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  1. The taxpayer-funded New Braunfels Humane Society in Texas is having outbreaks of distemper and panleukopenia. Citizens are expected to provide basic care for their pets, such as vaccinations and monthly heartworm prevention. But is this care being provided at our taxpayer-funded animal shelter? Basic vaccinations along with strict cleaning protocols are critical to keeping pets at our shelter healthy. Heartworm prevention is also very important in shelters because mosquito infection rates in kennels with heartworm positive dogs are 10 TIMES HIGHER than in the community. This means that dogs in shelters are at a much higher risk of contracting heartworm disease. Learn more at http://www.maddiesfund.org/Maddies_Institute/Webcasts/How_Animal_Shelters_Can_Treat_Heartworm.html

    Right now shelter staff are focusing their efforts on stopping the spread of disease, and they have halted intake and adoptions of dogs.

    But taxpayers have a right to know how pets are being cared for at our shelter. How many dogs and cats have died or were euthanized because they contracted a disease such as distemper or panleukopenia? Were they vaccinated? If so, when? Per city ordinance, “The shelter director shall keep complete records of the care, feeding, veterinary treatment, and disposition of all animals impounded at the shelter.”

    Please ask New Braunfels Mayor Barron Casteel (mayor@nbtexas.org) to launch an investigation into shelter operations. Given the recent outbreaks of disease, and the fact that a financial audit of the taxpayer-funded shelter has never been performed, these actions are COMPLETELY REASONABLE. Examining shelter operations should not be seen as an indictment of the Humane Society, but rather as accountability that taxpayers are entitled to. An investigation should not be seen as an attack on the Humane Society, but as a requirement for transparency regarding how our tax dollars are used to provide care for some of our community’s most vulnerable residents—our lost and stray pets.

  2. We got this plea for help on the Central California Pets Alive facebook page, from a young woman in a tiny, poor town in Fresno County, California who is volunteering and trying to save her town’s strays. The police chief buys food and cleaning supplies from his own pocket. They don’t want to kill, but they’d never heard of the No Kill Equation. They need an outpouring of encouragement, support, and help. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=655501364557210&set=o.138009096298977&type=1&theater

  3. Last Hope Doberman Rescue in Killeen, TX appears to be docking rescued Doberman and Doberman mix puppies that still have their natural tails. When fans of their FB page ask about the puppies having shaved tails comments vanish and, in some cases, the post or photo is deleted. Most recently, a Doberman mix puppy named Brody appeared shaved in an edited photo that hid most of his tail, allowing only the base to be seen. When a commenter asked why his tail was shaved the photo was deleted and later re-uploaded with further editing to the photo, completely removing the ability to see the base of the tail and the fact he’s been shaved. The only photo of his full body, tail and all, is a recent upload depicting most of his hair grown back in and a docked tail.

    They have a history of censoring comments and cropping photos to hide a dog’s tail or rear.

    They will neither confirm nor deny if they are docking rescued puppies. They will neither confirm nor deny if they are using donations to fund these unnecessary operations on rescued puppies.

  4. That’s cruel! It’s really painful for dogs who are more than a few days old because their spines have grown into their tails. They could adopt out those puppies and dogs to people (like me) who love Dobermans with natural tails. They can be difficult to find in this country, so I would guess there’s a good deal of demand for them.

  5. SOS!!!!!!! Emergency in Orangeburg SC
    We just received call.
    Over 100 cats discovered in burned out home from fire
    Hoarder situation
    If animal control comes in
    Most will die at shelter
    They are HIGHKILL
    The shelter director asked us for help
    Can u please get your people on this!!!
    It’s crucial

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