Treats on the Internets

The new shelter director in Moore Co, NC instituted some major changes after taking charge:  Rescue groups without a 501(c)3 are no longer allowed to save animals from the kill room and volunteers are now prohibited from walking dogs and caring for shelter pets on days the place is closed.  Instead paid staff will come by for 2 hours on those days.  Moore Co took in 3206 dogs and cats in 2013, killing 2172 of them – a 68% kill rate.  More than a dozen volunteers have reportedly quit this summer.

The mayor of Magnolia, AR issued a statement blaming “negligent owners”, lack of funding, and lack of manpower for the illness and killing of dogs at the overcrowded city pound.  Gosh, if only there was some way he could effect change in Magnolia.  But the mayor says it’s a “problem that can only be helped by our own citizens” because hey, he’s only the boss of the entire city.  (Thanks Bonnie for the link.)

A man who helped a woman rescue stray cats in their AL neighborhood stabbed her to death.  (Thanks Valerie.)

MN police chief killed a boy’s pet chicken because reasons: chickens carry diseases/didn’t realize he chopped the head off and left it behind for family to find/going to introduce legislation to allow chickens so it’s all good.

The Spot Abuse campaign is designed to increase awareness of the link between animal abuse and other forms of domestic violence.  (Thanks Ona for the link.)

The Pennsylvania SPCA brings puppies and kittens to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania so workers can relieve stress by cuddling the pets on their breaks.  (Thanks April.)

Images of Soviet space dogs in pop culture.

Primer on British animal idioms for dumb Americans.

Requiem for a Shark Dog

2 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Oh geez. Crazy guy kills cat lady. My first thought is, “What will happen to her cats?”

    Cop kills chicken. He “didn’t realize he had beheaded the chicken” with the shovel. Did the bird’s head fall off in fright? Did he also not realize that the neighbor kid was watching his little slaughterfest? Frankly I’m surprised he didn’t say that the chicken charged him and he was in imminent fear for his safety.

    Sounds like the Mayor of Magnolia, AR is a feckless twit. And doesn’t mind advertising the fact.

  2. I volunteer at the Pennsylvania SPCA. We have had a lot of success with that program. It’s definitely a win win. We just started within the last six months or so also bringing dogs to Philadelphia elementary schools to teach the students about animal cruelty as well :-)

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