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  1. New Braunfels, TX — The Americana town with the oldest bakery, the oldest hardware store, and some of the oldest, most regressive animal control practices in Texas.

    Citizens’ tax dollars are used to fund the community’s local animal shelter, which is operated by the New Braunfels Humane Society. But citizens are not allowed to obtain information about the animals in the shelter or shelter policies. About 50% of the dogs and cats at the shelter are kept in areas off-limits to the public and not even posted online.

    No notice is given before dogs and cats are killed. Citizens can’t find out which pets are being killed, or even have a chance to save them. Citizens’ tax dollars are helping to pay for the brand new animal shelter that was built in 2012. In 2013, in that brand new animal shelter, the New Braunfels Humane Society killed over 60% of the pets in their care.

    NEW BRAUNFELS CITIZENS ARE COMPASSIONATE PEOPLE WHO ARE CRAZY ABOUT THEIR PETS. But sadly, the few individuals with the power and authority to implement changes and the life-saving programs of the No-Kill Equation at the shelter have not done so.

    When it comes to saving pets, New Braunfels lags far behind its neighbors to the north and south…Austin, Williamson County, Kirby, and San Antonio.

    No-Kill New Braunfels is a group of citizens trying to bring the life-saving programs of the No-Kill Equation to the New Braunfels Humane Society: https://www.facebook.com/NoKillNewBraunfelsTX

  2. Tampa, fl – an arsonist set fire to the low cost animal clinic, animal coalition of tampa, which caused the death of their three resident cats and damage to the building. They are closed at this time while they assess the damage.

  3. On Thursday April 17, there were presentations by Juliet Piccone (Saving Colorado Shelter Pets) and Lisa Pedersen (Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare ) presenting opposing views to the Saving Colorado Shelter Pets Act .

    I think there is some misunderstanding on what it is being asked: a reasonable ballot proposal called the Saving Colorado Shelter Pets Act. I worked with the lawyers that submitted it and the opposition is either misled or has not read the suggested provisions of the proposed act.

    For more see here: http://www.rescueonedog.com/rescueonedog-blog/

  4. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-For-Echo/617069425036077
    Yet another dog killed by police.
    “On Sunday April 13th, 2014 a good Samaritan noticed a man chasing a black lab mix, she thought that it may be her son’s dog. As soon as she got out of the car, the dog came right over to her and laid down at her feet. She then realized the dog was not her son’s. The officer began yelling at her to leave, stating that the dog was a vicious. She observed that he clearly wasn’t and told him so. The officer told her the dog had a wound on it’s leg and that they had called the dog warden and he was on his way. They then told her to get in her car and leave or they would arrest her. The dog stuck its head in her car window as she got back in.”
    She came back moments later and found the dog shot, no other wound on her but the bullet wound. Another couple had stopped by earlier and also say the dog was friendly and well fed, someones pet that got out possibly.
    Now the police are claiming they had to kill her as she was a traffic hazard.
    Lovely, I suppose any excuse will do.

  5. Video news: Riverside County, California cop shoots himself while trying to kill a dog contained in her own yard. “Wednesday, Deputy Armando Munoz, was serving court documents to a nearby residence when he entered onto private property. When the pitbull began to bark at the intruder, Munoz tried to kill [her].

    In a twist of fate the real aggressor took the bullet instead.”


  6. All of these animal killing cops remind me of what they did in Nazi Germany before they started rounding up the people- take away what they most love – demoralize them- then you can kill the people.

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