UPDATED: Shelter Pet of the Day: Memphis

Dog #272194 at MAS, as depicted in a screengrab from a video on Facebook.
Dog #272194 at MAS, as depicted in a screengrab from a video on Facebook.

I am not a behaviorist but smiling in dogs is generally accepted as an expression of positive emotions and at the very least, a submissive offering.

But at the Memphis pet killing facility, smiling appears to have earned dog #272194 a spot on the kill list.  Memphis shelter pet advocate Jody Fisher inquired about the dog yesterday and a supervisor at MAS responded:

From: <DeKeishia.Tunstall@memphistn.gov>
Date: October 20, 2014, 12:36:03 PM CDT
To: Jody Fisher
Cc: <James.Rogers@memphistn.gov>, <James.Edgeston@memphistn.gov>
Subject: RE: Adoption Event

Good morning Ms. Fisher.

Hope you are doing well.

Animal ID # A272194 was moved from our Adoption floor to a kennel in Stray due to some negative behaviors i.e. growling, snarling, showing teeth exhibited during our adoption event last weekend.

The pet was moved to ensure public safety.

Are you interested in pulling this one? If you are, please be advised the pet exhibiting some behaviors suggestive of aggression. Also, if you are interested, you will need to come in no later than close of business today to process this pet out.

Please let me know if you will be in.

De Keishia

Today, Jody asked for 2 business days to network this dog.  She was advised the dog needs to be out of MAS today.  Based on the number of animals the pound currently has listed on PetHarbor, there appear to be roughly 450 empty cages at the facility today.

Screengrab from PetHarbor showing 110 animals listed by MAS on October 21, 2014.
Screengrab from PetHarbor showing 110 animals listed by MAS on October 21, 2014.

Please share this dog with anyone you know who likes smiley dogs – which is everyone on the earth except staff at MAS I guess.  She is being kept in a cage behind locked doors at the Memphis pound.  The public is barred from seeing her.  If anyone wants to meet her, they’ll have to find a staff member willing to help.  And because MAS chooses to arbitrarily discriminate against certain dogs based on body shape, any potential adopter will have to jump through special hoops in order to save this dog.  [/motivational speech]  The pound is open from 1pm to 7pm today:

Memphis city pound
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
(901) 636-PAWS (7297)

Dog #272194 at MAS, as depicted in a screengrab from a video on Facebook.

UPDATE, added October 22, 2014: This “suggestive of aggression” dog is no longer behind the iron curtain at MAS. She was saved last night by the irresponsible public. Here she is with her first victim:

Thank you to everyone who helped network this girl and get her away from the pound staff who wrongly labeled her a public safety threat, hid her in the back room and would have killed her. I’m smiling right now too by the way, in case anyone at MAS wants to write me up.

25 thoughts on “UPDATED: Shelter Pet of the Day: Memphis

  1. Dr. Tower:

    This animal had reported incidents of undesirable behavioral.

    In consideration of public safety, the animal was moved from our Adoption floor, to our Stray area (away from public interaction).

    I am required to disclose all behavioral and health information to potential adoptors and rescuers.

    The animal is not currently on the euthanasia list. I am working with interested rescuers to get the animal processed out today. I have advised that a liability waiver will need to be signed at the time of adoption. The animal has been at MAS since 10/15/14.

    Please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance.

    De Keishia

      1. Predictably unpredictable! Say one thing, do another – it keeps the irresponsible public in a constant state of confusion.
        Dear God, someone get this smiling pup outta there alive today, please.
        If you read the rescue on an earlier thread, they mention that most animals at Memphis Animal Slaughterhouse cower in the backs of their cages when any of the personnel there approach. There is a good reason this happens . . .

  2. DeKeishia Tunstall has no background in working in or around animals in a shelter environment; however, she is the one who often labels these frightened animals as “aggressive”, when in reality, they are scared to death. Being frightened is no excuse to kill an animal. I cannot tell you how many times she has labelled a highly adoptable dog as “aggressive”, when, in any other circumstance, this animal could have been adopted into a loving environment. My friends and I fought extremely hard to keep one alive (Curly) and he is thriving in the care of a wonderful family who considers him a member of their family. Curly’s foster Mom and his adoptive family have had NO negative experiences with this dog and despite the fact Memphis Animal Services thought he was aggressive, I didn’t, and he is now alive. I am sorry to say that thousands of other dogs have not been so lucky. Memphis Animal Services should be ashamed of themselves but that won’t ever happen, because they have no conscience.

  3. Thank you, Shirley, for posting Smiley! I plan on going tonight to see her – not sure what happens at that point – just going to wing it. I am so hoping someone adopts her before then…..I hate how MAS does everything in its power to turn away adopters!!!

  4. I see De Keishia changed her tone because she thought she was communicating with Dr. Tower! She must have just forgotten that she told Jody ” Also, if you are interested, you will need to come in no later than close of business today to process this pet out. Please let me know if you will be in.” That’s the beauty of email! Black and white always catch one who tells lies..

    That to me says end of today the dog is dead so get in here now. I’ve been reading fb threads about people who have a terrible time trying to adopt a dog from MAS. They would rather kill the dogs than fill out an adoption paper? Sure looks like it to me. Wonder why? Do they get paid to kill dogs and then……? Why? Do they sell them instead of taking to landfill? Dog fighters maybe? There just has to be a reason for this behavior.

  5. Seriously, I met this dog this evening and this is one of the sweetest dogs. You wouldn’t believe how sweet.

  6. I am so ashamed of the Memphis Animal Shelter……it is a disgrace…..I am a Memphian….the director need to step down!!!!

    1. Everyone from the mayor on down knows what happens there. It’s much more than just the director of this place. They are so busy killing and abusing and then trying to prevent the public from knowing what they do, they don’t care about making changes. It is a disgrace. You folks in Memphis must be the ones who make the changes that need to be made. I know there are many who are working hard. If you can, deborah, join them. Pets Alive Memphis is a good place to start.

  7. I am still smiling over her adoption last night! While at MAS, I watched John do some “behavior testing” by opening up her mouth – touching paws, touching her belly, tugging on paws, etc….heck, the more he touched her, the more she would love on him….Thank you John and Ona for being there to take the photos and to help us get her out of there.

    1. There seems to be something in my eyes . . . thank you for the video.
      Thank God for all who networked her and got her out of there ALIVE. What a mushy, lovey, wiggle butt pup! So happy she is safe. Thank God for John and Ona, whoever you are. You are good people, really good people!!!

    1. DeKeisha is a disturbed, evil power hungry woman who, I’m sure, gets pleasure from playing God with the animals’ lives. How many other “Smileys” have not made it out alive because of her, Rogers, Wharton and all of the others who abuse and kill because they can?

  8. Yep, clearly very dangerous dog, right there. Obviously the staff at MAS is completely skilled and competent in their assessments.


  9. This is the best news I’ve heard all day! Thank you SO much for posting about her. That video is just heartwarming.

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