MI Politician Smears the South as an Excuse for Hiring a Pet Killer

In Leon Co, FL, animal control is run by Andrew Seltz.  On AC’s website, it states that more than 6000 animals are killed every year at the pound.  And there is one of those threats that the killing will continue until magic happens:

Unfortunately, until each citizen commits to preventing their pet from adding to the burden of pet overpopulation, the trend will continue to worsen.

We don’t have to stop killing animals at the pound.  The burden is not on the few of us actually doing the killing.  We are not going to change.  It’s up to the approximately 282,000 residents of Leon Co to change.  And until all 282,000 people meet our demands, the killings will not only continue but will “worsen”.  If you don’t like it, you can go… enact legislation, I guess.

This is the shabbiest, shirkiest form of blaming the public for the killings at the local pound.  Not only is Andrew Seltz refusing to accept responsibility for his actions, he is blaming the public he needs to partner with in order to stop the killings and setting an unachievable demand for the community to meet before he’ll consider stopping.

The fact is, most people have already neutered their pets.  Most of those who haven’t neutered them would do so if it was within their financial means.  Ordering this small group to get their pets neutered on pain of more needless shelter pet deaths does not cause free spay-neuter certificates and transportation to vet clinics to magically happen.  We can not neuter our way out of killing.  Any shelter director knows this and given that they do, it’s especially cruel to dangle that carrot in front of the public who is needed to foster, rescue, adopt and donate.  It’s cutting off your nose to spite your face.  Then stomping your face in the dirt.  While killing friendly dogs and cats.

When it was recently announced that Andrew Seltz was leaving Leon Co to take over the Ingham Co pound in MI, a concerned animal advocate contacted county commissioner Kara Hope.  This is the response received from Commissioner Hope:

From: “Kara Hope” <kara@votekarahope.com>
Sent: Tuesday, September 2, 2014 1:54:45 PM
Subject: New animal control director

Ingham County is fortunate to have residents like you who care so much about animal welfare. But I hope that you’ll give Mr. Seltz a chance and reserve judgment until he’s had a chance to go to work here.

As someone concerned with animal well-being, you might know that there is a big cultural difference in how animals are viewed and treated in some areas of the southern U.S. To put it crudely, in some southern communities, animals are viewed as disposable. There is less effort and few resources put into re-homing animals. I’m sure that the statistics you refer to reflect policies that result from the difference in points of view.

And it might ease your mind to know that Mr. Seltz told us during his interview that one of the reasons he wants to return to Michigan is because he found the southern perspective on animals and their value to be troubling.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Kara Hope

Oh hell naw.  Don’t go blaming the south for your decision to bring in someone who kills animals instead of doing his job.  We here in the south love our animals just as much as anyone does anywhere in this country.  Our compassion for lost and homeless animals is not second-class.  Our perspective that animals in need should be sheltered and not killed is based upon the value we place on our pets.  Now if you want to charge the south with having an overabundance of regressive, good ol’ boy appointed shelter directors who keep killing animals because that’s the way they’ve always done it and why change when you can blame the public instead – well, that’s a conversation we can have.  Case in point:  Andrew Seltz.  (By the way, thanks for stabbing us in the back on your way to the top, sir.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.)

While employed in the south, Andrew Seltz blamed his local community for the killings he oversaw at the pound.  If Ms. Hope or anyone else in Ingham Co thinks that’s going to change when he gets there, brace yourselves.  I predict Mr. Seltz will find the unwashed masses just as blamable in Ingham Co as he did in Leon Co.  And he’ll continue killing animals until magic.

My message to Ms. Hope goes for Mr. Seltz as well: If you can’t own it, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it. And don’t expect the south to be your punching bag. We’re all full up on smack-talking shelter pet killers around here so find somebody else to kick around.  Or maybe you could stop looking for whipping boys and start doing your jobs, “to put it crudely”.

28 thoughts on “MI Politician Smears the South as an Excuse for Hiring a Pet Killer

  1. thanks everyone should post this article on her webpage. I am tired of the “stupid South ” mantra spouted not only by people like Hope .. but also with shelters that import from the SS ( stupid south) because hey they just do not have enough “products” to fill their kennels and heck they might lose their jobs. so they depend on the SS to supply them whit puppies and then blame them ..” The rescue relocation shuffle among animal shelters, the new pet stores, is being justified by this statement from an ASPCA senior director:

    “It is a supply and demand issue,” Monterose said. “If you had a store and you had extra widgets at one store, and people were buying up widgets at another store, wouldn’t you move your widgets?”

    Ah, NOW I understand. When the humaniac rescuers at the ASPCA and elsewhere claim that “Puppies AREN’T Products” what they really mean to say is, “Puppies ARE Widgets”. Glad they cleared that up for us. ” from Time 4 Dogs

    1. I’m just praying Seltz will leave his new post quickly. Here’s something he can take to his next job interview – We have “rednecks”, chained dogs, unaltered pets, dog fighting, un- and underemployed folks, right here in the wonderful North.

      The ignorance of this elected official is frightening. The closed-door process of filling this crucial position, even more so.

  2. Ugh. You know, my parents always told me that the ONLY thing I was responsible for in this world was my own actions. That I cannot control how others behave, what they say, or what they do – but MY choices, my actions, and my reactions – those were mine. And in choosing how to react to a situation, you add to the definition of who you are.

    If a man cannot own his own choices, he is not a man. He is a child, casting about for someone to blame for what he has done. How long before his killing is the fault of Michigan residents who “didn’t care enough” or “didn’t value their pets enough” to stop him?

    Also…how many spayed/neutered pets were killed under his watch? If s/n was the magic sparkle to save them all, why didn’t it work for those who came into his slaughterhouse?

    This is straight up jackassery and we all know it.

  3. I’m guessing next they’ll be blaming Selz’s kill record on ‘cultural differences’ among the neighborhoods of Ingham Co., along with other classist and racist dog-whistles.

  4. Now I hear that Seltz and Matt Pepper are friends – and they are both in Michigan. Lucky us! God help the animals because neither of these men will.

    1. Friends? Of course they are. They probably met at the “It’s always someone else’s fault I’m not competent” club. They’re both card-carrying members, apparently.

  5. If Seltz was so concerned for animal welfare, ask leon county resident and his own staff (what he has left) how many dogs suffered or died because of his refusal to allow his officers to help or refusing to help a citizen when asked. Causing suffering or death? How about the commissioners dog transported to a vet when found running at large but refusing the same for any citizen? How about allowing dog fighters to continue to operate without making any attempt to stop it? How about fueling several neighborhood disputes throughout the county? How about twisting and interpretating the county ordinances to his liking? I wonder how many open investigations and lawsuits he is running from? Got news flash, you can run but you can’t hide! Leon county should not spill the beans on Seltz. We do not want them to change their mind and we get stuck with him. Let him go.A upA north. People focused? Haha. You only focused on some. I feel sorry for those such as Alan and Vince that stuck behind him and when the fire gets hot Seltz runs and leaves them holding the bag. Seltz only cares about making a name for himself not the welfare of animals. Its not about the south. He will make a mess in the north to. Then who will he blame? Just look at his track record, he doesn’t stay anywhere to long. We don’t need a bully as the director. We need someone who trulu cares about the people and animals in Leon County, who will strive to better the lives of the animals through education, enforcement and prevention. A willingness to work with other agencies, rescues and advocates. The do it my way or the highway didn’t work in the south and I doubt it will work in the north. Yes we in the south do care. Hope you do well and I heard the coors beer is colder in Michigan.

  6. Knows the truth #2
    Seltz not only doesn’t care about animals but braggs about himself and other coworkers and how they disposed of feral cat issues at his last employer Caddo Parrish in Shrervport Louisana. If an employee tries to reason with him and tell him an issue is not right he writes them up after twisting what was said. Seltz has made Animal Control for Leon County a joke. They now have 2 officers. He is running from the truth. I know several of the officers personally that use to be under his command and if the officer did not do what he said they were fired. He should be a writer or politician. He makes what he says believably on paper. I have news for Mr Alan and Vince, you have made a mistake by letting him get away with firing officers that truly care and enjoy helping the citizens of our county. There are not a lot of people that can do what these officers do. I personally know Dot Penton and I know she was good at what she done. He fired her after she was in the animal industry for 20 years. She did not agree with the things that were being done and often called him on it. I would not be surprised if there are several law suits before this is over. Like the person said in another comment “you can run but you can’t hide” and your time is coming. If Vince Long and Alan Rosenszweig were true administrators they would get the officers back that were let go under Seltz’s short time here. I also heard that staff took bets on how long Seltz would last and majority said 2 years. I also agree with the comment “he is only looking out for himself not the animals.” Ask any one at the Animal Service Center or what is left of his staff. Seltz started with 5 officers, and a dispatcher. He now has 2 officers and a dispatcher. Really!!!!! Run Seltz Run while you still can. The things I have heard from officers would make citizens sick. Just ask’em. The staff in Michigan better look out and take notes starting at day 1 because once his probationary period is over he colors will shine brighter than the stars. Leon County continues to back Seltz. All I can say is I sure hope you have budgeted for the money it will cost to clean up Seltz’s mess.
    Miss Anonymos

  7. I can tell you from experience some horror stories about Seltz and when the time is right you will hear some of them.

  8. The time was right a year ago. I have heard they have a lot more people there under his command. Who wants to bet he will be down half within a year? He is one but not the only one of the reasons aspca pulled out of leon county. I would like to know what he listed as achievements with director for leon county?

  9. I have asked what does people focused and performance driven mean? What I have seen is “he’s not available and treat them like slaves. That must be a south thing too! Open door policy???????? For who? If you ask him anything, get it in writing. Otherwise it will be denied and covered up or you will get the answer “ill check on that and let you know”. Wonder how many residents are still waiting on answers? If the norths pet overpopulation is so good and they have everything under control then why are they killing healthy adoptable adult dogs and haveing puppies shipped to them from the southern shelters? I know for a fact that is true! Stop killing adult dogs and educate people on the benifits of adopting an older dog. If you don’t have cute little puppies available they will adopt adults. Seltz is against rescues, tnr and has openly expressed his dislike for cats. So let’s sum it up, you say no one wants adult dogs, so kill them, seltz doesn’t believe in rescues, so shut them down, seltz says no to t n r, kill the ferals, and doesn’t like cats period so kill them! So I could see how you could benifit from seltz. Within 2 years you won’t have any pets so the county can cut their staff 75 percent to save money under seltzs direction. Just making himself look beter and better till he moves again.

  10. How about misuse of county property? Allowing county property to go out of state for friends use while leon county residents have to be on a waiting list???? I guess you just thought we were a bunch of dumb rednecks that don’t know how to save evidence of your corupt behavior. Is the knowledge residents in this town that we can back up getting a little scarry for you? Don’t bother scurrying to cover up, I already have much more than that. I would love nothing better than to read in a year that your position is no longer needed because all of the animal problems are fixed. You pushed for thethe multiple pet permit here but placed a clause saying that any dog under 4 months of age didn’t count. So that must have been so we can send all the puppies up north from breeders in the south. Great planning ahead.

  11. To just curious: yes the is…HE IS LEAVING LEON COUNTY. WHOOOOOHOOOOOO. Now buy him a bottle of his favorite captain morgan and let him sail away.

    1. Seems to me that we need to stop this guy from ever working with animals, rather than sending him off to a different facility to do his dirty work. It’s the animals who pay with their lives and that’s just plain wrong.

      I wish there was a clearinghouse for people who really and truly believe in the No Kill Equation. That way, those who are doing the hiring would not be taken in by the other kind who manage to sound “different” at interviews and then revert to their true colors once hired. Nathan Winograd, are you listening? Having that would certainly go a long way toward getting directors into communities who want to change.

      Our county commissioners and board of advisors have been made aware of these posts, but since there is no probationary period (stupid policy) we are stuck with this man. I hope he will be closely supervised, advised of expectations, and let go at the first “oops”.

  12. Please get the facts straight or no one will listen. He can just sit back and say we are posting and don’t know what we are talking about. He is NOT at the shelter. It has totally different staff not under him. He is the director of Leon County animal control. His role in the killing is wanting to have peoples pets taken and sent to this already troubling shelter instead of working and allowing his staff to work with people to make a difference. Hie doesn’t want individuals to try and hold a stray if they have the means to and says to take it to the shelter. Which contribute to the problem. He once made a comment when the city animal control had to confiscate a large number of cats that the county still needs to continue to flood the shelter by trapping strays knowing that would mean that adoptable cats would have to be put down with no regards. If he likes you he will defend you to to death weather you were right or wrong. If he doesn’t he will go through any lenghths to get rid of you as he has demonstrated over and over while being the director. Many complaints have been filed against his dispatcher/secretary , stacy goss and he will deny it. She is rude to the citizens, has failed to put calls for service in, illegally used county prperty for her friends, locks the animal control office door when no one is around so that citizens can not come in for county business. I have heard of countless times where she would be on her personal cell phone when citizens are there trying to conduct business and made to wait. Has refused to provide complete public records when requested and on and on. Mr. Seltz has been made aware of all of it and never does anything about it. Will claim he never knew.if you question anything from him or pertaining to his actions you will be his next target.he is dirty and his favorite quote is ill check on it and get back with you. Lol. What a joke.

  13. Thank you for this comment, especially — “His role in the killing is wanting to have peoples pets taken and sent to this already troubling shelter instead of working and allowing his staff to work with people to make a difference.” I am concerned about a director who might not work to keep animals out of the shelter in the first place. One county official has assured us that he cannot be connected to these kill stats, because he doesn’t oversee the Animal Service Center (I think that’s what he was referring to – just that he does not currently operate an animal shelter).

  14. You do not have to run a shelter to contribute to the problem. Breeders, animal control officers, etc are a major role in prevention. When he will direct his officers not to provide free spay and nueter certificates to any citizen that requests them could contribute to problems and unwanted litters. If a citizen takes in a stray and can not find an owner and wishes to get it fixed with his philosophy it should have went to the shelter. If you take it in then its not animal controls responsibility. True enough, until it has a litter, given away, gets picked up etc and then its everybodys problem that could have been prevented by working with those citizens that try to avoid sending to the shelter. Again, when it goes to the shelter it is not his problem. But it is ok to take a nursing mom to the shelter with out her pups because they will die anyway without mom to care for them. Yes he did! A lot of people in this community will not come forward because of fear of retaliation by Mr. Seltz. If every rescue ,shelter, animal control and the citizens could work together than much greater could be accomplished. Just ask the animal control staff, shelter staff, rescues and those trying to make a difference feel about Seltz and see for yourself the response you get. He is not willing to be open to suggestions or ideas that are not his. He claims to be by the book? Only by his interpretation which is usually much different than the way it has been interpretated the last 10 years and he expects everyone to just automatically conform to his new way of doing things. Well I guess he tried and again proved that it didn’t work and now its everybody elses fault. He fired an officer of 20 plus years because she would not stoop to his level. No other reason. Oh he can make up what ever he wants on paoper but no one stays in a position that long who doesn’t care. Was she perfect, no. None of us are. But I do know that she cared about the animals and people of Leon County. I’m sure there is much more to the reason she was fired and can only hope that the truth will someday be heard.the animals in Leon County are in danger as well as the community because the staff is so short now that I doubt they can keep up. Yes Mr. Seltz is a major contributor of the killing. Ask them to break down how many of thoe dogs came from the county he oversees.

  15. Well my Michigan pals, watcha think of seltz now. Ingam county defended at first, now ya wanna get rid of him. Good job I muut say. At least you had the good sense to see it before it costs people/animals their lives. He is a heartless man, if you can call him that. Rude, heartless, no compassion, thinks he’s god. Sorry man you are a pure devil and remember my name. KARMA GONNA GET YA a southern gal

  16. Well the southern perspective on animals left the south and is now back where he belongs in Michigan. How troubling was it Ingam couny? He was only there less than 9 months . Personalities don’ t fit. Tell the other reasons. I had to print it out. Cant wai it to make copies and share them. You will for ever be watched. KARMAgonnagetcha

  17. All in good time. Hopefully in court before a judge, jurty and media. Many animals have suffered in leon county while animal control was under his leadership. Oh but if you are a commissioner and you ure dog is picked up, animal control will drive it to the vet for you and there will not be any citation issued. This dog was picked up 3 times in a 2 week period and it was very old, possibly eye problems and looked like a available neglect case. The owner was a county commissioner so of course it was treated like royalty and like I said 3 times in a 2 week period, come on people do you think this commissioner cared. If he did would the dog be wandering streets in traffic looking like a neglected stray, I I’m think not. Seltz treated citizens and his employees like crap. Now leon county has his side kick cara aldridge and stacy goss to run animal control. This new director agreed and sucked up to him. Other officers who were fired tried to tell him he was wrong. They did dc not agree with what was going on so he got rid of them and wrote a great paper to admin. So they backed him up. He does not recognize the word ANIMAL in animal control. Yes sir when the going got tough he sailed away with his captain morgan, I am so glad just wish staff had given him a well deserved southern farewell. Who ever is now under his command just remember this, its his way or the highway, right or wrong. He has to keep moving around because once people figure out his devious ways he has to abide by rules, when he has to do that it seems he moves on. Wondering if caddo parrish is missing him! This would be where he bragged about the feral cat solution, and would laugh about I. What a sickko…… YOU can google him andrew douglas seltz, try it. I do know of 1 lawsuit that reached a settlement before court convined. I would love to see him onthe stand, he has lied so much I wonder if he can remember all the lies he has told. I just hope where ever he is that people have the good sense to remember the animal part of animal control.

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