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  1. Love this – mean old pit bull might lick that poor bunny senseless. Look how gentle she is!

    On another note, we have just hired the former aco director from Leon County in Florida to be the director of our county AC here in Michigan. Any experience with this guy? From some of the Friends of Tallahassee Animals (not the right title I think) facebook page, doesn’t sound like he is interested in no kill. We had a good one who left for Tennessee and do not need someone to resume the killing here.

    1. Yes, same place. That was a while ago…all that “retraining” to teach staff how to handle animals. Shame is you can’t train compassion.

      1. I believe this came about because of all the horrible harsh and cruel use of the choke pole by the staff at MAS. They dragged dogs with no concern for causing injury. And it was all caught on the cameras that were throughout the facility. Sure as heck wish there were cameras today as things likely haven’t changed.

  2. I am currently a volunteer for Cherokee County Humane Society in SC. I have been volunteering for a few years now. I am one of the admins with HSCC Cats on Facebook and find rescues for the cats who come into the shelter. We have an amazing support group and we love what we do.

    I have a petition with over 14000 signature against Greenville County Animal Control. GCAC is killing newborn kittens who do not weigh at least 100g. I believe you have done an article about this earlier this year. I want to do something about this and I would like to get the public’s attention as well. This is inhumane. There are only a few large breed cats who will weigh 100g or more at birth. Most kittens do not weigh nearly that much when they are born. I would love to get some opinions about this. I will be finishing my petition soon but if anyone would like to sign, here is the link. https://www.causes.com/actions/1769205-sign-the-petition-to-gcacs-susan-bufano-and-her-supervisors?conversion_request_id=94365025&ctag=e49cc721dfeee253c2f2cf3cf790821e56&ctoken=YEfLPMongQq2YZH-VXlNS2WV-RrNJZfhTnbUmIPux2OyiR8Z1Z8fkCBGRghBUtZZFN9dMTV8UDZ6OuvfcbwbwLceIW4QOOpR&message_id=62fd4e0daba10e10288969d85fb2ab61%40causes.com&uid=144347844&utm_campaign=activity_mailer%2Fengagement_goal_met&utm_medium=email&utm_source=causes

  3. From the Not even Trying Depaartment:
    ➤ Bulloch County Animal Shelter
    ▲ The shelter reported the following activity during the week of Aug. 18-24.
    ▲ Surrendered by citizens –four dogs and 10 cats from rural county; 10 dogs and four cats from City of Statesboro.
    ▲ Collected by officers – 15 dogs and four cats from rural county areas; two cats from City of Statesboro.
    ▲ Adopted from shelter –eight dogs and three cats.
    ▲ Reclaimed by owners –four dogs and one cat.
    ▲ Died at shelter –five dogs and two cats.
    ▲ Euthanized – 18 dogs and 15 cats.
    ▲ Fees collected – $1,150.


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