PETA Shames Medina Co for No Longer Killing Cats

Allegra, a cat at the Medina Co SPCA, judges your stupidity.
Allegra, a cat at the Medina Co SPCA, judges your stupidity.

PETA kills animals – mainly dogs and cats in need of love, temporary sheltering and new homes.  But the organization goes a step further by encouraging and rewarding (with vegan cookie gift baskets) municipalities that threaten to kill pets and shaming those that implement changes designed to eliminate needless killing.

Such is the case with Medina County, Ohio, where officials were pressured by the so-called irresponsible public into finally giving up the gas chamber which they’d been using to kill most of the cats impounded at the shelter.  The county stopped accepting cats and entered into an agreement with the Medina Co SPCA to take over cat sheltering from the county late last year.

Medina Co SPCA executive director Stephanie Moore writes:

The Medina County SPCA mission is to care and rehabilitate animals that are suffering from cruelty, abuse, neglect and abandonment. We entered an agreement with the county on December 16th 2013 to start taking in the healthy adoptable stray cat population that previously went to the county facility and were then euthanized by carbon monoxide. We entered this agreement so they would stop using the gas chamber, which they did.

We told the county that we would have to wait list cats as we do not euthanize for space here and we would need to have room before a healthy stray could enter our program. Initially we had many people bring us cats from hoarding homes and our first one was the day after Christmas with 49 cats. All of our animals must be quarantined for 10 days, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before adoption, all of which does take time.

But in a letter to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, PETA equates the SPCA’s responsible management of cat admissions with “refusing to take in cats who are in need” and then drags out all the yawn-inducing tricks from its tired trick bag:  

  • Nobody wants to kill animals.
  • Killing is a kindness.
  • The cats who aren’t immediately accepted by the SPCA will be hit by cars, purloined by hoarders or placed in iron maidens by people “desperate” to deliver cat kindness.
  • We have to keep killing pets until EVERYONE IN THE GALAXY spays and neuters.  (Which will be never, for anyone keeping track.)

I asked Stephanie Moore for some details on the Medina Co SPCA’s managed admission program for cats.  She writes:

 We currently have a wait list of around 2 weeks. We have 11 people waiting to surrender a total of 32 cats. Sick, injured, abused, or neglected cats we will take anytime as that is our mission (even ferals if they are sick or injured). We never turn an animal away that is suffering.

We feel we are doing a tremendous job in saving the healthy stray cat population in our county and our number of cats has nearly tripled compared to the same time frame before we started this program.

Well gee, apparently homeless cats in need of sheltering in Medina Co have more options available to them than the iron maiden.  Despite the claims made in PETA’s shammy letter, cats can go to the SPCA immediately if they are in need of emergency care or they can go to the SPCA within about 2 weeks if they are healthy.  And unless they are medically hopeless and suffering, they won’t be killed – which sounds pretty damn good.  To everyone except PETA obviously.

(Thanks Casey for the link.)

25 thoughts on “PETA Shames Medina Co for No Longer Killing Cats

  1. I despise PETA. At one point I went round and round with them because they continue to use photos of pit bull type dogs on their endless pleas for $$$. When I pointed out that Newkirk advocated the destruction of all bullies, PETA’s PR flack immediately fired back with all kinds of bogus excuses. Guess what? Their stats or whatever didn’t change my mind about that killing organization!!!

  2. Yes, PeTA would be thrilled if all the cats were killed immediately – you know, for their own “protection from harm”.

    I was at MCSPCA this past Sunday. A woman who was on the cat waiting list called – she had found a cat weeks ago and was caring for him on her porch. She could not bring him in the house because of her dog, so she built him a shelter and was caring for him. When her turn on the list came up, she went out and cried and hugged the cat, she loved him so much and would miss him. As she’s outside spending time with the cat, a woman is walking down the street and sees her – and calls the cat’s name! The cat leaps from her arms and runs to the woman, jumping into her arms! Turns out, he was her cat and had been lost since Christmas. She has been looking for him ever since. The cat is now safely home, missed by his finder, but she’s relieved that he’s back with his family.

    So this cat who was on the waiting list never ended up going to the shelter. He also didn’t end up in an iron maiden or sold as a bait animal or squished on the road. He’s home and safe. Much to PeTA’s disappointment, I’m sure.

  3. PETA talks from both ends of the mouth! They try to present a good image, but they are bastards, wanting to collect money intended for the animals! I resent their slimy was of doing business and wish they would go away for all the “good” they do!

  4. There are only 4 comments on the Peta news article and they are all negative Peta. YAY. People are waking up. And one poster is correct – animal lovers are no longer listening to Peta and their killing mentality.

  5. PETA has no credibility with anyone who cares about animals! Good for MCSPCA for not caving to the pressure. And shame on PETA!!!

  6. I care about animals and I support PETA. If you silence PETA, who will benefit, the animals? Nope, the breeders will benefit. Would be great if you guys redirect your hate towards the real enemy — the breeders and other bastards profits from animal suffering. Leave the PETA alone, let it fight these bastards.

    1. You are insane if you think what PETA does is correct. Reputable breeders are not to
      blame for the overpopulation of pups. They spay/neuter the pups that are not good examples of the breed and find loving homes for them. Turn your evil words toward the puppy mills and AKC for registering pups that come from these facilities. PETA SUCKS!!!!

    2. Say what you will about breeders, but they’re not the ones killing puppies and kittens and throwing the bodies in a dumpster – PeTA is.

      And PeTA would gladly kill your pets too, if they somehow ended up at their “shelter”. Don’t fool yourself – they spend MILLIONS of dollars on PR nonsense, they kill pets, and they are not good people.

  7. PETA may have started out with good intentions,but that is not the case now.Yes,it is a shame and they are shameful now and much despised as well with good reason.

  8. Peta is apparently full of very sick sad people who believe animals are better off DEAD than interacting with humans.

  9. PETA is a worthless organization which cares nothing about animals and their care! All they want is the money donated to them! It’s time everyone knows what bastards they are!

  10. PETA……IS A DECEITFUL GROUP……….PARADING AROUND IN PRETENSE TO SAVE ANIMALS. BEING A VEGETARIAN……Does NOT Eximplify Goodness….when you freely Kill Pets Dogs, Cats……….Killing is Killing…….and you PETA…..PROMOTE KILLING!!! DEPLORABLE. You will NEVER get another dime from me or anyone I know or they know.

  11. PETA needs to review its reason for being in business! If they don’t relent, get out and let us handle the situation! They stay because they want money and they certainly aren’t earning it!

  12. Have they explored adding more kennels? We donate money so that shouldn’t be a problem! As for getting the work done, I’m sure the “irresponsible public” has many people who would be glad to help! Killing is not the answer, it’s the lazy way out! People need to start thinking “outside the box” instead of following the old ways!

  13. Reblogged this on Does Sea World Care? and commented:
    This is an awesome post and I just had to share it on my blog! It may not be about Sea World, but it shows how PETA’s practices are more harmful than helpful animals: not just whales at Sea World, but innocent cats and dogs.

  14. The photo in this blog is of Alegra – she was in the shelter for over a year and has finally found a home of her own! PeTA can go screw themselves.

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