Treats on the Internets

The pound in Orange Co, CA is being sued by a rescuer who claims the facility is not complying with the state’s rescue access law and killing animals before their mandated holding period expires.

Pitbulls.  With flowers.  On their heads.  (Thanks Valerie for the link.)

A cat owner writes about his life with his pet of 19 years.  (Thanks Valerie.)

In the One Day This Might Be Possible category, there is debate about whether we should attempt to recreate extinct species.  Looking at the passenger pigeon (the last of whom, named Martha, died 100 years ago today), scientists wonder if recreated versions of the birds could survive in the wild and if so, what about their destroyed habitat which, in part, is what caused them to go extinct in the first place?  (Thanks Valerie.)

Science:  People look like their pets

In the wake of the controversy over expensive coffee made from civet droppings, a Canadian man came up with the idea of using elephants for the same job – only bigger.  (Thanks Valerie.)

I’m still waiting for my pizzaaaaaaaaaaa!

I was going to adopt this little guy but the paws… so big.

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