to keep those pesky volunteers quiet. The new scheme? Only hire volunteers who are part of a work program. Not only do they have no clue about animals, but they wouldn’t dare speak up about lousy animal care or bitch about their duties since they won’t get food stamps, child care etc. if they get fired. Clever, ey?

  2. And you just know that the cops are going to end up being called in to deal with the abusive situation eventually and they’ll all be like, “Yeah, we knew that something was going on there, but we didn’t do anything about it at the time because…effort.”

    If I were a cop called out to remove a vol who was crying about conditions, I would go into the shelter to LOOK at the conditions. But hey, I guess that’s just me.

  3. I nominate the assholes in charge of this killing facility for a Phyllis Wright Award. Also, maybe PETA would like to send them a gift basket of overpriced vegan cookies with a congratulatory note.

  4. I feel for her, and I know how it is to ask questions they don’t want to answer. There were very few volunteers at PAWS and I quickly learned why-don’t look around and don’t ask questions. Everyone needs to stand up for shelter reform,.

  5. I confess, I am she, referred to as Angry Pet Lover (APL for short) I will say that the dog is quarantined for “wounds of unknown origin” although they originally told me she had been pulled off the floor for kennel cough. The reporter got that wrong. That’s when I went into a room known as “recovery” where I found her and her kennel covered in feces. The next time I was in I went to check on her and take her for a walk – that’s when I was told she was in quarantine and I couldn’t go in there.

  6. I’m really sick of all this day in and day out! We need to deal with the evil people, not the volunteers! How can we start an effective campaign against this dirt hole?

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