Nobody WANTS to Kill Animals: Jackson, MS Edition

As we so often hear from killing apologists, people who take jobs at the pound do it out of a love for pets and of course, they don’t want to kill animals.  And other fairy tales.

Some yahoo from Jackson AC in MS is riding around in the back of a pickup truck, armed with a shotgun, shooting dogs in their yards.

One man who says he occasionally fed a stray female dog in the neighborhood was at home when the armed sadist killed her:

“She came in my yard. I was sitting there watching the dog and there was a loud boom,” he said. And when the bullet hit the dog, the force pushed the body down, knocked it over, pushed it over. The dog was screaming, making a lot of noise.”

The injured dog made it down the street and collapsed.

A woman down the street had just let her dog Charley outside when the nutter came for him:

“Charley is not going to growl at you, Charley is going to wag his tail even if one of you guys walked up, he would just wag his tail,” said Charley’s owner. “So they could have just got out of the truck and picked him up. Instead, they shot him.”

Charley’s owner describes the behavior of the armed and violent public servant as that of a sniper:

“Yes, he was in the back of the truck, like he was a sniper cause he didn’t get out,” she said.

Neither eyewitness account makes mention of even a minor attempt to capture the dogs or knock on the doors of the homes where they were to inquire about their status.  Just an armed ACO riding around in the back of a truck, shooting pets to death.  But don’t fret, it’s perfectly reasonable:

We went to Jackson Animal Control to get their response. Paul Perry, the manager, said his officers followed policy,that they can use lethal force after all peaceful means of capturing an animal have been exhausted.

Apparently in Jackson, “all peaceful means of capturing an animal have been exhausted” equates with loading the shotgun.

Oh but we can’t understand how hard the job is and compassion fatigue and fuck all.  So don’t judge unless you’re willing to go down there and start randomly gunning down pets yourself.

(Thanks Clarice for the link.)

6 thoughts on “Nobody WANTS to Kill Animals: Jackson, MS Edition

  1. t true sad symptom of our f***ed up police powers we give to ACO’s and their cohorts at the police department.. .. enough already REVOLUTION TIME it is outrageous..

  2. One of the comments on this article refers to it as “hunting” – and that seems to be what it is, pet hunting. Open season on all pets?

    The sniper ACO and any jackass who defends him needs to be replaced immediately.

    The whole thing is disgusting beyond measure.

  3. What gets me is that it mentions Charley’s owner went out to call him back home, which I’m pretty sure means she was letting him free range. Which means ACO probably got a call about a loose dog (the first stray that the man was feeding), came out, shot the stray…then saw Charley and were basically like “well, maybe we got the wrong dog…better kill ’em both!”

    (To be absolutely clear, I am NOT blaming Charley’s owner for what happened. I don’t support letting your dog free roam, but doing so should NEVER warrant a death sentence like this. All of the blame for this act of cruelty and horror rests squarely and only on the ACO. I’m just pointing out that they were so ready and eager to kill they didn’t even care if the dog they got was the ‘problem’ dog they’d been called out for…they basically decided to kill the second dog ‘just in case!’)

  4. What a cowardly, pathetic excuse for a human being – not only the shooter but also the driver and everyone else who condoned shooting these dogs. Yes, mikken, it is beyond disgusting. It’s amazing to me how barbaric humans are capable of becoming. RIP pups – you surely did not deserve to die this way. I hope someone in that place realizes the horror of these actions and puts a stop to them. Wonder what happens to those poor creatures who actually end up taken to that facility.

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