WV Pound Employee Charged with Animal Cruelty, Again

I last wrote about Fayette Co, WV sheriff Steve Kessler in April when he was making excuses for one of his ACOs who illegally shot a dog to death with a small caliber rifle as a form of “euthanasia” when the owner had already paid to have the county euthanize the dog via injection.  It took 3 shots for the dog to finally die but sheriff Kessler said the ACO would not be terminated because working as an ACO is a “dirty, nasty” job and that law thing – whatevs.

Fayette Co AC is once again in the news and it’s still suckage.  Last week, Fayette Co ACOs and sheriff’s deputies received a tip that dogs had been abandoned at a vacant home in a trailer park.  Upon arrival, they found the dogs had no food or water and one was severely malnourished.  Neighbors said the homeowner, Crystal Lowery, came by daily.  Authorities probably had no trouble tracking Lowery down since she works at the Fayette Co pound.  And this wasn’t her first rodeo:

After investigating, deputies found, Lowery, who worked at the Fayette County Animal Control Center, had previously been charged with animal cruelty and had entered into a pre-trial diversion agreement on the previous charge on August 6, 2014.

One of the conditions of the agreement was that Lowery wouldn’t maintain ownership of any animals while the agreement was in effect. Based on the violation and the neglect of the animals, deputies filed a criminal complaint against Lowery.

All the dogs were seized.  Lowery was arrested and released on $2500 bond.  It boggles the mind that she wasn’t tossed out on her ass in August after the previous animal cruelty charge.  I wonder whether anyone checked to see if she has other cruelty charges prior to August.

The county contracts with the New River Humane Society to manage the pound.  Sheriff Kessler issued a press release to make sure everyone knew he was still the excuses king:

“All of the individuals employees at this Animal Control Center are employees of the New River Humane Society,” Kessler said. “The county administration does not play any role in screening or employing any of these individuals or in determining their suitability for continued employment at this Animal Control Center.”

Well gee, maybe the county administration uh, should play a role in determining the suitability of employees of groups it contracts to perform county duties.  At least to the extent of making sure they aren’t past and current abusers of the living beings in their custody.  Anyone else wondering who’s watching the kiddies at the county daycare or caring for the elderly in the county nursing home?

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9 thoughts on “WV Pound Employee Charged with Animal Cruelty, Again

  1. Sheriff Kessler seems to have a gift for throwing his hands up in the air and saying “What’s the big deal here?” And the animals continue to suffer and die. Surely there are people who care about the animals and will let the sheriff know this is not acceptable . . . one can only hope so.

  2. Ugh. Great. Just great.

    I want to be in charge of the Sheriff’s next election campaign – Vote for Kessler, he’s the Excuses King! Woo hoo!

  3. And the lone comment on the first link is about spay/neuter – tell me what difference that would have made for these poor dogs. Sounds like many in the community needs some educamating . . . .

      1. Sure, that will take care of all of the problems.
        Do people even begin to think this through?
        You know there aren’t enough homes for all of them anyway, so might as well kill the extras!
        (sarcasm off)

  4. According to the Volunteer Run Facebook page, Crystal has been fired. There is more info on their page. Ex-employee is defending herself.
    WV Fayette County Animal Control Center
    November 9
    FYI – The individual employed by the New River Humane Society and working at the Fayette County Animal Control Center’s employment has been terminated effective Friday, November 7, 2014.

  5. I’m the one they were trying to charge for animal cruelty/neglect. They actually sent me the dismissal papers today because they didn’t have sufficient evidence of abuse or neglect. Honestly, I believe the only reason they were trying to charge me is because I spoke up && gave a statement against the dog warden for shooting that dog at the shelter. The former charges are going to be dropped next month hopefully, too. Its a loooong story how && why everything took place, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m innocent. Animals are my passion && I would never harm any. Thank you for doing what you do for animals, too.

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