Detroit Police Shoot 3 Dogs, ACOs Drag Their Bodies Down the Street

A Detroit ACO chokepoles a dog, possibly dead, across a street.  Screengrab from
A Detroit ACO chokepoles a dog, possibly dead, across a street. Screengrab from

Detroit police in riot gear entered a home in a drug raid last week, shooting 3 dogs who were inside the home.  The police called animal control to pick up the dogs.  Detroit ACOs used chokepoles to drag the dogs, who appeared limp and bloody, across the street in front of neighborhood children.  One dog’s entrails were reportedly falling out.  ACOs then heaved the dogs, who were possibly dead, onto the truck which contained live dogs.

These are your public servants, paid by your taxes to protect your community’s pets and promote the human-animal bond.  I guess we’re not giving them enough cupcakes.

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23 thoughts on “Detroit Police Shoot 3 Dogs, ACOs Drag Their Bodies Down the Street

  1. they have respect for human life why would the4y care about dogs.. Detroit is a lost casue

  2. How very sad for the children there that witnessed those officers killing and then dragging the dogs that way. It will stay with them for a long long time and change who they are. The total disregard for any respect for the neighborhood, never mind the dogs! It is degrading to everyone. The least they could have done is put those dogs in bags. Of course, then they would have had to carry them! They could have backed their truck up next to the house. Think too of the poor dogs who were on that truck alive! The entire scene is disgusting and diminishes the law enforcement in Detroit.

  3. Once again, words escape me! Of course, the actions of the so-called “law enforcement officers” just reinforce the idea that animals’ lives are worthless and that this is appropriate behavior. What else can I say about the abject hell hole that Detroit has obviously become? Where are “Animal Cops Detroit when you need them?”

    1. I wonder if those are ACOs who were shown being so ‘compassionate’ when the cameras from Animal Planet were filming ‘Animal Cops Detroit’ a few years back. That’s an investigative story I’d like to see.

  4. What the he’ll is wrong with people? Give me a frickin break. Good role models for those children. Just so you know, those live animals have feelings too! Assholes…the whole bunch of you. You are a disgrace to the HUMAN race.

  5. Horrific. And I have to wonder if those dogs were restrained at all when they were killed. Since their lives matter so little. And now you’ve got live dogs on the truck, possibly on their way to the shelter and be behaviorally evaluated…yeah, that’s going to go well for them.

    There is clearly zero value placed on any animal here, living or dead. The mentality is highly disturbing.

  6. Remember, this is Detroit, the same city the fraudulent muzzie president wants to pump millions, if not billions, of our tax payer dollars into, to “rescue” it. Please, say “NO” to the rescue of Detroit. They must prove they are worthy of redemption. This is not the way.

    1. Wow, you’re just a wellspring of compassion yourself, aren’t you. Oh, and you ignorant bigotry is lovely, as well, off-topic as it is. You aren’t measuring very high on the ‘being-worthy-of-much’ scale, either. ‘Glad you don’t live next door to me!

  7. The well being of animals is not on Detroit’s priority list. The 2012 live release rate for Detroit Animal Control was 11.58%

  8. Not even surprised. I follow and support some of the Detroit rescues, as well as the lost and found pages. NO ONE involves DAC if there is any other alternative. They kill “pits” and most every other kind of pet that is unfortunate enough to end up there.

    There are good people in Detroit trying to make a good difference. Please don’t judge the entire population based on the nasty stuff that gets to the media. There is bad stuff going on, but also some good. The new mayor is working hard to do things differently and make changes for the positive.

    DAC is in a category all by itself. The best thing you can do is send this to the mayor’s office and let him know the kind of PR these “people” are bringing for Detroit. God help those dogs and the children who saw them tortured and mistreated. If anyone can dig up an email for Mayor Duggan, please include it.

    Mayor’s Office

    2 Woodward Avenue, Suite 1126
    Detroit, MI 48226

    Phone: 313.224.3400

  9. It’s time they are held accountable for this unforgiveable behavior! They continue to do it because there are no consequences! We have to stop this now!

  10. Yes there are good people in Detroin trying to make a difference for the animals. That being said as a former Detroit citizen and who still
    Has family residing nearby-
    Detroit is a lost cause. This did not happen overnight but started back in the 50’s. The Detroit police are either unwilling or unable to fix the lawlessness that consumes it. Dogfighting, carjackings, murders don’t even get a raised eyebrow much less investigation.
    The Animal Planet show to my understanding is done with the Michigan Humane Society- so there is a statement in itself.
    If Detroits elected officials gave one iota about the running of the city and the animals- they might want to look West at St. Louis. Whose elected officials have drawn a line in the sand with regard to animal abuse etc and at least copy St. Louis’s arresting those who harm animals. Including the cops.
    Put a wall around Detroit- get all the innocent 4 legged animals and feathered friends out and let the rest of the animals kill each other off.

    1. You’re absolutely correct about St. Louis. When Stray Dog Rescue was first inaugurated, founder Randy Grimm could not get any cooperation from law enforcement. Now, he’s on an animal cruelty task force that’s comprised of the mayor, animal rescue volunteers and law enforcement officers. And things seem to be improving for abused and abandoned animals in the Gateway City. There have been arrests and convictions.

  11. This is the same city where a seven year old child (Ayana Jones) was killed during a raid, I don’t think the police care about the citizens either two legged or four legged. And this little demonstration seems like calculated cruelty but it might just be callous disregard.

  12. And just to update, yesterday cops shot and killed a 10 month old lab/pit puppy who was in his back yard. He supposedly charged an officer and the officer HAD to kill him, you know. There are some good people doing a lot to help the animals of Detroit, but DAC and the police are not among them. Write the mayor – he really is trying to make some good changes.


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