Case Update: Contracted Dolton Veterinarian and Employee Indicted on Felony Cruelty Charges

The Village of Dolton, IL contracted a private vet clinic, the Dolton Animal Hospital, to care for stray pets.  The animals were housed in the clinic’s basement.

In September, a Dolton police officer was dropping off a stray dog at the vet clinic and observed conditions reflecting serious neglect.  Four of the dogs in the hospital were dead in their cages, urine and feces were everywhere, and nine other dogs and one cat were starving to death.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Police removed the surviving animals and shut the place down.  A reporter spoke briefly with the clinic’s owner who seemed unimpressed with the public interest in his basement torture chamber:

“It’s a sad situation, but we’ll look into it and get back to you if there’s anything more,” said Dr. Amardeep Sangha[.]

This week, there is something more.  Although Sangha and one of his employees, Sharon Cargile, had been initially charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty, charges were upgraded after necropsy results came back on the dead dogs revealing the pets had been starved to death.  Sangha and Cargile now face 3 felony counts of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Sangha’s attorney, Scott Frankel, appeared with him in court on Wednesday.  He seems about as unimpressed with dogs being starved to death as his client:

“Obviously, we are very disappointed, we believe, at the worst, what happened here should have been resolved as misdemeanors, if anything.”

If anything.  Because starving pets in cages next to dead pets whom you’ve already starved while pocketing cash from taxpayers to care for stray animals is nothing, basically.

“I’m sure when we get into the details it will be obvious to everyone that he is a responsible doctor, he is a great guy, he’s a family man, he’s supporting a family. And he still feels terrible that he has to answer all of these charges in court,” Frankel said.

I can’t wait to learn these amazing “details” so I can get on board with this Great Guy thing.  What a life transforming event that’s going to be – journeying from here to way, way over there.  And oh, how distressing that he has to answer for his crimes.  In court, even.  Like a common Not Great Guy.

Cargile failed to show up in court so there is a warrant out for her arrest.

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9 thoughts on “Case Update: Contracted Dolton Veterinarian and Employee Indicted on Felony Cruelty Charges

  1. He should never have become a vet! He is incapable of compassion toward animals! He needs to be punished severely!

  2. I’m sure what I’d like to say, what I’m thinking, will be “bleeped,” so I’ll simply say I am VERY upset at all three of these sadists: vet; lawyer; employee. RIP Precious Babies; play at The Bridge.

  3. Has anyone seriously examined his veterinarian degree? How could anyone this cruel get a degree and license?

  4. Aw, he feels TERRIBLE that he has to answer this in court! Poor baby! Okay, tell you what, how about we lock you in a dark cage in a basement and not give you any food or water instead? Would that be better for you? Because it would be better for me, I can tell you…

    He’s a family man, too! Someone check to make sure that he’s feeding his kids.

    If only he’d start feeling terrible that he tortured pets to death…but no, that just won’t happen, will it?

    1. I think it would be a wonderful idea to lock him in a cage in a dark basement, no food or water. Maybe then he might get it . . . probably not but I’d feel a whole lot better.
      RIP pups and kits who died horrific deaths at his hands.
      And may his attorney keep him company in the basement – doesn’t seem a bit fazed at the charges.

  5. The response of officials with a fiduciary duty to taxpayers (if not humanity) never ceases to raise my eyebrows.

  6. Finally he will need to account for his actions! The information given shows he’s a money grubbing son of a bitch who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the animals in his care! He needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law…..bastard!

  7. Any update? I hope the bastard was caught and will be in jail for long time! Dogs are living things and don’t deserve cruel actions! Please follow the law and don’t just slap his hand!

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