Treats on the Internets

What taking responsibility looks like.  (Thank you Davyd for the link.)

YouTube video purports to show flooded dog kennels at Miami Dade Animal Services.  Anyone have any additional info on this?  (Thanks Arlene.)

City officials in Lowell, MA are alerting dog owners to the dangers of parvo, which has reportedly killed 15 area dogs this month.  They don’t seem to mention how treatable the disease is which unfortunately may lead owners of sick dogs to believe they have no options.

The carcass of a conjoined dolphin, estimated to be 1 year old, washed ashore in Turkey.  (Warning:  dead animal photo.)

Zoo tragedy:  A 3 year old manatee who was born in captivity and transferred to a zoo in Paris last month drowned in his tank.

An alligator in FL, estimated at 6 feet, also long on manners.  (Thanks Valerie.)

It’s not much of a vacation if you don’t have your guinea pig.  (Thanks Rachel.)

I want a body that also serves as a hammock when I feel a nap coming on.  (Thanks Arlene.)

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  1. something about the west wing flooding – and as a result 32 dogs were put down.  because of the complaints and I am assuming there was no place for the dogs.  they were tripled up etc.  I can go on facebook and find the information from the person that posted this.

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