Memphis Pound Kills Puppy Despite Waiting List of Adopters

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” – Isaac Asimov

Puppy ID # 269057 at the Memphis pound.
Puppy ID #269057 at the Memphis pound, as pictured on Facebook.

Puppy #269057 was impounded by the Memphis pound on July 18 as a stray.  He was housed in the “healthy hold” area during the mandatory holding period and photographed by Memphis Pets Alive.

Animal lovers networking this pup on social media report that there was a waiting list of people wanting to adopt him. His “review date” at the pound was July 24. On that date, despite having been in the healthy hold area for several days, MAS decided this puppy was so sick with parvo he had to be immediately killed the moment his mandatory hold expired.  No one on the waiting list was contacted.

Tragically, this pup wasn’t the first to be killed by MAS while adopters tried to save him and he won’t be the last.  How many more, Memphis?

(Thanks Lou Ann for sending me this link.)

21 thoughts on “Memphis Pound Kills Puppy Despite Waiting List of Adopters

  1. And again. Welcome to Memphis, land of dead puppies.

    They had rescues willing to take him, even if he was ill. They never tried to contact anyone who put in a request about him.

    Killing is easy for MAS. Easier than a phone call. Easier than taking a decent picture. Easier than pouring a cup of coffee. They like to kill because it’s EASY.

    And when killing becomes easy, one must wonder about the soul of the man who does it.

    1. The thread on Memphis Pets Alive says he’s safe–has rescue (or adoption) and just has to be neutered before pickup. About the puppy they killed–I had heard they killed him because he had conjunctivitis–not even a serious illness like parvo. But maybe he had an eye discharge from parvo? Either way, no excuse for what they did. None. But then there never is. I try to remain hopeful that change WILL come to MAS before hell freezes over, but . . .

  2. If you are interested in seeing what is happening at MAS, go to the facebook page for Memphis Pets Alive and look at the animals they post and then look at how many get out alive. It’s heart-wrenching. I don’t know how those folks can do it, week after week. They are angels. The pup with the green goopy eyes was killed – as well as many others. THEY.DO.NOT.WANT.TO.STOP.THE.KILLING

  3. Bombard the local news media to bring this story to the public’s attention. It’s their duty to inform the public of the outrageous actions of this facility. The St. Louis City pound had horrific conditions and inhumane treatment going on…when the media got involved the pound was shut down. Now there is a PRIVATE rescue that takes care of strays for the city and it’s the most amazing turnaround I’ve ever seen. The whole city and surrounding communities rally behind this rescue with fundraising events etc. Please, let’s all call, email and fax the Memphis media demanding an investigative reporter take a closer look.

  4. “How many more, Memphis?” I’ll answer that for you. It will continue until that MONSTER James Rogers is finally relieved of “duty”. He could care less about the animals and has done this repeatedly. Oh yeah, and he also euthanizes animals without first giving them the required sedative. He is a real POS. We can all thank Mayor Wharton for James Rogers. The mayor is well aware of what is going on at MAS, but because he and Rogers are golf buddies, his job is pretty secure for the moment.

    1. Local citizens, as many as possible, need to address their concerns publicly to the city council. AFAIK, no one has spoken to the city council about MAS. In a city this size, it would be great if at least 500 people signed up to speak. Or at this point, you know, ONE…

  5. We have tried and tried and tried to get changes made at the Memphis shelter. All to no avail. If anything, we are moving backwards in spite of the efforts of so many rescue groups as well as individuals. Their actions are heinous, and we are dealing with a travesty that is beyond human belief. We have held protests, contacted local media, etc. yet we get nowhere! We need NATIONAL ATTENTION! Can anybody help us with this? We are documenting the hundreds of killings that occur in spite of the fact that the dogs have been spoken for. We feel helpless!!! Can anybody help us? This is a desperate plea on behalf of all the innocents at Memphis Animal Services.


  7. We in Memphis have tried for YEARS to desperately get the much needed change! As another local advocate states on this post, we have contacted media repeatedly, held numerous protest, Memphis Pets Alive has sat down at the table with city officials as well as Mr. Rogers. For every step we take forward they purposely set us back 2 steps! We NEED NATIONAL COVERAGE and Help! please, please for the sake of these companion animals help us help them! Memphis may claim to be a progressive city, but I assure you they show very little signs of being progressive besides the $’s they approve to be spent for issues that only pad the wallet of the mayor’s friends and cronies whom are contractors, sub-contractors, business owners, and govt. officials!

    1. Although I posted above already, I wanted to share what I posted on my personal FB page regarding this little boys death: “Please share in hopes of getting the National coverage that Memphis companion animals so desperately need! This pup was one of the MANY killed despite rescuers and adopters offering him safe have. He has been named “Gabriel”. My family & I adopted a Sr. Chi named “Sweetie” in Gabriel’s memory they day he was killed. Otherwise she too would have been killed with no chance of getting out alive. I assure you Sweetie will live on in your memory sweet boy. We will not give up the good fight until they stop the killing here. RIP precious Gabriel! “

  8. They’re better off being set free to roam than they are in that hell hole. If worked there, which I never would, I’d let them all go. Who are you to decide the fate of a living being. This makes my heart ache so terribly.

  9. To Memphis Animal Advocate: I no longer live in Memphis, so can’t help directly, but I think ya’ll need to try a bit of guerrilla theater. Protests outside the shelter, on a regular basis. Protests at the mayors office, on a regular basis. Contact a friendly lawyer and see if something can be done through the courts. They aren’t following the rules, owners are losing pets they are looking for, animal neglect/abuse. Surely there is an actionable offense here. Find out who on city council might be a friend, and if there are none, get rid of them in the next election. Letter writing – constant letter writing campaigns. Do a petition on, in fact, I just looked, there is already one there. Find out who is doing that one and see what you can do to help them. Publicize the hell out of it on facebook and twitter and be ready with the numbers when the media shows up at your protests. Be sure that someone is in charge at the protests, someone that can speak clearly, intelligently, with passion on the news. Do a sit in at the shelter. Yes, you will get arrested. It brings out the media, more media when you have your day in court. Again, friendly lawyer needed. Sit in at the mayors office. Show up in mass at the city council meetings. Organize the rescues in the area. Be ready with a plan to take over the shelter if necessary. There has got to be someone there locally with political activist experience that can help you with this. Cindy Howard

    1. It takes so much more than a petition. We’ve tried a lot of things for years. I think that Memphis Pets Alive is the best group, at this point, to make things happen. Everyone needs to make phone calls, write letters, send emails, share, share, share and locals show up for meetings, protests, etc. MAS and Wharton have been hearing about this for a long time and, quite frankly, don’t much care what folks think. The best way to start would be to get Wharton out of office . . .

  10. Speaking from experience if the politicians think they will lose their positions they will act in accordance with the majority will. I recommend a good book written by animal lobbyist Julie Lewin – “Get Political for Animals and Win the Laws they Need” – very helpful for local political strategy. She also gives online assistance and seminars.

  11. I’m begging for anyone who sees this to help us make them stop! We need everyone on this! Please don’t look away! It’s time Memphis realizes that the will of people makes a difference to the endless killing, cruelty and filth at this hellhole!

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