Case Update: “Peanut” Kilby Asks Judge for Reduced Sentence

Atlanta’s Fox-5 reporter Randy Travis will forever be a hero to me for jamming himself in the doorway of a fake “no kill” shelter he was exposing while a board member tried to shut him out.  The director of the facility he exposed, Lowanda “Peanut” Kilby, was found guilty on 60 counts of racketeering and theft charges in connection with the pet killings she conducted in secret.

This week, Kilby’s lawyer asked a Rabun Co superior court judge for a reduction in the 25 year sentence on the grounds that it was unfair and had been influenced by Randy Travis’s public expose on the news.  The judge refused.  Kilby had previously been heard on a jailhouse phone call attempting to cheat justice by suggesting a favor be called in from a judge she said owed her.  That didn’t work either.  She’s now requesting a new trial.

While it’s Kilby’s right as a citizen to work the court system to the best of her lawyer’s abilities, I just hate that she still has hope she’s getting out of this.  Through her “Lucky Dog” program, she snuffed the life out of countless pets whose sponsors thought they were being rehomed.  She showed no mercy.  She took all hope away from those animals.  She needs to serve her time and feel “lucky” it’s not yet a crime to needlessly kill healthy, friendly pets because if it was, she would have been prosecuted for much more than racketeering.  She’s in her own Lucky Dog program right now and should be thankful that there isn’t someone like her in charge of it.

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10 thoughts on “Case Update: “Peanut” Kilby Asks Judge for Reduced Sentence

  1. This is good! I wish all shelters could be exposed! Animals don’t deserve the cruelty they experience! I don’t know what drives them to kill, but they need to be removed from the shelters!

  2. Amen, Shirley. Just goes to show what an A$$hat this woman is. Glad that there was someone with enough courage to do the right thing and expose what she has been doing. Wish every community had someone like that reporter who would be honest about the pet killing facilities in their area.

  3. Sounds like this may be the first time in her life she’s being held accountable for her actions. I guess it stings a bit, eh?

    Thank goodness for Randy Travis! Otherwise, she’d likely still be running her killing scam.

  4. 25 years isnt long enough for this thing. Well this is my opinion. So many innocent animals. I can never understand why people withing a kennel environment or shelter, or sanctuary never step up sooner to help the animals where they are either employed or volunteer at.

  5. She needs to be made an example of to deter other would be fraudsters. Clearly, she is grasping at straws. How many unsuspecting donors did she bilk out of funds with her lies. How many animals have been killed? Surely, no elected official is going to let her out of this, if they have *any* intention of being re-elected.

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