Updated: Treats on the Internets

Two dogs who were picked up by the lone ACO for the city of Kenedy, TX died overnight six days later.  Animal advocates have alleged abuse at the city facility, which has a 5% adoption rate, but the ACO says the city has “adequate” amounts of food and water for the dogs, therefore the allegations are moot.

An Avondale, AZ ACO was arrested after witnesses called 911 to report the on duty, uniformed officer allegedly driving drunk in his city vehicle.  The ACO has been placed on administrative leave.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

The pound in Surry Co, NC has put someone new in charge and is now opening its doors to rescues.  A group recently drove from VA, where shelter pets are also killed, to take a couple dozen dogs from Surry Co.

The city of Amarillo, TX has been plagued with allegations of cruelty by pound workers, including disturbing video evidence which has surfaced online.  This week, the city council proposed two amended ordinances to give pound employees increased ability to charge citizens with cruelty.  Anyone minding the store?

Miami area high school students studying to be veterinary technicians find homes for 500 dogs a year, preventing the pets from ending up at the pound.  The school is under renovation and students are hoping to place all the dogs currently in residence before they must vacate.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Added:  The former GA shelter director who was convicted of 60 felony counts has been sentenced today by a judge to 25 years in prison (must serve 15 years) and a $30,000 fine.  The fraud and theft felonies are related to the “Lucky Dog” scam in which she pocketed donations to keep pets alive and then killed the animals.

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  1. The ACO of Kenedy, TX is also the town’s Code Enforcement Officer? He “splits his duties” between the two jobs? And yet he’s the only one rounding up and caring for the dogs. They have an adoption rate of 5% (well, he “estimates” that it’s 5% – could be lower – I’ll bet the record-keeping there is stellar). Sounds like the place is being run by the keystone cops.

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