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Update on the Franklin Co pound in OH where allegations of oops-killings of dogs who had adopters waiting, dogs left to suffer without vet care for days, and dogs killed for behavior who had never been touched or let out of the cage resulted in the county investigating itself.  The director, who worked for the pound for nearly 15 years, has been fired.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)


A man with Alzheimer’s who has lost nearly all his speech still talks to the family dog.  In this country, our animal shelter system needlessly kills dogs just like this one every day.  How would this dog fare in your local shelter?


The value of webcams:  An employee of a MA dog boarding facility was caught on a webcam beating a young dog who wanted to play out in the rain instead of returning to his indoor kennel.  The man has since been charged with animal cruelty.  Warning:  I did not watch the vid attached to the story so don’t know if it contains any violence but the print article’s description of the abuse is difficult to read.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)


A man whose dog died went to a rescue group’s adoption event in Kennewick, WA and found a new pet.  He told the local news:

“His eyes touched my soul, my heart, and it was just time to give him a home.”

How many dogs whose eyes would have touched someone’s soul have been sent to the landfill by your local shelter director?  (Thanks Mary for the link.)


We’ll be hearing from these two again no doubt, and not in a good way.


Fave thing of the week:  Thai life insurance commercial.  (Thanks mikken for the link.)

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  1. Shirley I told you this is exactly what killed my poor Blondie. Chinese bastards.

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  2. The guy who beat the dog has Asperger’s and ADHD. And they point that out like it’s supposed to be some kind of defense? I hope the hell not. I know plenty of people with those conditions and none of them would viciously beat an animal.

    I hope new leadership in Franklin Co. means a new vet – sounds like the one they’ve got is an ass who needs to be fired.

    1. Well, his attorney says he has Asperger’s and ADHD. And hasn’t thought through the backlash trying to use that as a defense will get.

      Let’s take a moment to appreciate the kennel owners, who though something was wrong and went to the videotape. They are Noe going through the entire six months of video that they have.

  3. I wish we could install web cams in the secret stray hold areas of the New Braunfels Humane Society in New Braunfels, Texas (between Austin & San Antonio). They keep about half the pets at the shelter in areas off-limits to the public and won’t even post these pets online. The New Braunfels Humane Society is the city pound in our town…they operate with tax dollars through contracts with the city and county. The secrecy is especially troubling since budgets obtained via open records requests from the city reveal that the humane society budgets very, very little money for vet care other than spay/neuter & vaccinations.

    This kind of secrecy also make it harder for residents to find missing pets.

  4. I hate with a white hot passion the excuse of Asperger’s for animal abuse. As someone who is aspie to the max I have never hurt an animal, I have no idea why the condition would result in that at all. I probably bore them with my monologues on obscure subjects but they bear it well. Most people I know on the spectrum have a lot of empathy and the problem seems to be a glitch in expressing it well to humans. I can read animal social cues, just not human ones. Sorry for the rant, it’s a real insult to aspies and it hurts.

  5. i email rescues for animals in “high-kill” shelters! OMG! You wouldn’t believe what I have read about, so, many shelters in our country……ones who claim not to kill unless the dog’s condition warrants PTS to put him/her out of pain & nothing can save them! It is, so, sad! Why work at a so-called shelter unless you have a deep love for animals! I believe in God & pray he does something to save all these animals who are being abused in their homes, on the streets. & in so-called shelters!

  6. That big adoption even in Kennewick is a good one. And it’s a good way to get a feel for which shelters are really trying, and which ones aren’t. For example, there are only two shelters in all of North Eastern Oregon, one in Hermiston, and one in Pendleton (both less than an hour drive from Kennewick). The one in Pendleton (which implements all the policies of the No-Kill equation) brought 15 dogs to the event and 11 were adopted. The one in Hermiston (which has a reputation for not giving much of a crap) didn’t even bother sending a single volunteer to represent.

    1. I stand corrected, it looks like the Hermiston shelter did adopt out some dogs at that event. It’s their first year going, so they do deserve some kudos for putting forth some effort this year.

  7. Love the pit bull attack video!! All the players had a good laugh and no one felt threatened by a dog playing. Something the police should learn. Glad a cop wasn’t there he would have shot the dog in front of everyone without giving a crap.

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