Coffee Co Pound Director Refuses to Put Free Bed in with Dog Whose Skin is Falling Off

The director of the Coffee Co pound in TN is one of those who refuses to give donated beds to dogs to get them up off the concrete in the indoor/outdoor runs.  Even after a Chihuahua apparently froze to death there last winter, director Kevin Brown attributed the death to possible old age, also:  mystery!  The public was outraged and dozens of dog beds were donated to the pound – which the director won’t allow to be used. Because he is the ultimate wielder of dog bed power exclamation point, possibly several:

Brown said he doesn’t agree on using the beds in the summertime because the pavement is much cooler for the dogs.

Plus, he said the beds are nearly as big as the kennels themselves and leave little room for them to move around.

A pregnant dog named Elsa has been severely stressed while being held at the Coffee Co pound for a court case. And she’s been loving her room-to-move-around-uninhibited-by-awful-bed so much, her skin is falling off:

“The pads on her feet are coming off; it’s from constant wear on concrete and hot temperature,” said volunteer and founder of Love Linked Dogs, Andrea Ahlijah.

Even her backside is down to the flesh.

“The raw marks on her back, right here, the sores, that’s from the hot pavement,” she said.

The dictator director wants the record to reflect that there is only one dog at the pound being flayed alive due to his refusal to use the free dog beds:

Director Kevin Brown points out that no other dogs at animal control have that problem.

Let’s pool together our dollars and get an Only One Dog Having Her Skin Stripped Off Due to My Willful Neglect award for this man.

Would Coffee Co allow a citizen to leave a pregnant dog to suffer in this way? Would cruelty charges be brought against such a citizen? Where are the cruelty charges for the director? No doubt the mayor is on standby with his trusty thermometer to defend the needless suffering at the pound.

Mercifully, the so-called irresponsible public stepped up and offered to foster Elsa and her litter of 10 newborn pups.  I guess we should bring cupcakes to the director for allowing taxpayers to do the job he refuses – but still gets paid – to do.

Elsa, in foster care, as depicted on the WSMV website.
Elsa, in foster care, as depicted on the WSMV website.

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48 thoughts on “Coffee Co Pound Director Refuses to Put Free Bed in with Dog Whose Skin is Falling Off

  1. I never was a foul-mouthed person until I became involved in animal rescue, but seriously, where do they find these God damn people to shelter our animals? From descendent of Hitler’s Nazi death camps?! Speak up, People! This is wrong!

    1. Me ether now I sometimes cuss like a sailor as they say, I cant stop myself so many stupid people in positions of power.

    2. Janet, you are exactly right when you use the term “shelter our animals.” That is their job and 8
      0% of animal control officers want to “control” and not “shelter.” It is easy to get away with this abuse because animal’s lives can be ended for whatever whimsy the animal “control’ officer has on any particular day.

  2. What’s next for this guy – running a daycare where the kids have to play on broken glass?

    1. Probably all the scarring will strength the soles of the children’s feet, too. Sounds like a win-win to me!
      Wish I could say what I would like to say about this sadistic moron.

  3. This facility and the people that work there are so maddening.

    Volunteers aren’t allowed in, they are forced to make pictures from outside the fence, occasionally they will permit them to walk dogs, but only one at a time (so they never get a chance to evaluate how dogs behave with each other). Hours are very limited and seem subject to change…

    I care for feral cats and rescue them as I can because there are NO facilities or funding for felines in Coffee County.

    1. Sadly, it’s more than likely that if there were facilities for cats, that the cats would be worse off – as in made dead or allowed to suffer – with the ‘help’ of the kind of ‘people’ the county has running the dog pound. Yes, cars, cat fights, and disease outside the ‘helping hands’ of county employees is not what is best for feral cats (or lost/stray cats and dogs), but being left to their own lives outdoors, at least they’re alive. If county employees got ahold of them, they would certainly not get more or better care, and they would certainly be killed.

  4. PeTA sends lovely frosted butter cookies when shelters do half-a**ed things like this, I could probably whip up a batch of something similar for this idiot.

    1. If candied oleander frosting decorations are involved I’ll help! (Okay, just kidding, really)
      But it’s so hard to see someone torturing dogs just because he can and I suppose because he enjoys it.
      And to see him knowing he can get away with it, frost me no end.

  5. I’m actually surprised that he let her go to foster. Thank dog for the irresponsible public!

  6. The AC Director and AC Officer are issued guns to shoot animals…as a part of their jobs. Last year a Coffee County citizens 13 year old (or older) pet went out for a middle of the night walkabout. It got tired and laid down. The ACO saw it and thought it was sick and very old and suffering. He stopped at two homes but no one knew the dog. He drove back to Animal Control and shot it dead and dumped it in the garbage dumpster. The next day he received a call and found out the dog belonged yo his Mayors family member and it was not sick. There was much outrage…but what he did is within policy in Coffee County!! Nothing was done.

  7. What a son of bitch! He needs to be fired! He isn’t doing his job to protect animals! In fact he is abusing the animals himself! What a cruel POS!

  8. How is this guy in charge of a pound without a heart for animals. He will get what he reeps…. Karma is a bitch

  9. I agree with Audrey …. how in the world did this asshole become director ??? Maybe if he had to sleep on the concrete in his own pee and poop he would have a change of heart….

    1. You’re assuming he has a heart (and that it works with his brain to engender feelings of empathy, compassion, and even guilt) to make him realize he’s a horrible person. That’s certainly a stretch for someone who’s blatantly shown he doesn’t care.

  10. I think someone needs to loose his comfy job. A petition needs to be started or the mayor’s office needs to be flooded with phone calls. But something needs to be done. Stand for what is right.

  11. If you don’t see your comment posted here, it’s probably because it contained threats or encouraged violence. This post seems to be garnering a lot of these. I understand how emotional these issues are – believe me. But find another way to say what you are wanting to say.

  12. I am from coffee county and this place is a joke. Terrible conditions for the dogs. They have been in trouble in
    The past for other shady things they do. People should take a trip to this shelter to see the filthy conditions such these dogs are in.

  13. Are you kidding me? The dog was not allowed to have a bed because the concrete is cooler. That makes sense to me. I would much rather lay on the cool floor than a hot bed. The dog had sores on her paws because she paced back and forth. She was pregnant and put in a place she was unfamiliar with. It is not the Director’s fault. He had absolutely no control over the dog pacing. He has so many more responsibilities to attend to. Kevin Brown is a wonderful and animal caring person. He would not intentionally let this happen. Like I said before, he had no control over it. All of you people that blame him are imbeciles. You don’t know what happened. You only know ther story that this attention seeking bitch wants to tell. It’s pathetic that there are people who take time out of their day to harass a man that is just trying to do his job. By the way, the conditions In the shelter would not be so bad if Coffee County didn’t build a pretty new jail with the money that they DO NOT have. Where do you think they got the money? Budget cuts all over the county. How is the Director supposed to run a perfect shelter if the county is asking him to cut his budget another 15%, after it was already cut the year before. So all of you saying that he needs to lose his “comfy” job, screw you. His job is not comfy. It’s harder than you would think. All of you should stop worrying about the problems that do not concern you, and go get a real job that doesn’t involve making someone else’s job harder.

    1. The temperature of concrete is going to depend on a lot of factors. The concrete floor at Home Depot (the inside portion, not gardening) is quite cool, because there’s air conditioning, and there’s no direct sunlight on it. I took my dog there the other day and he would lie down every time I stopped for a minute. OTOH none of my dogs are interested in lying down on my concrete patio or driveway.

      I find it very hard to believe that this dog was pacing on her backside, so I’m going to assume that you’re simply confused and that this was hot concrete like my patio.

  14. I have seen this type of thing before. People who actually hate animals get themselves into
    positions where they have power to harm vulnerable animals (it happens with people too).
    There should be a study done whereby the characteristics of this type of people could be
    recognized and then denied positions that give them power over vulnerable people and

    1. TRUTH ALICE. See it all the time. Just like the perfect place for a pedophile is working in a daycare. But we’ve put an end to that. Time we keep animal abusers out of positions like this!!!

  15. Why is this allowed to continue…. the taxpayers foot the bill of these shelters and I am sure there are people that could do a much better job that this jerk. He is a total moron and should go get a job where he has nothing to do with anything that breathes.

  16. I live in Coffee County. The whole system for animal control here is a joke. They all need their asses put in one of those concrete cells on a typical 96 degree TN summer day and see if they prefer the concrete or a dog bed. Stupid bastard.

  17. We should make him lay in that kennel with no clothes on and see how quick he wants that free bed! That useless waste of space!! Eye for an eye sounds really good right now!

  18. This so called director is probably “buddy-buddy” with the county mayor, like all the other politicians in this county. Also this dog is being held for a court case so its ***possible*** it may be the same dog that attacked a 13 month old baby girl last month and that story never made the TV news.

  19. In the State of Tennessee a County Animal Control Officer gets paid a MAX of $ 12.71 an hour. All County employees wages are controlled by the State Comptrollers Office. They are not cushy jobs – but they are steady work, pay and great benefits. Also in the State of Tennessee – Animal Control employees have NO training requirements or education requirements. In fact in many instances – county employees who don’t “do well” in other jobs but “can’t be fired” are transferred to “poop patrol” at Animal Control. NIce huh? THIS is the mindset through out much of Tennessee. AC is the first to get budget cuts and the last to get any funding. Period. BUT – with a creative director who allows and embraces citizens and employees AND cares about checking the animals regularly – things can be so much better for the animals and the community. YA GOTTA WANNA.

  20. Pretty harsh comments. I don’t see anyone stepping up and adopting this dog. Also, is there proof that the sores are from the concrete since only one dog has the sores? Maybe the dog has mange or other skin conditions. The beds are breeding grounds for fleas and other parasites. Article seems pretty one sided to me. I think we need to hear both sides of the story. Also, author is stooping to name calling? Good way to build credibility.

    1. “The beds are breeding grounds for fleas and other parasites.”

      No. The beds are of a “Kuranda” type – used in shelters all over the country and known for being very easy to clean and maintain.

      No one can adopt the dog until she’s whelped her pups. People “stepped up” and fostered her, so no criticism there.

      And if you think that it’s okay for a pregnant dog of any skin condition to be on concrete, I have to think that you have a hole in your brain where the empathy should be.

  21. What Hell!!!!!! Is this MONSTER thinking!!!!!!! He does NOT need to be working in this line of work!!!!!!!! This MONSTER needs to be ousted!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!! These poor Fur Babies through no fault of their own are in a horrible place like the pound they need someone to show some compassion!!!!!!!!!! Lets spread the name of this MONSTER on every Social Media!!!! Coffee County Animal Control Director KEVIN BROWN……

  22. This is enfuriating! How can you be so unkind and cruel? Not to mention that people have actually donated beds and you haven’t had to spend a dime of your precious salary to care for these animals….. if you have one dog that has pads coming off her feet and skin falling off due to concrete, its one too many! Seriously!!! Do what is right for the animals that you are sheltering not what is right for you!!! If the beds don’t work or cause problems, you can always remove them….. Who are these stupid people that have been given the ability to hold animals?!!!!!!

  23. This problem can be solved. Coffee County will be electing new commissioners and mayor. Due to the gross over spending some cuts can be made like Rabies & Animal Control which has budget of $103,000 per year with most of the money going to the Director making $31,979 and the Deputy $21,704, overtime pay $2,700, SSN $4,313, State Retirement $4,904, Medical Ins $9,624, Dental Ins $520, Unemployment Ins $180. This department is not state required and nothing says that the county must provide a “Kill Shelter”. $103,000 per year can be better spent on the interest we must pay on a $195 million debt instead of raising property taxes or a wheel tax. People need to understand the debt load of this county and how money is spent. We need new responsible commissioners and mayor.


  25. Person needs to be fired and never work with an animal shelter animals ever again. Every dog should be able to have a bad never should be laying on the ground cold and shivering that’s why they get sick and then they put them to sleep because they are sick.

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