Treats on the Internets

A rescuer pulled a kitten in rough shape from the Columbus Co pound in NC after the kitten had been kept in isolation at the facility for 10 days due to a reported bite.  The director says he would have treated the kitten if he had known he was sick but he didn’t know.  Because he’s the person responsible for running the place so how could he know what may or may not be happening there, right?  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

The Lucas Co pound in OH killed an 11 month old puppy whose disabled owner couldn’t afford to keep her and surrendered her to the pound, believing she’d be adopted.  The pound director says the puppy failed a temperament test.  (Thanks Clarice.)

A private no kill shelter in WA held a Black Cat Friday adoption event, staying open for 24 hours and offering reduced adoption fees (down to FREE from 2am to 6am).  Twenty-one animals found homes and the shelter plans to do it again next year.  (Thanks Mary Frances for the link.)

Researchers find that killing wolves increases livestock predation.

Last pope:  Heaven is not for animals.  Current pope:  Is too.  (Thanks Nathan.)

A clever vet whom I would like to hug used Legos to put together a wheelchair for a lame tortoise in Germany.


9 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. The kitten in the first post has died. And I find it very hard to believe this was an isolated incident. RIP Kitty

      1. That sounds about right. Doesn’t create a lot of extra work for the “shelter workers” too. Probably a win-win in their book. It’s getting harder and harder to know this goes on and there’s little I can do except share and encourage folks locally to do something to stop it.

  2. Petaluma Animal Services here in California had a one-day adoptathon that resulted in ALL their shelter dogs being adopted. Yep, that actually RAN OUT OF dogs. Then they decided to see if they could find homes for all their cats so they ran a one-month-long adoptathon and adopted all but one of their cats out. Several local news crews ran the story but this is the only link I could find quickly:
    You can check out their facebook page for full details :)

  3. Oh goodie…dogs and cats and all God’s critters go to heaven…when I was a kid in catechism classes a nun proclaimed no animals go to heaven….we were crushed. Now, hopefully no kids will be told such nonsense.

  4. It’s so disappointing to read the Ohio story and see not only that the shelter needlessly killed that beautiful dog instead of rehabilitating her, but also that readers are blaming the owner for what the shelter chose to do. Traditionalist thinking in all its enabling illogic.

  5. The story on the pope turns out to be a misunderstanding. A former pope (John VI) said we might see our pets in heaven (paraphrase), but no, Catholic theology expressly states only humans go to heaven or hell. That’s why I’m going somewhere else, where my animals are welcome. :-)

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