Video Allegedly Taken at Amarillo Pound Shows Caged Cat Being Harmed

When I last posted about Amarillo pound in Texas, it was to share a news article containing a horrific video which appeared to depict a dog being cruelly killed in violation of state law.   The resulting police investigation appears to have been turned over to a grand jury for additional investigation.  The city has announced several changes at the facility including the purchase of a scale so animals can be weighed prior to killing and the presence of a veterinarian in the kill room to supervise all killings.  But ultimately, the city blames the public for the inhumane acts of its own employees:

“We have to find a way to make animal owners be responsible,” said Councilman Jim Simms.

Meanwhile, I received a link to an undated video on YouTube from an anonymous source which allegedly shows a cat being cruelly killed at the Amarillo pound in violation of state law.  The video’s description states, in part, that the cat “is smashed down into the cage with a pronged piece of rebar and injected in the back with Fatal-Plus.”  Sodium pentobarbital  is not labeled for injection into an animal’s back under any circumstances.  The preferred route is IV injection, with IP and IC administration being used under special circumstances.  IM administration of Fatal Plus is against state law.  Warning:  This video will be difficult for animal lovers to watch and the cat can be heard hissing in reaction to be jabbed in the back with the needle:

It is absolutely tragic and sickening that the city council would dare to blame pet owners for the needless and cruel killings that have allegedly been going on for years at the Amarillo pound. Frankly, I’d rather see local animal lovers take over the pound than leave any of these people (save whoever is blowing the whistle) on the job for one more day. The public is your only hope, Amarillo. Stop blaming them for the cruelty being inflicted on defenseless dogs and cats by your own employees. Get your head out of your ass and start implementing meaningful reform now.

(Thanks Clarice for the article link.)

9 thoughts on “Video Allegedly Taken at Amarillo Pound Shows Caged Cat Being Harmed

  1. I’m not watching it. But I have to ask – the “pronged piece of rebar” – is that a trap divider? Because those are used to constrain a cat to one part of the trap, but are NEVER meant to make physical contact with the cat.

  2. If the grand jury decides to prosecute, the crime should be more than a misdemeanor. I’m passing on watching the video.

  3. YES!!!! Let people who really LOVE animals run the pound!!! Not sadistic, possibly future psychopaths!!!!!! Bless those animals!!!

  4. I couldn’t watch it but I can only imagine. What kind of monsters have we as a society and people become that we tolerate this type of cruelty? I am devastated and ashamed for all mankind.

  5. The cat killer is named on the youtube link – is the shelter director investigating? Is anyone there giving a damn that they’re breaking animal cruelty laws?

  6. This article -

    Says – “In Texas law there is a section of the code that says they can give the kill shot within the chest cavity of the animal without sedation if they give three to four times the lethal amount.”

    First of all, WTF. Second of all, they are another pound operating without scales, so they have no idea what animals weigh. They just like to stab away with fatal plus anywhere they like with however much they like?

    The director and assistant director are on paid administrative leave? So they get paid for doing nothing to prevent criminal acts and … what? Who is in charge there today? Who is accountable?

    These people all need to go to jail.

  7. Mikken, absolutely, totally agree. Sociopaths, and that is what they are, belong in jail. Why are they given a do-not-go-to-jail pass because the object of their torture is an animal?

  8. That was NOT a feral cat- that was someone’s pet!!
    The pronged device is a tool we use to keep the cat in place while anesthesia is injected in the hind quarter in preparation for S/N- we also use it to immobilize the cat so fle treatment can be applied prior to release.
    Must say Mr Cruze is adapt at his trade- which comes from a lot of practice!!

    Whoever owned that cat Should be outraged!!

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