Cats Beaten to Death, Displayed in Tree in NYC Suburb

Violence against animals has long been recognized as a trademark among criminals who commit serious violence against people.  That’s why it’s imperative that police find the person or persons responsible for bashing in the heads of dozens of cats then bagging their bodies and displaying them like ornaments in a tree in a NYC suburb.

The bagged remains of approximately 25 cats, some just skeletons and others killed as recently as three days prior, were discovered by a public works crew last week.  The Westchester County SPCA performed necropsies on some of the most recently killed cats and determined that blunt force trauma to the head was the cause of death.  A baseball bat, a metal pipe and two shovels were found near the scene and investigators are working to determine if they are connected to the killings.

One possible motive being considered:

[Ernest Lungaro, director of enforcement at the Westchester County SPCA] said there are many feral cats in the area and there has been some tension over feeding stations that some residents have established.

“Some people get frustrated with the people who feed them,” he said. He said it was possible the dead cats were put in the trees “to taunt the people that are feeding the cats.”

Investigators have yet to determine whether the cats were feral or owned pets.  Alley Cat Allies has nonetheless posted a reward for information on the case:

Alley Cat Allies is offering a cash reward of $750 for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for the deaths of at least 25 cats found in Yonkers, NY. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the SPCA of Westchester confidential hotline at 914-941-7797.

In the meantime, I think it’s generally good practice for colony caretakers to carry a cell phone, to feed by the full light of day, and to attend to colonies with at least one other person whenever possible.  No one wants to feel bullied into changing their routines because of some sick individual(s) but taking reasonable precautions in the face of such extreme violence seems sound to my mind.  I wouldn’t want anyone – colony caretaker or otherwise – to run into this person (or persons) all alone.

(Thanks to everyone who sent me this story.)

15 thoughts on “Cats Beaten to Death, Displayed in Tree in NYC Suburb

  1. There’s also an issue in Lakeland, fl were several cats have been found dead, skinned and missing their internal organs. The police were going door to door asking people in that neighborhood if they had seen anything. They are asking pet owners to keep an eye on their pets and keep them indoors if possible.


  2. These kinds of things go beyond mere cruelty – this is the worth of a sociopath, and yes, I would worry about this escalating. RIP to all those victims of this heinous act.


  3. There’s no question whether these people will torture, name and kill children and defenseless humans. The real questions are have they already done it (probably).i sur there are families suffering in fear at the hands of these cruel sick cowards. I pray they are found & prosecuted quickly before more victims have to suffer!


  4. some people are such a-holes, when they get caught, someone should do that to them. i hate animals abusers and killers.


  5. It just breaks my heart and turns my stomach that someone could have so much hate,so much rage to do harm to a defenseless creature like these poor poor cats. Just horrific!:((( I sure do hope they catch the person/s that did this heinous act of cruelty.


  6. I live next too nabors who hates Cats I think they posion my Cat that I loved. I thinks it’s very wrong for people too do soo meen things too them & other Anumals. That’s why God will do something about it.


  7. Bottom line is that if you believe there are cat haters hurting cats, keep your confined. It’s wrong of anyone to hurt an animal, but they are out there. So be smart and safe and either take your cat out on a harness and lead, confine him/her someway, or keep indoors. We have a cat-hating trapping neighbor who baits the traps with stinky food and then sends the cats off to AC to be killed. I fear for my ferals, who are just trying to survive.



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